San Francisco Peaks(サンフランシスコピークス)

Because it is a pancake shop in a hidden shop, there is nothing to line up ☆ Big pancakes are fluffy and delicious ~! I will eat many pieces ♡


 Moena Cafe(モエナカフェ) 

popular pancakes are three-tiered, fluffy cream, plenty of fruits. The taste is delicious at standard! As a gourmet fighter there is a response to eating ♪


 Deux Anges (ドゥ アンジュ)

stylish shop interior and exquisite pancakes are the extraordinary . You can taste the princess feeling. It is also recommended for dating and girls' societies where you can share pancakes with two people ♪

[ブランチ 土日祝日] 12:00~15:00 


This pancake is a buttermilk pancake recommended by the store ¥ 1000 ♡ It is plentiful with whipped cream, vanilla sauce and macadamia nut ~!
It is a pancake with plenty of macadamia nuts on whipped cream and vanilla cream on a soft cloth and it is eaten by itself even with a very light taste.