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[Shinshu Matsumoto] Not only Matsumoto Castle! Strolling dates with a high cultural level, such as the castle townscape and renovation cafe

[Shinshu Matsumoto] Not only Matsumoto Castle! Strolling dates with a high cultural level, such as the castle townscape and renovation cafe


・ People who are interested in old streets and photogenics
・ Person who wants to make a date with high cultural
・ People who like to take pictures

Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture. It has flourished as a commercial city since ancient times, and has scenic spots such as Kamikochi / Migahara and is called “Gakuto-gakuto-”.
Matsumoto city area is a spectacular scenery of the old townscape of Matsumoto Castle Town and the mountains over the city.

Good old scenery A new culture is interlaced with wonderful The such town, in your walk go around standard Plus α dating plan Summary I tried to ♪
* Will be updated from time to time

surrounding Matsumoto Castle

Matsumoto Castle Town is roughly like this

If you want to explore the town of Matsumoto, it is about a 10-minute by walk from JR Matsumoto station Castle Exit towards Matsumoto Castle
The surrounding"Yoshira Shrine -yohasira-" has many old streets and shops.

The main photo was taken on a bridge over “Metobagawa-metoba-” heading from “Nawate-nawate-”, which extends in parallel with the four pillar shrines, to “Nakamachi-dori”.
From this area, Matsumoto Castle is a 5-minute by walk.
The oldest school building in Japan, the former Kaichi Elementary School -kaichi-, is a 15-minute by walk away.

This plan features spots within a 15-minute by walk, centering on the four pillar shrines.

surrounding Matsumoto Castle

surrounding Matsumoto Castle, it is named “Matsumoto Castle Town Spring Water Group”, and there are abundant groundwater from mountains and dotted with many wells and springs.
There are spring water drinking places in the town that will moisten the throat of walking people! Please try it.

Also, historical buildings are scattered around
They are still handed down from generation to generation, and have been renovated to take on new roles.

Used bookstore / antiques / cafe / restaurant / general store etc.
I think there are many shops that you want to stop by while taking a walk.

Matsumoto is suitable for a walk date because not only the scenery but also the town still lives and lives! It is.

Now! To the good old Matsumoto Castle Town ♪

The surrounding Matsumoto Castle is a small area of about 30 minutes walking from end to end.
Please slowly take a walk with the good old town.

Click here to start your journey
Matsumoto station

Matsumoto station castle entrance.
This plan summarizes the surrounding Matsumoto Castle, which is about 10 minutes from here, but there are lots of candy shops and old-fashioned pure cafes surrounding Matsumoto station!

The four-poster shrine at the Natete entrance. Let's aim here first!
Four pillar shrine

It is a photogenic and majestic shrine.
Shrines and Buddhist temples are completely out of my field of defense, so there is nothing special to mention!
Articles of people here is extraordinary since the easy to understand for those who are interested in reference Please try to!


Four pillar shrine
Location: Major Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture 3-3-20
Access: About 10 minutes on by walk from Matsumoto station[Oshiroguchi]
sightseeing I think you were deceived because you enjoyed it too! !
National treasure Matsumoto castle

National treasure Matsumoto Castle.
“You are interested in castles and sightseeing spots!”
I wasn't interested in that at all, but it's okay! I thought I was deceived. Because it's more fun than I thought! !

Matsumoto Castle is also called “Karas Castle”, but as you can see, it looks like white and black two-tone.
Magnificent when viewed in the photo! ! It's a nice atmosphere, but it's a little disappointing than I thought in the real thing, lol

Still, when you get inside, this is a great date.
I ’m going to mess with you!
Recently, volunteer guides are available in multiple languages, and the number of foreign tourists is rapidly increasing.

Inside Matsumoto Castle can be exciting normally.
National treasure Matsumoto castleNational treasure Matsumoto castleNational treasure Matsumoto castleNational treasure Matsumoto castleNational treasure Matsumoto castleNational treasure Matsumoto castle

Inside Matsumoto Castle is made up of rugged boards and countless pillars that are cool! ! is.
If you like old houses and calendar buildings, it is essential to moe. (400 years old !!)

The functions of the castle at that time remain, such as a lattice window for shooting guns and a hole for dropping stones on enemies trying to climb stone walls.
There are a lot of exhibits inside, and the past woman will surely enjoy!
There are a lot of spots for photographers who want to release shutters.

The steep staircase is difficult to pass, and with foreign tourists
“Oh, I ’m sorry.

The view from the castle tower and the wind street are spectacular.
The successive warlords who greet you at the castle exit will take a commemorative photo with a smile! !

National treasure Matsumoto castleNational treasure Matsumoto castleNational treasure Matsumoto castleNational treasure Matsumoto castleNational treasure Matsumoto castleNational treasure Matsumoto castle

Along the moat of Matsumoto Castle, it is a walking course that feels like a willow tree.
On holiday, wait 80 minutes to enter Matsumoto Castle? ! Sometimes it's enough to just look at Matsumoto Castle from outside when you don't have time.

National treasure Matsumoto castle
Location: No. 4, Marunouchi, Matsumoto-shi, Nagano Prefecture
Access: Approximately 12 minutes on by walk from Kitamatsumoto station [exit]
Hours: 8:30 to 17:00 (admission until 16:30), GW period- summer season (early August - mid) is the case of a change time
Expected to be designated as a national treasure in 2019! A school building with pseudo-Western architecture. I'll put it inside! The mascot angel is cute!
Old Jijo SchoolOld Jijo SchoolOld Jijo SchoolOld Jijo SchoolOld Jijo School

Former Kaichi School. It is a school building of pseudo-Western architecture that is expected to be designated as the oldest and national treasure in Japan, about 10 minutes on by walk from Matsumoto Castle.
Western-style, Chinese-style, cute but I want to stay wild!
The octagonal tower is too stylish.
The uncle angel drawn on the sign with the name in front of the entrance is awful, laughs (I should have taken more zoom)

Inside is a wooden school building with no taste.
Such as a desk that was used at that time the or Mano or there is a classroom, or have been on display the history of Kaichi school.
This is quite cultural! !

