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An exciting activity date in Uruma City, Okinawa! Powerful 1 night 2 day course ♡

An exciting activity date in Uruma City, Okinawa! Powerful 1 night 2 day course ♡

If you want an inspiring activity date, Uruma City, Okinawa Prefecture is recommended!

This is a popular area with a power spot that is connected to superb view islands and enshrined with the god who created Ryukyu.
In such a city, there are plenty of activities such as parasailing, SUP, yoga, and a starry sky experience.

This time, we will introduce 2 day 1 night dating course that you actually experienced in Uruma City.
Please do a reference by all means ♪

The situation is changing daily due to the new coronavirus, so please check the website of each facility for the latest information.
Also, please refrain from unnecessary and urgent outings in areas where self-restraint is requested.
In order to prevent infectious diseases and prevent their spread, we recommend that you take care of cough etiquette, hand washing, alcohol disinfection, and wearing a mask.

Is Uruma City in Okinawa full of power?

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Uruma City in Okinawa Prefecture is about an hour's drive from Naha Airport.
It means “isle of the island”A superb view area where four islands are connected by an underwater road
One of the four islands, Hamahiga Island, is enshrined with the god who created Ryukyu, and is also a popular power spot.

Uruma City is full of such power.Full of activities such as parasailing, SUP, yoga, starry sky experiencedoing.

Want to make an inspiring active date?

First sell Mano delicious gather, in the prefecture's largest food market!
Ur MarcheUr MarcheUr MarcheUr MarcheUr Marche

1 hour by car from Naha Airport, Ur MarcheFacilities with direct sales offices, food courts and restaurants where you can find delicious ingredients and souvenirs from Uruma City
In addition, there are meeting rooms, kitchen studios, and event plazas.

There are vegetables and fruits from Uruma City, fresh fish, meat, side dishes, bread and dessert direct sales office, and many local people use it.
Among them, in the vegetable and fruit corner, which occupies most of the sales floor, you can find seasonal bananas such as island bananas, apple bananas, and miker cougar (Okinawa kiwi fruit)! Talking with him is exciting and you can have fun shopping!

Outside7 food courts Uruma Terracethere is.
The dishes that use specially made Mozuku tempura and Agoo pork, appetizers such as beag and golden dessert.
Sell Mano shop using the ingredients are exchanged on a regular basis, the period exclusive because there is also a challenge booth, but please take a look.

Lunch at “Uruma Civic Restaurant”
Ur MarcheUr MarcheUr MarcheUr MarcheUr Marche

In here, sell Mano cuisine using ingredients plenty will be eaten.
The menu isSelectable mainIntoFresh vegetable buffet and drink barThe content is excellent with cost performance.

The buffet offers a wide variety of vegetables, side dishes, curry, rice, and so on.

The main items I ordered this time were the prefecture-grown Agu ginger grill and the prefecture-made daily local butter grill (market price). The local fish on this day was amberjack!
Agu ginger grilled pork is soft and syrup using ginger from Uruma City is outstanding. It was very delicious!
In addition, the volume of the butter grilled amberjack is amazing! It was the extraordinary lunch with a fluffy texture with a fluffy texture ♪

Ur Marche
Venue: 183-2 Maehara, Uruma City, Okinawa Prefecture
Access: About 25 minutes by car from Kitanakagusuku Inter, about 20 minutes by car from Okinawa South Inter, about 20 minutes by car from Okinawa North Inter
Opening Hours: Direct Sales Office 9: 00-20: 00, Restaurant Uruma Civic Restaurant 11: 00-22: 00 (LO21: 00), Food Court Uruma Terrace 10: 00-19: 00 (Irregular)
The hotel we will stay at this time is an adult retreat with ocean view in all rooms.
413 Hamahiga Hotel & Cafe413 Hamahiga Hotel & Cafe413 Hamahiga Hotel & Cafe413 Hamahiga Hotel & Cafe413 Hamahiga Hotel & Cafe

After the meal, go to the hotel. This time we will stay at a hotel in Hamahigajima.
What does 413 mean? Please ask a question to the hotel by all means ♪

This room type has 3 rooms for 2 people and 3 rooms for 3 people.6 rooms exclusive.
All rooms with ocean viewSo you can see the sea shining in blue and the sunset looks beautiful too ♡

Leisurely or spent in a hammock, by walk or stroll the beach of one minute, was a hotel to spend comfortably!

morning gracefully relax with diet listening to the sound of the sea
413 Hamahiga Hotel & Cafe413 Hamahiga Hotel & Cafe413 Hamahiga Hotel & Cafe

morning mealTwo kinds of daily plates using local ingredientsYou can enjoy!

