Is it true that you can return to your child?


Do you remember the fun play you experienced as a child?
Participated in an ANA x Yubu collaboration project and an adult school excursion for two days and one night to return to children!

The destination is "Ikane Palette", a renovated abandoned school in Tagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture.
At the nostalgic gymnasium, there are sports events such as jumping rope, tug-of-war, and relay, and pillow fights and board games at night!
It is a trip that you can enjoy fun at that time again ♪

And this time, we used a profitable group plan that the price (air ticket, bus, lodging, half board) gets cheaper as the number of ANA participants gathers.
If you are thinking of a group trip, please reference to it.

ANA x Yubu's collaboration plan, an overnight school excursion for 2 days?

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The price gets cheaper as the number of participants gather!

This is,Collaboration between Yubu and ANAis!
Specially planned for ANA by ANA,The more people gather, the cheaper the price (air ticket, bus, lodging, half board)We used advantageous group trip.
Depending on the number of participants, there was a difference of up to 6,800 yen per person, so we shared it with everyone in the club and invited friends ♪
By the way, there is a charge this time2,800 yen discountbecame! ! I did it!

And this play club (Asobu) with the mission of "eliminating loneliness from this world"A community of play where adults can go home after school, with the theme of `` play, learn and connect ''
Be a pro of various playGeneral managerAs a part of the club activities, rare activities such as “school play”, “BBQ”, “fishing”, “sushi”, “board game”, etc., which are difficult for one person but want to try once.

This school excursion was attended by 24 members of Yubu Club. We all stayed at a school in Fukuoka on an ANA plane!

The beginning of our school excursion!

8:00 Get together at Haneda Airport and check in at ANA!

I was given a card to fill in my ANA boarding pass and my profile!
It seems to be used in recreation to learn everyone's face and name.

I'm thankful for this recreation because I haven't heard of Yubu after a long time ♪
So let's start on an ANA plane!

Take an ANA plane to Fukuoka!

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9:00 Use the Wi-Fi comfortably on board!

ANA's cabin is spacious and very comfortable.
Filled in the profile and received a drink service and spent a relaxing time ♪

Also, depending on the equipmentUse Wi-FiI can do it!
I searched various things about where to go in Fukuoka sightseeing with neighbors and what delicious food is there.

* Please check in advance because Wi-Fi is available only on limited planes.

Arrived at Fukuoka Airport!

10:50 your daytime trying to move by bus to buy rice!

We are arriving in Fukuoka in no time! Everyone's tension is high!
Pick up your luggage and move to Tagawa City.

Your daytime rice raised in Fukuoka, let's go boarded the bus

Recreation time in the bus!

11:00 Memorize participants' profiles!

This is a recreation using the profile I wrote on the plane.
Memorize all the profiles you wrotedo it,Game to answer quizzes issued by the presenter・・・。

This is a fun way to get to know the participants and get close to everyone! ?

13:00 Stay at this time at school!

Arrived at an elementary school in Tagawa City!
This lasted 140 years from 1876 (Meiji 9),Sakai Kin Elementary School (former Sakai Kinjin Elementary School)
Three years after the school was closed, it was renewed as “Ikane Palette”, which is loved by locals.

The classroom, courtyard, schoolyard, and gymnasium remain as they were at the time, and it is a hybrid facility with rooms and recording studios where you can work at school!


The playground equipment is still there!
You can take pictures of nostalgic emos such as swings and jungle gyms, so your feelings will increase!

Everyone went back to their children and played with playground equipment!

14:00 A large athletic meet with Japanese black beef starts at the gymnasium!

Well, from here the mainBig athletic meetis!
A big event with Japanese black beef begins in red and white.

This event isTug-of-war (male / women / whole), jumping large puppets, Dotby (dodgeball game using soft disc), relayAnd a full-scale athletic meet!

First of all, we all prepared and exercised. After that, he was sworn in.
There was a lot of laughter, but it should have been a good start!

If I noticed, I was fighting!

The tug of war is an overwhelming white victory with many powerful members. The big jump jumped red in a team play that matched the breath.
Dotby played a lot because of time. I don't know who won anymore, a draw.
In the last relay, connect the task smoothly and win the red!

