If you are in Yokohama here! Elegantly afternoon tea girls' party at "Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers"

It's the main afternoon tea set ♡ luxurious three-stage tray does not accumulate! 2 volumes of upper fruit cake, 2 middle scones, lower sandwich, Danish, macaroons etc. Volume perfect score.

You can make delicious afternoon tea Yokohama even if you do not go to Minato Mirai and you can take fashionable pictures that seem like a girls' association ♡

You can choose from about 10 types. Tea has that famous tea brand TWG also according to the cake
Let's choose a drink ♡

Because it starts to crowd around 13 o'clock, arrival around 12 o'clock is the best ♡
It is a perfect atmosphere for girls' societies, including luxurious chandeliers ♡

Seawind (Seawind)
【business hours】
[Monday - Thursday]
[Fri · Sat]
daytime : ¥ 1,000 to night : ¥ 2,000 to ¥ 2,999
Get off at Yokohama station , 3 minutes on by walk to West Exit
【eating log】http://tabelog.com/kanagawa/A1401/A140101/14005194/

If it is Otemachi, Tokyo! Elegant afternoon tea girls' party which can be even busy girls at "Tokyo Shangri-La Hotel" ♡

Access is convenient from the Yaesu entrance of Tokyo station and easy to access! The scenery is also superb view because it is on the 28th floor ♡ The price of afternoon tea is 3,990 yen.

It is the main dessert . The upper row shows three homemade scones, the middle row shows sandwiches and quiche, the lower row shows tart and mousse of strawberries, orange muffin, violet eclair etc

Regarding drinks, you can change the flavor as many times as you want! Ice tea blended with lemon herbal tea and fruit, Shangri-La original blended tea, rose hip herbal tea and so on. Choose your favorite drink according to your dessert and physical condition.

The last is cookie and chocolate! It is perfect for the girls' society while talking slowly ♡

The lobby lounge (THELOBBYLOUNGE)
【business hours】
[ morning meal]
[ afternoon tea ]
14: 00 ~ 17: 30 (weekdays)
13: 30 ~ 17: 30 (weekends and holidays)
17: 30 ~ 24: 00 (Sun - Thur)
17: 30 ~ 1: 00 (Friday and Saturday, the day before the holiday)
JR, Tokyo Metro Tokyo station , Tokyo Metro Otemachi
Immediately from Yaesu North Exit of Tokyo station
[Reserve this shop]http://restaurant.ikyu.com/100707/

If it is Ginza, here! cost performance extraordinary dessert buffet girls' party at 'Courtyard · Marriott Ginza Tobu Hotel'

It's a dessert buffet, but there are also light snacks! Now large popular there is also of pancakes, I would choose also source and topping ♡

This time there was light meal beside curry and soba. I am tired of having only sweet things, I recommended this time.

Even just watching it is a happy small size so all the domination is not a dream ♡ Because time is also 15 to 17 o'clock and there is plenty, so let's have a break while having a break and enjoy the buffet while talking.

There are calorie discreet dessert such as jelly and fruit punch besides cake. This is perfect for girls who care for calories or when they want to eat a little more ♡

The interior is spacious and you can enjoy the relaxing buffet as the dessert buffet on weekdays is not too crowded! It is about 5 minutes on by walk from Ginza station . If the desert buffet you can enjoy in the restaurant on the ground floor of Courtyard · Marriott Tobu Hotel is weekday, the price is 1994 yen and cost performance is the extraordinary !

Fiore (FIORE)
【business hours】
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 11: 30 ~ 17: 00
Weekday: 15: 00-17: 00
Dinner: ¥ 4,000 ~ ¥ 4,999

If it is Roppongi here! Rich buffet lunch girls' party at the 5-star luxury hotel "The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo" ♡

There are about 5 kinds of chocolate with unusual flavors such as Yuzu and Matcha. Ritz-Carlton's marked chocolate looks luxurious as well!

まずは、ビュッフェの前菜・サラダです。ビュッフェ台は、オープンキッチンの目の前なのでシェフが作っているのが見れちゃうんです。サラダ、前菜多種類に、シーフード、キッシュ、スープ、パンなどなど。 これだけで満足できちゃいますね♡

When we ate the appetizer as usual, the main was brought. This time there are wine sauce grill of pig shoulder loin, as well as chicken, angus cow, omal shrimp, fish grill etc. There is definitely a favorite taste ♪

Also looks vibrant drinks. It is indispensable to the girls' association ♡

There are also many seats facing the window in the shop, relaxing sofa seats and bar counter seats are spacious and calm atmosphere.

Towers Grill
【business hours】
morning meal sales, lunch business, operating Sunday
【Average budget】
Lunch: ¥ 3,000 ~ ¥ 3,999
Dinner: ¥ 10,000 ~ ¥ 14,999
It is connected underground from the metro Hibiya line ticket gate to Toei Oedo line
[Reserve this shop]