①Okinawa DAY-Shiringawa Tofu's morning Yushi Tofu
You can savor the smooth tofu juice that is carefully handmade every day in Uruma City.
Warm, which is also a salad or stir-fry of Okinawa wind cooked rice and seasonal morning is food ♪

② Bagel DAY ~ 413 Bagel Plate ~
Here you can enjoy Cactus's popular bagel with many American fans offshore.
We had a thick bagel finished with natural yeast, sandwiched between ham and eggs ♪

Eat in nature morning is food, it will be able to firmly energy charge a very elegant ♪

413 Hamahiga Hotel & Cafe
Venue: 548-2 Katsurenhama, Uruma City, Okinawa Prefecture
アクセス:那覇空港より高速道路を利用し、海中道路を抜けて浜比嘉島を目指す http://413h.com/access/

Sunrise YOGA at Katsuren Castle Ruins

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morning activity is a yoga experience while overlooking the sea at a World Heritage Site

Katsuren Castle RuinsThe oldest castle in the Ryukyu KingdomIt is called and is overwhelmed by the ramparts built up using the slope!
It is a superb view spot where you can overlook the east coast of Okinawa, so you can enjoy sightseeing.

SuchA place where you can feel plenty of natural energySo I did yoga.
The teacher, Masaki, has carefully taught how to breathe and yoga poses, so he was a good beginners.

Yoga is very comfortable because you can relax your mind and body ♪

Ur Mano parasailing in the sea

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We chartered the sky 200m and the sea, superb view too aerial walk experience!

This time, “Blue Lagoon Okinawa” was indebted. You can do various activities such as parasailing, snorkeling, diving and wakeboarding.

When you arrive at the meet-up place, board the ship and start off with some interesting exile staff!
Run along the emerald green sea to the point. There are only our ships on this day,The sky and sea are charteredwas!

In parasailing, the length of the rope is usually 100m (height is about 30-40m), but the length of the rope is 150m (height about 40-60m) and 200m (height about 60-80m) can be added as an option.
This timeChallenge with the longest 200m! I was able to overlook far away and it was the extraordinary feeling ♪
Also, sea turtles can be seen in this sea, so please look for it.

Stand-up paddle (SUP) experience

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beginners are OK! Take a leisurely SUP in the shallow waters

Challenge SUP on Hamahiga Island!
HereThe sea is calm and shallowSo even beginners can experience it with peace of mind.

This time, I used “Seagull Jonathan”.
Of Ikei Island, Miyagi Island, Heianza Island, Hamahiga Island on the east coast of OkinawaActivity that can adventure Churashima KaidoIt is substantial.

He was the first SUP experience, but the instructor Nishida carefully supported the way to stand and row, so he set up safely without falling into the sea!

Sea kayaking experience (Hamahigajima course)

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Sea kayaking experience on the island of God where nature remains

Sea kayak experience is also available using “Gull of Jonathan”!
Hamahiga IslandSacred island where the god who created the Ryukyu is enshrined​ ​
You can kayak while watching the nature of the cliff!

Because the sea is highly transparent, you may see fish.
Also, Mr. Nishida's explanation about creatures such as Hamahigajima and fish was easy to understand and it was a fun time ♪

Starry night tour in Uruma

Romantic starry sky experience that reduces the distance between two people ♡

Uruma City has plenty of night activities! There are many places that are favorable conditions for starry sky observation, and there are also events where you can see the perfect starry sky!
This time,"Christmas in Okinawa"summer held on the underwater road from July to SeptemberI participated in.
Outside of that period, the Uruma City sightseeing Products Association organizes a starry night tour.

