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Kansai most talked of sightseeing destinations! Go to "Fukusaki-cho", where you can meet Kappa! recommended muku cafe for lunch

Kansai most talked of sightseeing destinations! Go to "Fukusaki-cho", where you can meet Kappa! recommended muku cafe for lunch


・ People who want to meet Kappa or Tengu youkai
・ People who want to go to sightseeing spots where photos can shine
・ People who are looking for free sightseeing spots in Kansai

This time, to the northeast of Himeji, to Fukusaki-cho, Hyogo Prefecture.
This is a popular outing spot introduce in the media as "a town where you can meet monsters such as kappa and tengu".
There are a number of benches in the city called "Youkai Bench", and it has become a most talked to be able to take pictures with youkai.
This time, we will introduce you to the recommended lunch that you should stop by when you come to Fukusaki!

Rainy day tunnel closure ...
Fukusaki stationFukusaki stationFukusaki stationFukusaki station

Today we are going to Fukusaki-cho, Hyogo Prefecture, a most talked spot in Kansai.
This is a small town about an hour's drive from the popular outing spot Kobe-Sanda Premium Outlets.
First, start here at Fukusaki station.
Originally station had planned to meet in the Kappa from the water bath, which is installed in front, unfortunately so .... I do not see you now would be tunnel is blocked

* The fourth photo isFukusaki Town HPExcerpt from

Fukusaki station
Location: 302-11 Fukuda, Fukusaki-cho, Kanzaki-gun, Hyogo
If you eat you will be happy ♡
Bread studio KofukudoBread studio KofukudoBread studio KofukudoBread studio KofukudoBread studio Kofukudo

It was a bad start, but I can't help but worry.
It was stopped in order to change the mood station bakery in front "bakery Kofukudo".

This is a most talked bakery that opened at the end of 2018.
The specialty bread made with domestic wheat and Shirakami Kodama yeast has a plump, sticky texture.
It has a wide selection of about 40 kinds of bread at all times, and is a popular restaurant especially for locals.
popular of bread is sometimes sold out and not keep in reserve popular the first time.

Before going on a journey to look for youkai, I thought I couldn't find it if I was hungry and purchase it. Lol

Bread studio Kofukudo
Location: 299-5 Fukuda, Fukusaki-cho, Kanzaki-gun, Hyogo Prefecture
アクセス:播但線福崎駅前 福崎駅から117m
Opening hours: 8: 00-18: 00
Start your yokai search again!
Tsujikawayama ParkTsujikawayama ParkTsujikawayama ParkTsujikawayama Park

Immediately after eating the bread to cultivate the spirit, I headed to Tsujikawayama Park, which is about a 5-minute drive from the station.
It seems that this is the place where you can meet the most monsters in Fukusaki.
Stopping a car in the parking lot and collecting information with a mobile phone on the stone bridge ...

That was so great! ! !
Tsujikawayama ParkTsujikawayama ParkTsujikawayama ParkTsujikawayama Park

Suddenly, "bumpy" and the pond bubbled and red kappa appeared!
I'm surprised at this! "I didn't drop a gold or silver ax for me ..."
Kappa is a kappa who lives in this pond.
Kappa is loyal to the three times each hour from 09:00, 15:30, 45:45 between 9am and 5pm to surprise the visitors. Lol

Youkai appear one after another!
Tsujikawayama ParkTsujikawayama ParkTsujikawayama ParkTsujikawayama ParkTsujikawayama Park

When you wave your hand at Kawajiro who hides in the pond and look around, you will discover many youkai!

It is his brother Kawataro (Gatarou) who looks envied at Kawajiro.
It is said that the child holding it is an ass ball, and the person who is pulled out will drown. Terrifying ...

The other youkai are excellent works in the “National Youkai Modeling Contest” which recruits youkai modeling works.
There are works that are so real and inspiring that they can't think of ordinary people.
"This is a scary guy if you come at night..."

Also specter spring I No there is a holiday.
Tsujikawayama ParkTsujikawayama ParkTsujikawayama Park

I found a wooden hut on the middle of the park.
I wondered, "Will it come out of Ki-Low?", But this is where Tengusa Tengu lives.
Here also refrain from going out or impact of the epidemic " spring in the rest" and things.
Normally, between 9:05 and 17:05, the dorayaki will jump out to one hand at 5: 20: 35: 50 every hour.
(* The third photo is an excerpt of the photo posted on the bulletin board at Tsujikawayama Park)

The highlight is not only youkai!
Tsujikawayama Park

When I was thinking "why there are so many youkai ...", I found a standing signboard.
Everything here is known as the birthplace of Kunio Yanagida, a folklore scholar who is a researcher of youkai tradition and also wrote "Tono Monogatari" and "Yokai Dangi".
It seems that the kappa Kojiro and Kotarou that appeared earlier used the motif of the kappa that appeared in Yanagida's book, "Hometown Seventy Years".

Tsujikawayama Park
Location: 1038-12 Nishidahara, Fukusaki-cho, Kanzaki-gun
Business hours: All day (Yokai equipment is from 9:00 to 17:05)
Kunio Yanagida Memorial HallKunio Yanagida Memorial HallKunio Yanagida Memorial HallKunio Yanagida Memorial Hall

In addition, there is Kunio Yanagida, Kunio Yanagita and Matsuoka Family Memorial Hall and History Folklore Museum in Tsujikawayama Park here, and you can touch the half life of Kunio Yanagita (unfortunately, it was closed temporarily due to epidemic disease this time).
In addition, Kunio Yanagita had four brothers and was known as a brilliant brother, so five bronze statues including Kunio Yanagida were set up in the mountains, and the "Achievement of Academic Achievement" go around them was also taken. popular those who refrain.

