【Takadanobaba / Italian "Halta"】 Lunch is especially recommended! Delicious pasta of 500 yen ~ 700 yen can be eaten!

recommended menu outside the store is here (there are other menus too). Meat sauce, Napolitan can be eaten with one coin of 500 yen. It can be less than 1000 yen on other menu ☆

At daytime, there are many salaried workers and Office Lady. Adults can admit that they can eat taste within 1000 yen! And because the inside of the store is a relaxing space, it seems to be ok if you come by a large number of people ☆

Soup also comes at a reasonable price. And the pasta was a type that was swinging, the homemade sauce was exquisite and perfect taste!

■ Store information
3 minutes on by walk from JR Takadanobaba station
【business hours】
Lunch Monday - Friday (excluding celebrations) 11: 30 ~ 14: 30
Dinner Month ~ Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 17: 00 ~ 23: 45 (Food LO 23: 00 drink LO 23: 15)
【home page】http://www.green-corporation.jp/haruta/about.html

【Mita / Yakiniku "Hormon Masaru"】 It can also be used for rookie welcome party! Recommended is Zabuton Calvi and 6 seconds Calbi! What?

The inside of the shop gets fuzzy with a good yakiniku feeling because I see it. I am burning as much as to say that the charcoal firewarmer put meat quickly.

And then, "Zabuton Calbi" and "6 sec Loose" that I want to eat by all means. Both names are calm, juicy thick and thick like a cushion! Even if you carry a large amount of wasabi, it is neutralized with oil and you can eat clearly and deliciously!

And six seconds Calvi! Bake one side for 6 seconds, wind it on the side not baked inside and eat. The taste of meat and the softness due to being only half baked are the extraordinary ! Egg yolk is added to melted sauce and eat it is already the extraordinary ! This is recommended seriously! Moreover, it is 690 yen per dish!

■ Store information
3 minutes on by walk from Mita station
【business hours】
11: 30 ~ 23: 00 (LO)
【eating log】

[Kanda / barrel draft beer "Kura Kura"] large student Let's make a plan of the new year while drinking a delicious beer with fellow ☆

This shop, the best recommended is 12 kinds of barrel dough beer, carefully selected Belgian or German beer. Very throat in clear is extraordinary of beer cost performance you can get better! I have not seen vegetable sticks of this size, but there are many unique dishes (laugh).

It is a chicken Bonchiri. While enjoying unusual dishes, I got a tasty beer with my colleagues! It is a wonderful shop with small cozy interior decoration, so it's worth visiting once!

While picking the frit pepper flavor and duck meat, it is good to make plans for the new fiscal year beginning in April ☆

■ Store information
1 minute on by walk from JR Kanda station South Exit
【business hours】
Monday - Friday 17: 00 ~ 23: 30 (LO 23: 00)

Sat / Holiday: 16: 00 ~ 23: 30 (LO 23: 00)
【eating log】http://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1310/A131002/13009331/