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Great cool down after sauna! Let's refresh at "new wing" of sauna purveyor

Great cool down after sauna! Let's refresh at "new wing" of sauna purveyor


・ Person who likes sauna
・ People who are interested in sauna but want to know how to enjoy
・ Person who wants to know the best cooldown method

For lovers of saunas and beginners of saunas, they want to love saunas even more.
introduce best "cool down method" after sauna!

What I visited this time was Kinucho's "New Wing", a samurai purveyor that also appeared in the drama "Sa Michi".
The facility has a large communal bath, two saunas, a water bath and a cold water pool, and offers ample rest space and accommodation.

Let's cool down after the sauna! !
Spa & Capsule New Wing

This time, set in the new wing of Kinshicho, a samurai purveyor who also appeared in the drama "Sa Michi",Great cooldown methodWe will introduce you!

This is a facility with a large communal bath, two saunas, a water bath and a cold water pool, and ample rest space and accommodation!

High-level sauna facility "New Wing" x great cool-down ice "Coolish"

You can see just how clear this formula can be!

First, let's do a purification ritual!
Spa & Capsule New Wing

In order to enjoy a bath or sauna, you must first sweat.

But you know! Purifying the body, rather than manners, is for enjoying the saunaCeremonySomething like!

It is an important preparation to clean the sweat glands and wipe out the pakkan and sweat!

Enjoy the bath and sauna!
Spa & Capsule New Wing

After purifying your body, enter the sauna!

The whole body is warmed by the heat gradually! That feels good!

As a sauna expert, just looking at the kebabIt's nice ~ It feels good to warm up the whole body ~ Let's go to the sauna ~Or don't think ...?

Anyways,Let's enjoy the sauna until the sweat slowly comes out

After the first sauna, cool down with a water bath!
Spa & Capsule New Wing

It's already sweaty at this time, so let's wash away sweat!

By the way, to New Wing,15 degree and 20 degree water bathAre available!

Someone who says "I'm not good at water bath ..."

Coolish-18 degrees or lessConsidering that it is frozen and stored, it's better than that!

In fact, the water bath after the sauna is surprisingly pleasant! Don't waste it!

As for Ryu Ryu which promotes sweating action!
Spa & Capsule New Wing

The second sauna isLowryuLet's challenge!

It is Ryu Ryu that raises the perceived temperature by applying water to a heated sauna stone to generate steam.

In addition, the effect of promoting sweating action by sending a heat wave with a towel!

With DawnMass of temperatureCan be felt throughout the body.

By receiving a lump of such temperature to Moro, the body becomes hotter!

Eventually, "Cool drinkOnly the feeling of "" disappears.

People live with a lot of things, such as work stress and interpersonal troubles, but all their emotions disappear, leaving only a "cool drink".

now,My body is just a box that contains only "Coolish drink!"It is.

The big pool is a specialty of New Wing!
Spa & Capsule New Wing

After enjoying Ryu Ryu,Huge pool (15 ℃)Nyabun!

The big pool is also a specialty of New Wing!

Please do not swim jabjab even though it is a pool!

This pool for adults is there to keep your skin clean and fresh!

Huh ~ ~ ~ smooth stop and sweat will continue playing ~ ~ ~extraordinary~ ~ ~ ~

Take a break once in the cold!
Spa & Capsule New Wing

Up to this point, I have repeatedly used a sauna, a water bath, a sauna, and a water bath. At this time, I do not know whether it is hot or cold.

That feels good.The inside is hot, but the body surface is cold and comfortable

The New Wing also has a break space where the cold air flows, so sit on a deck chair and relax!

Because I sweat a lot, my bodyI wish there was a sweet and delicious here".

Huh ~ ... I'm gonna get up from the bath soon .........

Pretending to be a sauna again! !
Spa & Capsule New Wing

One more time to have a great cool down experience,Alternative SaunaLet's get in!

"Well ... I'm going to go up soon" is a feint to myself!

Feel yourself and drive yourself to conditions where you can enjoy a cooler after sauna!

Don't force yourself, but (← important here) Finally, please warm from the core of your body!

Wow! ! ! I want to drink a cool I want to drink a cool I want to drink a cool I want to drink a cool I want to drink a cool I want to drink a cool ... ! !

New Wing's water bath is OK to dive to your head
Spa & Capsule New Wing

If you warm up to the core of the body in the third sauna, puni water bath to your head!

New Wing's water bathJump in from your head and dive OKIt is! Too great!

That's why the last bath is forbidden to stay long!

Let the cool down, let the cool, enter quickly, and quickly out!

Cool and great cool down !!
Spa & Capsule New Wing

Come now.Let's cool down with cool! ! !

First of all, cool the chilled quince on the cheeks and forehead and cool down!

This cools your body and melts the coulish so it's ready to eat!

Coolish is best for "ice after sauna" because it can be chewed.

It is ice cream that you can drink deliciously without getting your body and hands clean, so it is recommended after a sauna or bath.

Coolish is an excellent ice cream that you can drink without giving up!
Spa & Capsule New Wing

In addition, you can drink coolish without hands, so you can spend a lot of time at New Wing!

New Wing offers not only a sauna and a bath, but also a full service to relax after a bath!

please look! The number of this cartoon!Seriousness of "Please go slowly"I can see!

There are more than 20 comics in the collection! I actually counted it, but there were over 20 books!

(※ Cebu Mountain can only count up to 20)

Cool while competing in the Super Nintendo!
Spa & Capsule New Wing

When you go to New Wing with your friends, it is recommended to play a nostalgic game!

It is good to deepen friendship by cooperative play! It is also good to fight in a fighting game and break off!

"I'm addicted to games with friends while adding a coulish"Situation stimulates the memory of a distant day that I can no longer return!

Cool laid back while watching TV!
Spa & Capsule New Wing

Comics and games is also extraordinary you, but, after the saunaI want to be lazy without thinkingThat ’s the extraordinary!

There's a space in New Wing where you can just dazzle while watching your favorite TV program without anyone saying anything!

"Waha! Yep, this entertainer, I'm grateful! Yep, Coolish, Ume!"

Laughter never stops, my mouth is sweet and happy, nothing to say!

Cool even when working on a PC!
Spa & Capsule New Wing

However, you also have to do dull “work”.

If you don't work, you won't be able to go to the New Wing or buy a Courier

New Wing also has a small work space (PC corner).

My boss asked me to do an incredibly dull job, but after sucking the coulish and doing it, it ended quickly. (It was nice to have a cool in this world)

Spa & Capsule New Wing
Location: 2-6-11 Kotobashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Access: 4 minutes on by walk from Kinshicho station[JR South Exit]
Business hours: 0: 00-24: 00

Let's cool down at the sauna facility!

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So how was the cool after the sauna?

How to spend after the sauna is up to you! But a cool is a must!

Please try it!

Then we look forward to "new wing" a little earlier!

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