[Kagurazaka surrounding large of student trying to fun freshman welcome party in Kagurazaka gourmet must-see] ♪

Fukui 's house in Kagurazaka "Peco-chan" is! Let's further boost the new welcome party with peco-chan you can only buy at Kagurazaka ☆ Let's feel nervous about the freshmen who are nervous at the new welcome party ♪ Unravel the tension with peco-chang ♪ You can purchase one from ¥ 135.

Iidabashi station Immediately after exit B3
212 m from Iidabashi station
【Owning time】
[Opening hours from September to July]
Monday - Thursday: 00: 21: 00
Fri 10: 00 ~ 22: 00
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 10: 00 ~ 20: 00
[Opening hours in August]
Weekday / Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 10: 00 ~ 20: 00
※ Peco-chan is finished baked 2 hours before closing
【home page】

This is Kameido's cream bread (about 200 yen). There are lots of delicious gourmet in Kagurazaka, so it is good to discover Kagurazaka gourmet by taking a walk in Kagurazaka before the cherry-blossom viewing and events start ☆

Tokyo Metro Tozai Line "Kagurazaka station (Exit 1)" 1 min on by walk
Toei Oedo Line "Ushikome Kagurazaka station " 5 minutes on by walk
112 m from Kagurazaka station
【Owning time】
[Monday - Friday]
morning meal sales, lunch business
Closed holiday: Sunday · holiday
【eating log】

Let 's enjoy the cherry - blossom viewing event and the event starting from April with a cherry tree baked under the cherry blossoms in full moat park ☆ Enjoy the event starting in April ☆ There are many universities near Kagurazaka so you can takeout nearby Peko - chan Why do not you bake and bring cream bun to the cherry blossom viewing event or the April event.

【Information on Asakusa hot spot cherry blossoms】 Let 's bring Asakusa' s grill at Yamatani Hori Park and enjoy grilled dishes from newcomers and flowers from April!

It is a baked shop selling "wins" in Asakusa. It is located in the immediate vicinity of Hanayashiki, one of Asakusa's popular dessert ☆ In Asakusa there are also dessert that are pleasing with the hand-made products such as puppeteers and fried manju.

190 meters from Asakusa station (Tsukuba EXP)
【business hours】
[Monday, Thursday - Friday]
[Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays]
open on Sundays
Closed holiday: Tuesday, Wednesday
【Owning time】

The way to eating while walking Asakusa is deep inside. So, why not try reference to the recommendation site page on Asakusa gourmet. "I want to know only here! popular eating while walking Asakusa Gourmet spot 5 selection! "http://play-life.jp/articles/45

Why do not you enjoy the spring cherry tree while eating delicious food in Asakusa? Better from the river Yamanotani Hori Park is relatively few people. If you are going to see a cherry blossom viewing seat, this area is recommended .

【Ideal for Yoyogi Park event! 】 Let's have fun with newcomers in a cute style dessert city ​​♪

It is a popular restaurant "Magnolia Bakery" of a cupcake which landed in Japan from NY in June last year. It seems to be pleased with the new welcome party of girls who have many clubs and club activities ♪ It is about 500 yen per one. One of the 1 cupcake is quite sweet, so we recommend you to eat while dividing with everyone ☆

321 m from Meiji Jingumae station
【business hours】
open on Sundays
Closed holiday: irregular holiday
【eating log】

Everyone! Did you know that? What? What? Ramen can takeout ! You can takeout ramen with "light noodles" in Harajuku. Why do not you take the end noodles at the April event where you drink too much. There is no doubt that Mr. Bay will be pleased. ☆

5 minutes by walk from JR Harajuku station Meiji Jingu mouth
【business hours】
Monday: morning 10: 30 ~ 23: 30 (LO 23: 00)
Tuesday - Saturday: morning 10: 30 - Next 3: 00
Sunday: morning 10: 30 - 23: 45 (LO 23: 00)
【home page】

If a large park a large number of people , too, along with the feeling of openness precisely because it noisily happily spend ♪ I outside without worrying about the public eye, you want to know the best of the park to picnic in Tokyo also recommended other ☆ Let diverging the new companion and energy Please reference to here! "5 standard popular parks in Tokyo recommended for picnic date"http://play-life.jp/plans/2643

【External section: Yamashita Park (Yokohama)】 Let's enjoy cherry blossoms near the sea ☆

Delicious drinks are also important for the event ☆ Where people who can not drink alcohol want delicious drinks! So prepare fresh juice of "Juice Stuffing Fruit" ♪ It will be pleased to receive ♪ Please prepare delicious fresh juice for each size M ¥ 390 ~, can not drink canned beer of about 300 yen It is also nice!

1,460 m from Okurayama station
【business hours】
open on Sundays
Closed: Open all year round
【home page】

It is a cute panda's meat bean of "old renewal"! Let's participate in cherry-blossom viewing and freshmen's welcome party as a gift for meat which was cute is added to delicious meat of Yokohama Chinese food ! Surely the place is going to be more exciting as the most talked of pandas is ☆

10 minutes on by walk from JR Ishikawacho station (North Exit)
Cross the good neighboring gate and go straight for Chinese food Avenue 100 m
454 m from Japan Boulevard station
【business hours】
[Monday - Friday, Sunday, congratulation]
10: 30 - 21: 00
10: 30 - 21: 30
open on Sundays
Closed: Open all year round
【eating log】

In Yamashita Park, cherry blossoms are blooming at Hikawa Maru. Furthermore, in Minato Mirai, cherry blossoms are blooming beautifully on the main street at the landmark tower. Why do not you enjoy the cherry blossoms in Yokohama gourmet near the sea on a sunny day ☆