【Flight time is about 2 hours ~ 2.5 hours】 @ Seoul (Korea)

Spot I would like to go 1 ♡ "Myeongdong"
It is a popular NO1 sightseeing spot in Korea.
Through Japanese language, we are enriching not only cosmetics and fashion but also esthes, restaurants and hotels.

Spot you want to go to 2 ♡ "N Seoul Tower"
This is a sightseeing spot I want to visit with a lover. The reason is to tell the eternal love! In customs unique to Korea, there are many messages to idols, such as padlocks and tiles.

Gourmet which I want to eat ♡ " Korean food "
Authentic sangonosal is recommended!
I will eat cheap!

【Flight time: about three hours to three and a half hours】 @ Guam

I want to go to Spot 1 ♡ "Tumon Beach"
Speaking of Guam, it is the sea! What you need when going to the sea is OK with your feathers worn / worn, only with a smartphone (put in a waterproof case)!

Spot you want to go to 2 ♡ "Chamorro Village Night Market"
It's a night market to be held every Wednesday! There is atmosphere close to where Japanese stalls line up. There are a lot of cute souvenirs of Guam here! Always check at the front desk because there are buses and taxis to pick up from hotels and shops to this night market!
Night market is cheap to buy souvenirs and gourmet is also good so it is recommended !

【Flight time about 3 hours ~ 3 hours and half】 @ China

Spot I'd like to go to 1 ♡ "Hachi Terrane Great Wall South China 4"
Speaking of China is a sightseeing spot. I will arrive in Beijing in an hour and a half. sightseeing tourists anyway many, looking away, you can see how magnificent world heritage!

Spot you want to go to 2 ♡ "Central Hiroshima Tower"
It resembles Tokyo Sky Tree somewhere. The day when you can see the city in Beijing is rare.

【About 5 hours flight time】 @ Hong Kong

sightseeing attractions I want to visit 1 ♡ "Tsim Sha Tsui"
Speaking of Hong Kong, night view from o'clock every night ♡ would spot 20 free in the illumination you can watch the show "Symphony of Lights".

Spot you want to go to 2 ♡ "Taiheiyama"
Hong Kong's unique sightseeing spot is Taiheiyama (Victoria Peak)! night view also you is famous as a spot daytime be performed OK ♪

Spot 2 to go to ♡ "Afternoon Tea"
Chinese food cuisine in Hong Kong is famous, but afternoon tea is also famous! How about afternoon tea while enjoying Hong Kong panorama at a luxury hotel?