You can listen to explanations about the universe and the starry sky, look at the moon with a telescope or binoculars, lie down and look up at the starry sky.
It was a little cloudy on this day, but I could see Saturn, the summer big triangle, the first star of autumn, and Sagittarius!
It's been a long time to see such a beautiful starry sky!

And popularCommemorative photo experience by a professional starry sky photographer "Araki Hiromitsu"
If the weather is nice, you can see the Milky Way in the middle. How about making the extraordinary memories with two people?

Finally, we introduce sightseeing spots in Hamahiga Island!

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Let's take a walk through the village of Hamahigajima

Hamahiga Island is a popular power spot where the god who created Ryukyu is enshrined. Please take a walk around the village ♪

If you want to know the story of Hamahigajima,Guided tour around Hamahiga IslandIt is recommended .
Along with the story of the village, you can enjoy the old-fashioned scenery of Okinawa, such as the old houses with red tiles.
Because there is a shimanchu exchange time, you will be able to make wonderful memories.

By the way, “Ishigado” found in the moat of the house seems to extinguish monsters that can only advance in a straight line!

The place where the gods who created Ryukyu lived

It is said that the gods who created Ryukyu lived in this place, where Cinelicuyo (Silmichu) and Amamikiyo (Amamichu) lived.
Located on Hamahiga Island, the car goes to a nearby parking lot. If you go a little further, you will see a large torii gate and climb up more than 100 steps surrounded by a sacred tree called Kurotsugu.

There is a big limestone cave at the destination.
Spirit stones given by childrenIt is said that many people come to pray every day.

Venue: Katsurenhama, Uruma City, Okinawa Prefecture
Let's pray in the sacred place of Okinawa

There is a small island called Amanji in Hamahiga Island, where the tombs of Amamichu and Shirmichu are located.
Every year at this tomb,Prayer for fertility, diseaselessness, progenyto hold.

It is good to go around with the limestone cave.
There are cats on this island and they will be healed ♡

Location: Uruma Katsuren Higa, Uruma City, Okinawa Prefecture
A place of prayer surrounded by fine banyans
East Garden (Sinugudo)

The last is the eastern ancestor guarded by a large banyan tree.
The access method is very close to a small sign on the beach of Hahigajima, which says “Eastern Prison (Sinugu-do)”.
As you walk along the road surrounded by trees from the parking lot, be careful of your feet. Also, don't forget the insect repellent spray because there are many insects!

Shinugudo is a festival that prays on June 28 and August 28 of the lunar calendar to protect the seamen from storms.
You may meet an Okinawan spirit called Kijimuna in a very mysterious space !?

East Garden (Sinugudo)
Location: 229 Katsurenhama, Uruma City, Okinawa Prefecture
Okinawa local cuisine lunch at an old-fashioned old private house
Old-style house cafeteriaOld-style house cafeteriaOld-style house cafeteriaOld-style house cafeteriaOld-style house cafeteriaOld-style house cafeteria

Lunch is at an old-style restaurant in Hamahiga Island. “Tila Love” means Hinata Bokko.
The warm interior is a comfortable space that makes you want to say “I ’m right now”.

The lunch menu includes (1) soki soup bowl (pig ribs with bone) and (2) medium soup (pork soup). The I chose each one this time!
A small bowl comes with it and it is very voluminous. The soki soup bowl had a juicy and tender meat and was delicious!

Also on the menuConversation between Ober and Hiroshi (grandchild)Is also written, so please take a look.

Old-style house cafeteria
Venue: 56 Katsurenhama, Uruma City, Okinawa Prefecture
Access: car
Opening hours: 11: 00-16: 00

Let's make an impressive active date in Uruma City, Okinawa Prefecture!

In Uruma City, there are plenty of activities and superb view of the islands, and with him he was able to make an exciting date with "I want to go again!"

The distance between the two people has decreased considerably on this trip, so please go to Uruma City.

* The operating hours of the stores introduce are information as of October of the Ordinance.

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