Nagano Prefecture has been focusing on school education for a long time and is said to be an “education prefecture”.
It ’s the beginning of that.

This is the farthest area in this plan area
I recommend visiting if you have enough time!

Old Jijo School
Place: Kaichi Matsumoto City Nagano Prefecture 2-4-12
Access: About 16 minutes on by walk from Kita Matsumoto station[Exit]
Opening Hours: 9: 00 ~ 17: 00 (Admission is until 16:30)
In front of Me Toba River and over there are Namite-dori and Nakamachi-dori, lined with old quaint buildings
Nakamachi StreetNakamachi StreetNakamachi StreetNakamachi StreetNakamachi StreetNakamachi Street

Nawate-dori, which extends in parallel with the four pillar shrines, has many large stone statues at the entrance, and many foxes here and there! Lol
There are shops of used tool shops and takeout(soft cream and hard baked goods).
↑ It's a pre-modern atmosphere as a sightseeing spot, so the atmosphere is nice but it may not be interesting. .
There are public toilets at the entrance and exit respectively.

Nakamachi-dori is lined with brewed namako-walled buildings, and there are also general stores and rice shops.
Atmosphere is extraordinary, but is, Na'm a little unfortunate that there are many car Street ,,
Both of them have a beautiful scenery reminiscent of Matsumoto Castle Town, so please take a walk.

Nakamachi Street
Location: Central Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture
Access: About 10 minutes on by walk from Matsumoto station[Oshiroguchi]

Take a break surrounding Matsumoto Castle. Break spot

Click here for cafes and rice shops!

There are many cafes / restaurants surrounding Matsumoto Castle.
Both old and long-established stores as well as new firewood stands.
Find your favorite shop. That may be one of the fun!

Book cafe renovated an old radio store
Last day (sioribi)Last day (sioribi)Last day (sioribi)Last day (sioribi)Last day (sioribi)Last day (sioribi)

Speaking of Matsumoto cafes among young children and Matsumoto lovers! Hatsuka-san. Impression that.
This is a book cafe where owners of the same age as me love candy and books.

The original radio store signage remains intact, while the interior is old and glossy with a warm wooden interior and furniture / rustic iron tools
There are a lot of books you can get.

Forget about time. . This is a cafe.
This is loved. truly. Lol
I like iced latte.


Last day (sioribi)
Place: 3-7-8, Shenzhen, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture

Yamayama Shokudo-sansanshokudo-

A cafeteria and secondhand store where you can eat vegetables properly renovated from the sake brewery

This is a cafeteria renovated from a brewery building on the outskirts of Matsumoto Castle Town.
The only sake brewery in the city of Matsumoto is close to Yoshiya Sake Brewery -yoikana-.
It seems that this building was a sake brewery by Mr. Zenya Shuzo, but he was forced to go out of business during the war.

The owner, Dekki, fell in love with the mountain of Matsumoto, moved to Matsumoto, and opened a restaurant.
Your daytime is meal are three types. All of them are dishes where you can eat vegetables.
“No, it's usually good!” Lol
There is morning!

This cafeteria is also a store of used tool store 燕 -zubakuro-, and wonderful tools are sold in the store.
I and the shop owner are together in Matsumoto Furuichi, an event for used tools and clothes that is held every month in the square in front of the Shirahashi Shrine. (I sell special items bought overseas)
Tsuji is the organizer of the event. (I'm connected)
In addition, the second floor of the shop is also a branch (atelier / event space) of Hatsuka-san introduce above. (I'm connected)


Aesthetics Abe

A good old-fashioned retro Showa cafe that seems to have stopped the time

As you can see in the photo, it ’s really retro. Hikara.
And it is photogenic.

The siphon that is drowned in siphon really likes the smell and the bitterness.
The behavior of the elder brother who is drowning over the counter is also wonderful.
Opened in 1957. I'm cool at that time! The store that left.

Isn't the photo parfait volume and design perfect for a date?
Sweet parfait and bitter candy are so happy ...
It ’s close to Matsumoto station so it ’s a bit far from Matsumoto Castle.
You may want to stop by on the way home ◉
There is morning!


Well, in the middle of Japan. Go to Shinshu Matsumoto, a good old castle town.

2 hours 40 minutes from Shinjuku from Chuo Line Limited Express Azusa / 3 and a half hours by express bus.
A quaint mountain capital Matsumoto surrounded by mountains.
Here, the scenery life and life is still inherited.

This time, I tried to summarize the walking date plan surrounding Matsumoto Castle on by walk.
We will add information little by little from now on!

In addition, there is a sightseeing road Venus Line surrounding Matsumoto in Kamikochi and the sky at 1400m above sea level.
Post towns such as Azumino and Narai-juku.

There are many other spots where you can feel nature and profound history culture if you extend your feet!
Please come to Shinshu where you can enjoy the perfect travel experience from Tokyo.

Photo and text:Kazuki Tatsumi
Model and plan: Minoru Yamashita

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Kazuki Tatsumi
人。旅。暮らし。 長野県塩尻市宿場町の古旅館を拠点に、あちらこちらにちらりほらり。 写真/言葉/旅/流動創る/空き家再生/海外でバイヤーと販売etc.. 愉しいことしかやらない。 多拠点パラレルワーカー。 そんな生き方をする、私です。
※ Since the information of the article will be at the time of news gathering, there is a possibility that it changed.