Yokohama's hot spot dating spot How long do you know?

Speaking of date spots in Yokohama, you can see Yokohama Park, Yamashita Park, and so on ... all the nice spots, are not you feeling a sense of mannerism on such a date soon?

This time, I do not know Hakko in Yokohama (!?) recommended hot spot spots I will introduce date spot ♡Yokohama of hot spot date spot, do you know many are you?

If you dinner date in Yokohama ...!

1. 大黒ふ頭西緑地

recommended people tired of the royal road · Yokohama date hot spot spot

Here, the Daikoku Futo Nishi Greenland is not known even by Yokohama citizenshot spot night view spot!

Minato Mirai went on a date many times, and those who think "There is no place I do not know!" Do you know here? "Yokohama date is boring as a manneri" Who! Try going to such a hot spot spot ♪ I can see the face of Yokohama I did not know ♡

It is a symbol of YokohamaYou can go directly under the Bay BridgeIt is a powerful spot called!

Is not there anyone who says Yokohama citizens have something to go directly under? I can get on the capital city high.

The night view Minato Mirai is a big pier, but the night view Minato Mirai seen from this hot spot is also very beautiful ... ♡

Although it is a bit far, there are few people than the big pier!There are not 10 people at most, so it's really a hot spot spot ◎

In addition, Kawasaki is famous for its factory night view , but you can also see it in Daikoku-futo Nishi Greenland! "Romantic where few people night view to people who ♡ want to enjoy the" recommended of the hot spot is the spot!

※ Because it will be prohibited entry at late at night 20 o'clock is recommended !

Reserve a restaurant with a nice night view ♡

"Daikoku Futo Nishi Greenland"
【Address】 Kanagawa Prefecture Yokohama City Tsurumi-ku Oogyoku Front
From the capital high-speed coastline Daikoku-fu exit soon
1 minute from the capital high speed coastal line Daikoku

Where are you going to have lunch at a Yokohama date?

2. 横浜シンボルタワー

Excellent atmosphere spot often used in drama shooting!

Next is to introduceIt's the symbol tower of the superb viewhot spot spot!Even local people can see the pictures and a hot spot where there are people who hear "Where are you here?"

On a nice weather there is a person who is picnicking in a wide grass area and enjoying reading at ease.Weekdays almost unattended hot spot is the spot.

Because it is named "Symbol Tower" Is it a sightseeing spot with the symbol of Yokohama? I tend to think that,It is not a famous spot as a symbol ... lol.

This tower is a lighthouse and you can climb up. It is a stylish park around,It is a spot where you can taste the atmosphere like an overseas park.It is a recommended spot for those who want to taste the overseas kibben.

As you climb the stairs you can see the sea.It is a recommended spot for one who wants to look at the sea blankly.You can not see the sea from the lawn area since the sea side there is a fence, but the sea view from a position slightly higher scenery is well recommended is.

There is also a bench in this spot so it may be nice to go out and drink coffee and other drinks at the vending machine and leisurely go out.

When going up the tower and looking at the lawn, it is symmetrical. I feel like I am overseas because I can hardly see it in Japan.

It is a recommended spot because you can see the sea as well as the park.Observation floor freeHowever, because the admission time is fixedCheck timePlease do ♪

There is a spot where you can see the sea not only on the observation floor but also on the way to the observation floor.

It is recommended to go at dusk ◎You can also enjoy the factory night view etc. ※ There are times when you can see the night view and when you can not see it.

Book a shop that is perfect for girls party lunch ♡

"Yokohama Symbol Tower"
【Location】 Honmokufumo Naka-ku, Yokohama City 1-16
9:30~16:00 【11/1~2/28】
9:30~17:30 【3/1~7/20】
9:30~20:00 【7/21~8/31】
9:30~17:30 【9/1~10/31】

Let's also go to Chinese food !

3. INSPA(インスパ)

superb view night view Enjoy hot spot Spa

Symbol of Landmark Tower in Yokohama and Intercontinental HotelIt is a spa where you can enjoy night view .Did you know that such a romantic and dreamy spa is in Yokohama?There are few people and I really recommended to couple !

In addition to Minato Mirai's Manyo no yu, we also recommended this spa, so please take a look ◎

There is an observation space in the spaYou can see the landscape of Yokohama from a seat like a footbath!You can also take snacks here. It is extraordinary to see the night view after leaving the spa ♡

Your daytime after entering the spa because the location even preeminent ◎ terrace is very pleasant sea breeze, it is ideal for leisurely ♪

There is a bedrock bath so you can use it as a date spot ♡ Let's go to the bedrock bath together ◎ There is also a rock bath only for women so you can enjoy it even if you come with a woman's friend.

How!You can see the night view from the space of the rock bath!Because you can bring in magazines and books,People who want to spend themselves are encouraged to bring magazines and other recommended .

There are spots where you can eat lunch and drinks in the spa. Eating and drinking such as milk of standard Japanese bean paste is also substantial ◎

A spot recommended for those who want to spend a day leisurely day!Towels etc are borrowed so even if you go with your empty-handed OK.

There is a sofa seat on the roof. recommended for couple ♡Yokohama of hot spot , night view is also the spot!

In the vicinityCotton barberAlso used for weddings such asExcellent atmosphere hot spot spotThere is also so please stop by all means! It is next to INSPA. There are few people and it is a quiet spot.

Reserve a restaurant where you can dinner in a single room ♡

INSPA Yokohama from the red button belowReservationI can do it.
INSPA Yokohama
Place: 15-2 Yamanoucho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Access: About 10 minutes from Municipal Bus from Yokohama station West Exit (in front of Tenri Building)

To you who is short-lived ...!