So the winner this timeRed teamwas! It is a Japanese black beef ♪

I was happy that I won the championship and everyone jumped (laughs)
It was a time when I was united and realized that it was very fun to do something.

17:00 Prepare for dinner after exercise

Well, it ’s a long wait dinner after the athletic meet.
Everyone moved a lot, so I think my stomach was pekopeko.

For dinnerBBQ at Ikekane Garden Place in the courtyard
The facility prepares the basic items necessary for BBQ such as grill, charcoal, and net.
Procured and prepared fires and ingredients ♪

18:00 Dinner is a chilled BBQ in the courtyard

Because it is after the athletic meet, it is very emo! Blue spring BBQ!
Everyone baked meat, seafood and vegetables, made fried noodles in the bowl and ate it ♪

It was a fun time to talk about it with everyone.

* For details of BBQHerecheck

20:00 After a meal, a spectacular pillow fight!

You can still play after eating!Pillow throw competition at night gymnasiumHolding!

The rules are a combination of a ball and chair taking game.
First, a futon is prepared in the gymnasium, put it in the futon when it hits with a dot ball.

This rule was also made by members of the club, and it seemed to be prevalent, although it was chaos content. . I want to do it again personally!

21:00 Board game competition until sleepy!

After a spectacular pillow fight,Board game​ ​
There are board game professionals in the club, so they prepared many games.

I participated in “Katan”. I didn't understand the rules at first, but I knew it gradually and I was addicted to it. I wanted to do it again because it was too interesting ...

morning until 5 o'clock seems to have Moi members had a board game (laughs)

9:00 Good morning a pleasant morning!

Everyone seemed to get up safely, it was good!

When I got up morning it is of meal time. This tooHandmade by Yube members
In the mini-kitchen, we made ume-boiled rice and fried eggs, miso soup, coleslaw, and mentaiko.
Everyone started talking in the morning and started on the second day.

10:00 Camera course for afternoon photo contest!

morning after the meal is a camera course by the photo section!Blue sky classroomso! (Lol)

In the afternoon Fukuoka sightseeing,Held a photo contest by the photography department​ ​
The first place is a product packed with delicious gourmet food from Fukuoka.

In the camera course, I was told about recommended apps and beautiful-looking compositions.
Utilizing what you have learned, you will be number one!

11:00 Thank you for your help! I will come again!

Finally, a group photo!
It was a moment when I really returned to my childhood.

I can't even experience such a time-slip experience, so I'm already missing that I want to do it again.

Place: 2559, Yasukuni, Ogawa, Tagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture

sightseeing in Fukuoka City in the afternoon!

Aim for the winning prize in the photo contest!

Divided into a team of 5 to 6 people, we went sightseeing in Fukuoka for about 4 hours ♪
Some teams go to photogenic flower gardens, others take a leisurely walk in a retro park, and others go to bedrock baths and hot springs. .

sightseeing destination was interesting because of the individuality of the team!

The photo contest will be voted on the return flight to win.

Enjoy delicious gourmet food in Fukuoka!

Fukuoka gourmet Hakata Mentai Heavy, Water Cooked, Hakata Ramen ♪

If each group talked about what they ate, they all seemed delicious… I wanted to come back to Fukuoka again!

Take ANA to Haneda Airport!

17:50 Review the photo contest on board!

Finally, the photo contest is judged on board!
While looking at the photo book for judging, put the sticker on the photo you thought was the best “I like it!” And vote.
The atmosphere that seems to be fun from all the photos was fully conveyed, and I was worried about choosing it.

The result was announced just before the dissolution after getting off the plane.
The winning prize is a delicious gourmet assortment in Fukuoka! Congratulations!

An overnight school excursion in Fukuoka for 2 days and 1 night was the extraordinary!

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That's why the "School Trip for Adults in Fukuoka for 2 days and 1 night" ended successfully.

Used this timeGroup trips that get cheaper as the number of ANA members gatherIs, cost performance also good, everyone's satisfaction is also high extraordinary was!
If you are troubled with a group trip, please reference to it ♪

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