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恵比寿【安いのに美味しくてオシャレ】白いカレーうどん屋 初代 デートにも!

恵比寿【安いのに美味しくてオシャレ】白いカレーうどん屋 初代    デートにも!

"Early" of hand-painted sake color soba in Ebisu. The specialty here is white curry udon! The interior is also pretty in an atmosphere like a high-end sushi shop. I am overturning the concept of udon noodles. Please try once!

First generationFirst generation

In the street where ordinary eateries of Ebisu line up, there is only one place somewhat fashionable.

Attracted by "white curry udon" to enter!

First generationFirst generation

The first floor is a counter seat. Although it is not wide, it is a stylish space that is unexpectedly beautiful as a noodle shop. It is an atmosphere like a sushi shop of high class. I can see the craftsman making it.

The second floor is a table seat. Lighting is not too bright, it's a good atmosphere. It seems like a noodle shop is so beautiful that I can use it for dating!

First generationFirst generationFirst generation

Equipment is also high-class Japanese style dishes.
Would you like to change the taste of the meal depending on the container you serve?
wonderful dishes, expectations will rise as udon comes out.

First generation

Finally, white curry udon came out! This white one seems to be a potato mousse.

This is more delicious than expected! ! Creamy of potatoes mousse and curry match! The juice of curry is not slurry type, but it is a lot.

First generation

This is Konan soba. very delicious! ! However, it seems that men do not have enough amount.

First generation

こちらは天そば切り。 お蕎麦はコシがあって蕎麦つゆもこくがあって高級な味わいです。1350円

First generation

Like this, none of them are very tasty, and the atmosphere of the shop is also high-class, so wonderful, but the price is about 1000 yen! ! You can enjoy authentic taste without charge fee! It is recommended at your date even at a date or at a girls' s party ♪


First generation
Location: 1-1 - 10 Ebisu Minami Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Column Kobayashi 1F
アクセス:JR山手線・埼京線【恵比寿駅】西口 徒歩2分東京メトロ日比谷線【恵比寿駅】3番出口から徒歩1分 恵比寿駅から155m
営業時間:17:00〜翌4:00(L.O.3:00) 【連休前を除く日・祝】 17:00〜翌1:00(L.O.24:00) 夜10時以降入店可、夜12時以降入店可、日曜営業
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