It will be around in 2 days! Tohoku trip ♪

【DAY 1 ~ 1 Iwate Chusandaji Golden Hall】
From Saturday morning Shinkansen to Tokyo to Sendai! I will borrow a car from there and head for Iwate.
The heading towards the beginning is the Chusonji golden garden in Iwate Prefecture * The precincts surrounded by greenery are very large.

To enter Kannado, an admission fee of ¥ 800 for an adult will be charged.
You can buy Omikuji in several places in the precinct. There is also a small golden Omikuji with amulet in it.
There is also an amulet in the shape of a frog that can safely "return" from the trip.

Basho Matsuo is also visiting here and there are statues in the precincts. A beautiful hydrangea is in bloom in June ♡ The big main hall can go up inside, you can relax and sit on the Osaki and visit the shrine.

【DAY 1 ~ 2 Wankooba】
If you come to Iwate you want to eat "Wankooba"!
The Hiraizumi There are many Wanko Soba shop but, among them station before Basho Museum that of the famous *
Hiraizumi's wankooba is called "raising ceremony", and 12 cups ✕ 2 stages = total of 24 cups of wanko comes out from the beginning, so you can eat it as you slowly enjoy the soba.
As various kinds of condiments follow, please enjoy while changing taste for each bowl as you like ♫

【DAY 1 ~ 3 Japan Sankei Matsushima】
It takes about an hour and a half to drive toward Miyagi by car. Arrive at Matsushima which is the 3 rd scenery of Japan * You can ride cruise on Matsuura Bay cruise boat from 9 o'clock to 16 o'clock (¥ 1,400 / November to 15 o'clock in March). You can also feed the gulls from the pleasure boat.

Even if you do not catch a pleasure boat, if you go to Godendo, you can enjoy the view from a slightly higher position. Godaido can cross the borded red bridge next to the harbor. Godaido is also one of the important cultural assets of the country, sculptures of the twelve children are surrounded by surroundings.

【DAY 1 ~ 4 Miyagi's specialty beef tongue】
Speaking of Miyagi, beef tongue! ♡ if there is room for a little away from the city of Sendai, Furukawa near station Kuno "Tantan" Recommended ◎
You can eat delicious beef tangeraki made by your husband who originally had French chef. It is a shop that is attractive as if you are eating rice at home.

Approximately 8 minutes on by walk from Furukawa station
【business hours】
【eating log】

【DAY 2 ~ 1 Yamagata cherryboat hunting】
Yamagata season event Cherry picking. There are many cherry farmers surrounding "Cherrybo Higashi station ", and cherries hunting is flourishing from the beginning of June to the beginning of July *

Among them, "Oyamada Orchard" is the nearest from the station , with a roof and you can enjoy cherries hunting on rain days ◎ Anyway a large cherries are full of branches! ! Even if it is not so red, everything is sweet and tasty ♡

Most farmers' cherry hunting ends in the first week of July, but it is recommended in Oyamada Farm so that it can be done until mid July.

【DAY 2 ~ 2 Yamagata beef lunch】
In rural drive journey, let's go to "Road station " that you see in various places ♫
Yamagata beef lunch set is recommended in "Michiyama Road station " in Yamagata Prefecture ◎ Boryumi, of course the taste is also excellent *

Muayama Road station
1,164 m from Murayama station
【business hours】
【eating log】

【DAY 2 ~ 3 Miyagi Naruko Onsen】
Last is Naruko Onsen in Miyagi Prefecture.
Naruko is famous for its old-fashioned Kokeshi, and it is found everywhere in the town. Kokeshi matches are found! Naruko Onsen station before is free there is a footbath space. Just the right hot water acceleration, relaxing seem to get to linger catapult in the atmosphere of the town *

evening , I will move to Sendai station and return to Tokyo by bullet train.
Even traveling only one night and two days on weekends, if you keep points and move by car you can travel well enough.







Enjoy it for 2 days and 1 night! Okinawa bullet tour ♪

This time I will head to Okinawa with JetStar! Departure is Saturday's flight at 6:10. I can go to Okinawa at 7,000 yen each way. If it is weekdays 5,000 yen! It will be tolerable if it is about 2 hours even with a narrow LCC! In the busy season like Golden Week, I think that the price is rising from this.

Upon arrival at Naha Airport, we went to a bus stop waiting for a car rental company to pick up. It is in front of the exit!
Paradise car hire booked this time is 6,000 yen from Saturday morning until Sunday evening . The car is also new with insurance, equipment equipped with music to carry from the mobile also comes standard!

Before going to the north, first go to the Okinawa specialty King tacos. Anyway, the quantity is large and the price is inexpensive!

Taco rice cheese vegetables are served lightly at 600 yen and three servings! Tacos is also huge, Jumbo Burger is 600 yen, about half the size of the face. Everything is simple, but the taste of the meat is very good, lettuce and salsa sauce match the extraordinary !