Kunio Yanagida Memorial Hall
Location: 1038-12 Nishidahara, Fukusaki-cho, Hyogo Prefecture
Youkai oil spoofing
Tsujikawayama Park

Now, here's the performance of youkai search!
In Fukusaki, youkai benches and benches that can take 2 shots are installed everywhere in the city, and it is standard to go around them.
The first thing I found was Ayusumashi, which you can meet at the parking lot of Tsujikawayama Park.
"High cheese" with a "clear face" looking sideways with an oil shampoo staring at you with glanced eyes.

Tsujikawayama Park
Location: 1038-12 Nishidahara, Fukusaki-cho, Kanzaki-gun
Business hours: All day (Yokai equipment is from 9:00 to 17:05)
You can play Kappa and Shogi!
Tsujikawa sightseeing Exchange CenterTsujikawa sightseeing Exchange CenterTsujikawa sightseeing Exchange CenterTsujikawa sightseeing Exchange Center

Next is Tsujikawa sightseeing Exchange Center.
Here is Kappa.
I want to say, "Oh, you've just met." But I was playing shogi with a serious face, so I decided to sit opposite and play without permission.
I'm honored to be able to play the phantom Kappa.

Tsujikawa sightseeing Exchange Center
Location: 1470-1 Nishidahara, Fukusaki-cho, Kanzaki-gun, Hyogo

Sea vortex

Meet Shop Matsui

Diagonally across the road in front of Tsujikawa sightseeing Exchange Center.
At Meet Shop Matsui, Umibouzu decides an aggressive pose.
High pose with a brave surfboard written as "Han of the Sea" in one hand!

Cafe MukuCafe MukuCafe MukuCafe Muku

The search for youkai is likely to continue, so we decided to have a little lunch.
"Cafe Muku" is a cafe and restaurant owned by Yu-Mama, a culinary researcher and pan-shelge.
The DIY-style casual and warm store is popular with locals.

Cafe MukuCafe MukuCafe MukuCafe MukuCafe Muku

This time, I ordered Muku lunch A set (1,000 yen) and Muku's tomato chicken curry set (1,000 yen).
Fried rice and ginger-grilled Chinese food style one-plate lunch are exquisite.
A spicy tomato chicken curry is an appetizing dish.
Now, when your stomach is full, go search for youkai!

Cafe Muku
Access: 2,058m from Fukusaki station
Opening hours: 8: 00-18: 00


Familymart Fukusaki Minami Inter-Shop

At the entrance of the Family Mart Fukusaki Minami Inter store, I encountered the popular youkai "Ichitomomen" that also appeared in Ge-no-Kitarou.
Here you can sit down on a bench and enjoy a small talk while drinking tea.
"Youkai aren't just bad guys."

You can meet many youkai!

Be careful if you search by car from here!
Youkai appear on the left and right of the straight road, but do not overlook because they are hidden under the eaves of the shop!
Appearing at the entrance of the salad hall is the mischievous "Ichimiko".
Don't overlook the fire-floating "Abo" because you are in the deep-cut Yakiniku House Kitayama!
At the entrance of Super Bon Marche is the monster "Snekosuri".
No ~ I was mistaken for a dog. Lol


Satadi Sun

What I found at my home roasted coffee shop Satadi Sun is "Konakijijii," who is dropping ice cream and crying.
This is the first time in my life that comforted Grandpa, saying, "Yoshiyoshi doesn't cry or cry."
A laugh comes in spite of the real look that seems to start moving (although it is bad for Konakijijii). Lol

You can take a selfie with the demon.

Hino Store

What I found at Hino's store was the self-shooting "Ogre".
The monsters are so humorous that they are worth taking photos.
By the way, some benches have a counting machine, so if you find them, it is better to count them as "clicks".

Cat and duet

Gourmet meat

What I found in Gourmet Meat was "Catama" in a cute kimono.
This is Nyan Nyan pose and high cheese.
This is the real Nyan Nyan pose.

Tengu eagerly looking at the PC screen

Tengu sushi

Tengu Sushi was a youkai "Tengu".
Previously, I was at Tsujikawayama Park, where there was an oil summit, but I moved to this place to give it away.
A tengu staring at the PC screen with a mysterious look. The text "Lot 6 lottery number" is displayed on the screen.
It's a scene that makes you want to rush into "No, Lotto 6!" Lol

Shy snow woman
Fukufuku Onsen Yakushi no Yu / ShobozenFukufuku Onsen Yakushi no Yu / ShobozenFukufuku Onsen Yakushi no Yu / ShobozenFukufuku Onsen Yakushi no Yu / ShobozenFukufuku Onsen Yakushi no Yu / Shobozen

Well, youkai search has also come to an end.
At the Fuku Fuku Onsen, I encountered a shy “Yukijo” and a “transparent human” that the facility summoned independently.
It seems that invisible people are "invisible to fools."
"Eh, me? Of course, you can see it!"

Fukufuku Onsen Yakushi no Yu / Shobozen
Location: 118-3 Fukuda, Fukusaki-cho, Kanzaki-gun, Hyogo
Access: About 11 minutes on by walk from Fukusaki station [Exit]
Opening hours: usually from 10:00 to 22:00

Let's go to Fukusaki where you can meet youkai!

How was it.
This time, we introduce a plan to enjoy youkai exploration in Fukusaki-cho, Hyogo Prefecture, where the most talked boiling as "Yokai city".
In fact, there are two more youkai that have not been introduce! Please visit the last two bodies by yourself and look for them.

Satomi Takai
大阪在住歴5年目 関西をお庭にする計画実行中 よく海外へふらっと行きます 一人行動が好きだけど孤独は嫌いなちんちくりん。
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