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stylish Folding bike "Brompton"! Let's comfortably potter the rich nature of Tokushima!

stylish Folding bike "Brompton"! Let's comfortably potter the rich nature of Tokushima!


・ A person who likes bicycles
・ People who want to attract attention and stand out
-Recently lack of exercise? Someone who thinks

From London stylish Folding bicycle Brompton.
Renting such a Brompton, you will definitely get the attention around when you walk along the natural rich Tokushima road!
Please feel free to enjoy pottering with Brompton's "Yuken" that you can enjoy with one coin!

What is Brompton (BROMPTON)?

Brompton is a folding bike handcrafted in London, England. Its advantages are "light and strong" "compact" "easy to fold" and so on. But the biggest advantage is"stylish"Things.Even in a colorful and folded state it is cool!There is no such bicycle!

If you dare to raise a defect stylish In order to attract attention, 'What is this? She often talked about it, and a shy man broke up in Brompton quickly and let's leave with a dash. (^ ^;)

If you take a walk around the city by riding Brompton, you will definitely get the attention around! is.

What is pottering?

With "pottering", family Cycling around the suburbs with your fellows or friends.

Compact stylish Brompton is perfect for such pottering. It may be a bit brave to potter for the first time in the Brompton that attracts attention though it is interesting. It is recommended that such a person, tour company "AWA-RE (()" of Mima city in Tokushima prefecture plans"Yukan"​ ​

Feel free to potter in Brompton while it is bright after work. Participation feeNantes 500 yen including Brompton rental fee! With one coin stylish It is perfect for those who want to try it for a while, so that you can take a pot and ride on the Brompton!

The running course changes every day. As it may be held in Tokushima City and Takamatsu City, please check and contact the following if you are interested.


We gather in 17:30 ADLIV (ad lib)!
ADLIV (Adlib)ADLIV (Adlib)ADLIV (Adlib)ADLIV (Adlib)ADLIV (Adlib)

Coworking Space & Cafe & Hostel in Mima City, Tokushima Prefecture"ADLIV"
Inside the company there is a coworking space, there is a full kitchen and cafe, there is a hostel ... but still stylish. The atmosphere is perfect for Brompton.

Today's tour is participation of only the neighborhood, but even when coming from a distance, it is OK. To ADLIV, it takes about 1 hour by car from Tokushima Awa Odori Airport or Takamatsu Airport in Kagawa Prefecture, and about 2 hours and 45 minutes by car from Osaka. ADLIV can also stay.Tokushima sightseeing Pottering at the end of the room and staying as it isIt is called plan Is recommended!

I tried to touch Brompton for the first time!
ADLIV (Adlib)ADLIV (Adlib)ADLIV (Adlib)ADLIV (Adlib)ADLIV (Adlib)

Brompton is in the indoor of ADLIV. From thisChoose the Brompton you like.
There are a lot of bromptons in various colors and two-tone ones, but I chose vivid lime green brompton!

You will be taught how to assemble, run, stop and fold from the folded state from AWA-RE's nephew. At first I feel awkward, but it is easy to grasp the tipsIt will be fun to fold. The car is more solid than it looks, and it's not so heavy considering it's easy to handle!

Take a little try indoors and it's time to leave! (^ ^)

ADLIV (Adlib)
Location: Wakimachi, Wakimachi, Mima City, Tokushima Prefecture

Yoshino River embankment

17:50 Pottering along the road along the Yoshino River (^ ^)

Today's course is from ADLIV in Mima city"Yoshino River embankment"Old houses of the Edo-Taisho era are lined with"Udatsu cityscape"surrounding Mini tour.

The day is long now, so it is still bright before 18:00.

Brompton has a gear. Slopes can climb more and more. I came on the majestic Yoshino River embankment. The wind that blows through is comfortable.

This is a road where ordinary cars enter and there is no way, so you can pedal the pedals.
We exchanged greetings and high school students as "Hello ~", pottering while collecting a walk-locals of attention. It feels good!

18:10 Look at the exterior and comfort of the library in the old town!
Mima City Community Exchange Center "Millize"Mima City Community Exchange Center "Millize"Mima City Community Exchange Center "Millize"Mima City Community Exchange Center "Millize"

Away from the Yoshino River embankment Mima City Community Exchange Center"Millize"Arrive at.

This building used to be a spinning mill that produces silk yarn. Currently, the building is being remodeled and used as a library and music hall.
Of particular note is the library. There is a cafe in the library, drinking coffeeRelax while reading a book on the outdoor terracecan do.

From the terrace of the majestic Yoshino River scenery I can come to you. If you have time, please relax on the terrace!

18: 20 Showa retro Good atmosphere!
Wakimachi Theater OdeonWakimachi Theater OdeonWakimachi Theater Odeon

Next visited was built as a playhouse in the early Showa period"Odeon". The building, which was later used as a cinema, is now used as a versatile event venue.

retro atmosphereThe Odéon I stopped the brompton here and pacilled photos.
When stopping Brompton, swing the rear wheel forward like a pendulum to the stopping position. This is a cool shape with no other bike.
Showa retro Odeon and Brompton. Although it is a seemingly mismatched combination, it looks unusual!

Wakimachi Theater Odeon
Place: Waki-cho, Mima City, Tokushima Prefecture
Access: Perforation station From [Exit]by walk About 40 minutes

Bent telephone pole

18:30 Discovered rare places in unexpected places!

I will enter the back alley of the town of Udatsu. Discover interesting things here! Telephone pole is bent!(^^;)

The alley is narrow and a pole is standing at the very end of the road, but the pole is bent to avoid the eaves to hit the house.Local small student Famous amongIt seems that this isHidden rare sightsWell (^ ^;)

18:40 Old houses dyed at sunset are wonderful!
Udatsu cityscapeUdatsu cityscapeUdatsu cityscapeUdatsu cityscape

Back alley from Mima city sightseeing Follow the streets of the famous Udatsu cityscape. A street over 400 meters in lengthOld houses in Edo, Meiji, Taisho eraThe buildings are lined with one another, creating a calm and calm atmosphere.

Now it's just sunset time. The sunset illuminates the white wall of the old house and the color is red. It is also romantic to enjoy the color of the ever-changing cityscape.

Udatsu cityscape
Place: Wakimachi, Mima City, Tokushima Prefecture
Access: about 43 minutes on by walk from Anabuki station [Exit]

Old wells in town

18:50 Enjoy the old well that feels the breath of life

Old well in the middle of the street. Nowadays, steel gratings are installed to prevent accidents, but in the old days they were used daily as daily water.

Many people are still living in the old houses along the street, and the city is decorated with flowers while enjoying gardening. With such colorful flowers, it is pacli on the back of the town. Did you get a pretty good photo (^ ^;)

Goal in no time!

19:15 Evening in Brompton. It seems to be a habit (^ ^;)

It was nice to be a one hour mini pottering tour and a little exercise! !

The first Brompton ride, I drank in a feeling like taking a walk, or I stopped for a while and took a photo. It is a mysterious bicycle that you just want to stop because it looks like it is a parked figure. It is perfect for pottering. (^ ^)

AWA-RE is planning a variety of tours using Brompton, such as one-day tours, so if you like Brompton, it is good to try such tours.

I am moderately tired with a little exercise ... I'm going to sleep well today! (^ ^)

Yoshikawa Kazuaki / Local Specialist
He lives in Mima City, Tokushima Prefecture. It is a "river list" that loves the river, and a "veggie fan" who likes fresh vegetables. Special skill is to talk with local grandma grandma and get vegetables (^^;)
※ Since the information of the article will be at the time of news gathering, there is a possibility that it changed.