1. Fish Gold Head Office

Seafood cuisine outstanding in cost performance !

Speaking of fish in the Shinbashi here, large and can have more than one store only in Shinbashi popular is the famous shop. There are various seats by store and floor, atmosphere is different. Especially the head office has just been refurbished recently and it became a beautiful and spacious room. Because it is always crowded, let's pick up a counter seat by telephone reservation.

Platter with fresh sashimi is also gorgeous to look. Every dish is quite satisfying because it has a large amount for the price.

It is exactly a cost performance 's high store! Come and spill the spill of sake along with fish.

Fish bank head office
Location: Shimbashi 3-18-3 Minato-ku, Tokyo 2nd Fuji Building
Access: 176 m from Shimbashi station
営業時間:月〜金 17:00〜23:30 土 16:30〜23:30 日・祝 16:30〜23:00 (年末年始休業のお知らせ) 12/28日〜12/30 16:30〜23:00 12/31(水)〜1/2(金)お休み 1/3(土)1/4(日)16:30〜23:00 1/5〜通常営業 夜10時以降入店可、日曜営業

2. Tori Ginkgo

Reasonable Yakitori shop with a history of 60 years

The head office is a reasonably priced yakitori shop with many stores besides Ginza and Shimbashi. It is located in the basement of Sugo, behind SL Square, and it looks tasty smoke before entering the shop.


It is Yakitori shop, but famous for kamboa! There are more than 10 kinds in all, but this time we chose chicken sop rice for orthodox. Since it enters a small pot, it is enough to eat enough even after skewers are thoroughly enjoyed.

Tori Gin Shimbashi store
Location: Shimbashi 2-15-7, Minato-ku, Tokyo
アクセス:新橋駅徒歩1分 SL広場側 新橋駅から132m
営業時間:11:30〜23:00 ランチ営業

3. Ichiba

Kushikatsuya where you can enjoy the taste of authentic Osaka

This is a kushikatsu pub that is 3 or 4 minutes from Shimbashi station . It is on the second floor of my Italian building.

The interior and the menu are here. It is quite miscellaneous in the shop, but it looks like I'm at home and I feel calm. Kushikatsu is also abundantly in the 100 yen range and has a considerable sense of affinity. If you are a group of 3 to 5 people, we would like to have a sofa seat on the terrace.

It is beef thigh meat, sausage, egg of egg, ham cutlet, ham cheese, scallop cut of scallops.

We will also introduce menus other than kushikatsu. Stir-fried vegetables and Takoyaki are also excellent items so please try ordering!

■ Store information
3 minutes on by walk from Shimbashi station
【business hours】
16: 00 ~ the next 5: 00
【Eating log here】

4. Bobley

Mature horsemeat steak · horse sting can be enjoyed

Shinbashi station to by walk About 3 minutes, it is very noticeable as it is written as a horse greatly in the shop's appearance.

The interior is settled in a retro atmosphere.

The horse meat steak platter is 3,800 yen and the specialized horse sting is 1,480 yen. I was surprised that horsemeat is so delicious! Steaks and various kinds of horse stings can melt spectacularly in your mouth.

Bobrey Shimbashi store
Location: 3-2-4 Shimbashi Minato-ku, Tokyo Warm Kago-no-y Building 1F · 2F
アクセス:JR 新橋駅 徒歩3分 新橋駅から329m
営業時間:[月〜金] 17:00〜23:30(L.Oフード22:30 ドリンク23:00) [土] 16:00〜22:00(L.Oフード21:00 ドリンク21:30) 夜10時以降入店可