Here in Ebisu! stylish restaurant bar with huge aquarium

Ebisu station west exit about 2 minutes on by walk . There is a huge aquarium with a lot of fish swimming inside! It is such a magical space that you forget to be Ebisu.

Although it seems to be high in the atmosphere of the shop, drinks are surprisingly reasonable from 600 yen! The charge fee is 500 yen per person, and it is 1050 yen in front of the tank.
Taste that wrapped raw ham in fruits, of course the dish looks as well as the taste is not complaining ♡

Lagsis from the red button belowReservationI can do it.
Location: 1-7-3 Ebisuzan western Shibuya-ku Ebisu Gurumanburi B1F
アクセス:JR恵比寿駅西口 徒歩2分東京メトロ日比谷線2番口 徒歩2分改札を出て左。バス、タクシーのロータリーが有るのでわたらずに左。恵比寿像た、交番があるので、交番の前の横断歩道をわたる(駒沢通り横断)銀だことソフトバンクの間の道を入り、銀だこから5件となりの飲食ビルの地下1階にございます。(洞窟のような入り口から、階段で地下までお越し下さい) 恵比寿駅から161m
営業時間:16:00〜5:00 夜10時以降入店可、夜12時以降入店可、始発まで営業、日曜営業
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If you are in Shibuya here! recommended luxury meat dating ♡

It is about 2 minutes on by walk from JR Shibuya station . In front of Hachiko in a solid meet-up ♡ Chaimashou fullest taste dating mood and

When you arrive at the shop, drink and a cup of alcohol! The vegetables are Thai style.

It is rare steak (1000 yen). Eat eggs and eat, you will melt! Chopsticks are proceeding because it is too tasty!

There are 3 kinds of high class tan (2300 yen). First of all, please enjoy the appearance fully, let's taste one by one thoroughly!

There are 6 kinds of luxury first class (5300 yen)! Tension will rise to luxury grilled meat which can not be eaten normally! (Lol) It's all too tasty, it's impressive (; O;)! You really can melt meat in your mouth ,,,, ♡

Because my stomach is full, the end is closed with a sherbet of the season!

Yakiniku bar kitchen in Korea
Place: Wakatsuki Building 1F -2-29-13 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
アクセス:JR渋谷駅 徒歩5分 京王井の頭線渋谷駅 徒歩3分 地下鉄銀座線渋谷駅 徒歩5分 渋谷駅から438m
営業時間:平 日 17:00〜23:30(L.O.23:00) 土日祝 15:30〜23:30(L.O.23:00) 夜10時以降入店可、日曜営業

Anniversary date special feature

Please also reference to the anniversary date special feature by current college students!

If it is Omotesando here! Hidden stylish restaurant ♡

There is a restaurant CICADA (Shikada) with a terrace of the waterside like a resort in a place about 3 minutes on by walk from Omotesando station ! The terrace seat of the cool waterside is just an urban oasis (^ ^) / The atmosphere is calm and the interior is refined and it is wonderful .

Cheers first! This time, daytime is the non-alcoholic cocktail because it is between, but it goes up tension in a beautiful color. The price is about 800 yen. At the next door was a toast with champagne!

Saturday and Sunday lunch menu seems to have carefully selected the popular menu of the night ! We ordered popular salad and recommended chick peas hams. About 1400 yen each. It seems that hams is the most popular menu here, it was so delicious that it was not enough to end (* '艸 `) Salad is cheese, olive is full of rice and it is a nice dish for women who are brilliant and cosmetic .

CICADA also has a watching bar space, a table seat outside, besides the terrace of the waterside! It is good because it can be used for each purpose. Of course there are table seats inside so you can enjoy cooking even on rain days ♪

Location: 5-7-28 Minami Aoyama Minato-ku, Tokyo
アクセス:表参道駅から248m 電車:表参道駅から徒歩1分 バス:都営バス 渋88 南青山六 徒歩5分
Opening hours: 11:30 to 15:00 L.O. 17:30 to 23:00 L.O. Open for lunch, entering after 10 o'clock in the night , open on Sunday

If it's Shinjuku! Adult restaurant with huge aquarium

There is a huge aquarium inside the shop and you can enjoy a mysterious feeling like drinking in the sea. It is also possible to select a seat according to your purpose, such as a single room with an aquarium, a semi- single room exclusive for 2 people and a couple seat. Children NG's atmosphere is good, so you can enjoy your meals and alcohol quietly.

Aquarium also in single room ! It is wonderful to have a meal while watching a fish swimming elegantly in a fish tank with a relaxing sofa.

The cuisine is casual Italian ! There is also an anniversary plan with cakes and champagne recommended for anniversary and dates, so it's a must-have check. ♡ On All-you-can-drink course, you can drink champagne!

The appearance of the dish is also beautiful. wonderful in this dish in space, extraordinary is sure to become of one day ♡

Moon tree
18: 00 ~ 2: 00 (LO 1: 30)
Fri · Sat
18: 00 ~ 4: 00 (LO 3: 30)
Sunday and holidays
17: 00 ~ 23: 00 (LO 22: 30)
3 minutes on by walk JR Shinjuku station South Exit
Subway Marunouchi Line Shinjuku Sanchome station A1 Exit 1 min by walk
【Average budget】
3,900 yen (normal average)
5,000 yen (banquet average)