King tacos
sightseeing visitors, access is basically the car. It is on the National Route 330.
From Monorail Kozima station , take No. 21, 90, 98, 88 ride Nagata bus stop off 390 yen
Prefectural Office (Palette Kurokoji) 27, 52, 80, 92, and 110 ride Get off at Nagata bus stop 630 yen
【business hours】
11:00 to 5:00 next day lunch business, night visiting Allowed 10 o'clock, business Sunday
【eating log】

The Okinawa Expressway is quick to head to the north! Ice with middle courier PA on the way. I will enjoy regional ice at BLUE SEAL! Suddenly recommended is "salty sushi" taste! Salt roasted in vanilla ice is crushed and mixed. Texture and saltiness and vanilla is extraordinary to match! I can also recommend the most popular .

Next you are in Nago Miyazato soba! This is a famous Okinawa soba store where locals go.

Since the owner is through the coverage denial, in magazines and television without leaving any sightseeing does not have much customers. Local people are the main. Although it is quite crowded, I do not particularly wait because the inside of the store is wide.

This picture is three meat buckwheat (500 yen).

This is cartilage buckwheat (500 yen). This price is too low for this quality! It's light taste of bonito base but the taste of soup stock is very delicious Okinawa buckwheat with punch and guts!

Miyazato soba
Go to Nago bus terminal in the street in front of Nago City Hall.
It is about 5 minutes on by walk from the Nago bus terminal.
【business hours】
10: 00-20: 00 Sunday open
【eating log】

When you finish your belly, go to Kurisui Island. In a remote island that can be reached by car, the beauty of the old Kurihashi Ohashi can not be said anything! The beauty of the beach and the sea keeps the tension high. However, here is quite deep down to the sea so it is about a play in the water!

There is also a souvenir shop in the free parking space immediately after crossing the bridge.
Island fruits too!
From mangosteen and dried fruits to pineapple.
It is Mangosteen.

Next to the Tainu beach to see Heart Rock in Koryu Island!

There is a famous Heart Rock when you cross the path! The atmosphere is like a lost of overseas drama!

Next time run the car again Again to the famous Churaumi Aquarium!
The trick to go cheaply is to enter the building after 16 o'clock and buy a ticket at a convenience store! .
Discounted at a convenience store and discounted at 16 o'clock more, 270 yen cashback will be made and the total will be nearly 500 yen profitable!

The world's largest aquarium is a word of masterpiece! I am really moved. Beauty and powerful full marks!

The beauty and majesty of the whale shark seen from the aquarium are impressive ...

After the mega aquarium walk to the outside and go to the dolphin show!
The figure that shines in the setting sun is beautiful, nature and applause comes out.

In order to taste the center of Okinawa, stay at Naha's guesthouse! Backpackers use this place here is 1400 yen a night!

Image of borrowing bunk beds in a common dormitory. There is also a shower and a toilet. There is also a single room if you give a little money. By the way the car stopped at nearby coin parking. It is a safe price of 800 yen overnight.

As I am international, the shop is open until quite late so I can enjoy it! late at night 12 It will be a little when it passes, but if you look for it, there are shops available until around 3 o'clock.
Because there are many convenience stores, I am relieved something.

The second day is a marine activity from the morning !
This time it was indebted to me this time.
It is also listed in a brochure available at a rent-a-car shop.

extraordinary 's staff will have us to the corresponding!
It is said that we are usually guiding marine activities mainly on Mizushima Island!

Go snorkeling to a gorilla chop. The top of the rock seems to be called like this because of the profile of the gorilla and chops! It is a famous spot for diving, and there are many fish which can be enjoyed more than enough in snorkeling. Everyone can enjoy it anytime you have tools! There is free parking, so we recommended . You can also grab and feed sausages.

When I finished snorkeling in the morning, I went to Yamaroba soba.
I read "Yanbare soba". Because we are in trouble, compare eating in Okinawa soba.

This is sightseeing will be sorted quite like famous also to the customer. However, because rotation is fast, I will not wait as much as it looks. Be careful as there is a possibility that noodles will disappear after 14 o'clock.

It has a stronger taste than Miyazato soba yesterday, with meats and guts and taste. People from Kanto are more familiar tastes!

Soba Yamahara
Okinawa Expressway Oda IC - Route 58 Route - Route 84 heading for the prefectural road 17 km
【business hours】
11: 00 ~ Closed when the meat disappears. Therefore, I did not do it at night . Lunch open, Sunday open
【eating log】

And finally I returned the car and sent me to the airport and this trip is over! In the case of paradise car rental, there is a gas station next to a rental car shop so we can relieve the last refueling. As for the return, two hours before the departure time of the plane is a standard. It was an airplane at 19:00 this morning and it was returned around 17:20.