To a new life recommended in the "furniture and miscellaneous goods" of the recommended "IKEA"

I came to "IKEA" which is about 15 minutes by car from Shin-Yokohama station ! Shuttle bus from Shin-Yokohama station is out so it is convenient to access even people without cars!

IKEA has a unique purchase method! Unlike ordinary furniture shops, I write numbers that are allocated to furniture by paper pencils. Because there are furniture whose number is written near the exit, it is a method of taking it and arranging it at the register! * Famous, IKEA furniture must be assembled by yourself. .

The inside of the shop is just wide! There are 2 floors, goods of the new life can be arranged only here! The price is also cheap and recommended !

A room with a different concept is prepared and it looks like a model room! It is recommended to buy the furniture of the room of your own favorite! Also, the place where the image when putting furniture is easy is convenient !

Not only furniture, but also necessary small items for new life! There are many cheap, cute and convenient things.

If you are tired of watching furniture, there are places to rest for restaurants etc. There seems to be a lot of customers coming in for the restaurant as well! The price is also cheap and has become a hidden spot recommended for lunch!

Even those who want to make the new life more stylish also have sundries such as candles and ornamental plants so furniture is there but those who want accessories please come and visit them certainly ♪ I think you will find what you like best! Besides, there are plenty of frames, lights, unusual figurines, etc. I am bored with it!

Outlet products are placed near the exit! There are unexpected bargains, so please do not miss it ♪ There are quite a few stylish and cheap things!

IKEA Kohoku store
【business hours】

recommended those wishing to arrange "miscellaneous goods / interior" Yokohama "MARK IS"

It is a stylish interior / lifestyle shop "ACTUS Actus" in Yokohama MARK IS. It is a wonderful shop, such as fancy candles, soaps, diffusers, etc. that you would like to decorate at home. The display is also wonderful and reference .

The shop is an atmosphere with an atmosphere where the plants are impressive and calm. I felt it was not a sharp point, but a lot of round and warm furniture. For people who want to be in a calm room, this is recommended ! It is for women.

There are plenty of goods that rich in miscellaneous goods and unexpectedly buy them as women.

When arranging accessories, a feeling of unity will come out and there is no doubt that the room will be even more stylish !

Next is also "RH" in MARK IS!

It is also a cafe! There are a lot of cute miscellaneous goods! It is a store that imagined California!

Even bicycles are decorated as stylish interior! It is a store with candles and aromas.

MARKIS Minato Mirai
【business hours】
Directly connected to Minato Mirai station

Fun and entertaining miscellaneous goods gather "ASOKO"

It is "ASOKO" of a unique and pop shop in Harajuku! It is a shop that became a most talked with an unusual name ♪ It is a popular shop where many people are crowded on holidays!

Many colorful things are cute grocery store! It is a shop that does not get tired even just looking at things that have changed or interesting things!

There are also exclusive items that can only be purchased here, and we have all the goods for enjoying new life! The mugs are also fancy a little, the goodness of the item stands out!

【business hours】
2 minutes on by walk from Meiji Jingumae station

Sophisticated interior! "IDEE SHOP" Jiyugaoka

It is a shop with stylish and sophisticated interior in Jiyugaoka! From the appearance stylish is overflowing!

There are many calm things, making it a world-class shop!

【business hours】
11: 00 ~ 20: 00 (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)
Jiyugaoka station 3 minutes on by walk