A chocolate specialty store from Belgium "B by B. GINZA"

This year, it is Bby B who entered "chocolate street" where many chocolate specialty shops in Ginza line up.
At first glance it does not look like a package of chocolate!

In the long and narrow store, a space with a sense of cleanliness based on white.
There are colorful chocolate boxes lined up there.

Actually, there are five tablet chocolates in a box! There are different flavors for each number. The most popular seems to be this number 58.
It is fun to try various flavors and find your favorite flavor!

Trout chocolate is contained while outside the crisp. Soft ~ ♪

There is a cafe space behind the shop, you can have chocolate dessert and drinks.

Put the barbelt ice cream in the vessel and cover with a very thin chocolate and hang hot chocolate from the top just before. It is also vivid in appearance and it's definitely exciting when you go on a date ♪

Cappuccino brewed in Belgium's high quality coffee brand "VASCO BELO (Basscovelo)".

I got a full-fledged cappuccino ♪ Late art is cute!
I'm glad that a single item of drink comes with one chocolate to choose from.

Which taste is good and can not choose ~! This is a random selection of assortment is for anyone who wants stylish is recommended, such as gifts and assorted collection.
I think that men will surely be delighted if I can bring them to such extraordinary space!

3 minutes on by walk from Ginza 1-chome station
【business hours】
Sun and congratulation until 19 o'clock
【Number of seats】
6 seats

Japan's first landing! Seattle's Chocolate Bar "Max Brenner"

The first store in the chocolate bar of chocolate brand "MAX BRENNER (Max Brenner)" from Israel that opened in 1F of Omotesando Hills main building. The Union Square shop in New York is known as a popular shop that seven years have passed since still it has not been able to buy it for three hours or more still now.

It is located just in front of Omotesando Hills.
It is open in the store.

Inside the store that imagined the chocolate factory was based on chocolate color brown or white, a chocolate mixer was placed at the entrance, and pipes were stretched around the ceiling.
There are about 40 eat-in spaces. In addition to that, we have a separate takeout corner on the left side of the front entrance so you can purchase only for souvenirs.

Classic European fondue ¥ 1,800

Two kinds of chocolate can be chosen from among milk, dark, white, and other toffee sauce (caramel sauce) follows. The original toffee sauce is rather light sauce, so it is not awkward if you immerse enough.

Dip strawberries and bananas, cookies, marshmallows. Marshmallow will melt in the mouth when you dip it because it will become fluffy when it is broiled.

Chocolate Chunk Pizza Hole ¥ 1,800 ¥ Half ¥ 950 ¥ Slice ¥ 350

White chocolate and milk chocolate paste is painted on pizza dough Motchimochi, baked golden brown in the oven on it, marshmallow of Fuwwafuwa is very hard have been topping, taste, both texture extraordinary was!

Eat-in is inevitable, but you can avoid matrices if you takeout .
If you dislike the queue please try using takeout !

2 minutes on by walk from Omotesando station A2 exit
Meiji Jingumae <Harajuku> 3 minutes by walk from exit 5 station
【business hours】
11: 00 ~ 22: 30 (Sunday - 21: 30)
«Last Order 22: 00 / Sunday 21: 00»
【Number of seats】
40 seats

Wisdom of the Spanish royal family! There are over 20 kinds of plate chocolate "cacao sapaca"

Cacao Sampaca is a chocolate shop for the Royal Family of Spain. It is a shop that Michelin 3-star restaurant 'El Bhuji' former pastryier 'Alberto Adria' produces.

The inside of the shop is a simple adult space and the total number of seats is about 60 seats. There are various types of seats such as counter seats and table seats. It is calm and quiet inside the shop. You can enjoy chatting slowly.

20 kinds of rare plate chocolate!

Vanilla mousse and chocolate sponge in the Alhambra chocolate mousse become two layers and the surface is coated with bitter chocolate. Rich and gentle taste ♡ The toppings board chocolate was also delicious with its deep flavor.

CACAO SAMPAKA Minami Aoyama store

Spend a relaxing afternoon with cacao flavorful chocolate and espresso.
A cup of coffee and good quality chocolate makes me happy a bit. It is a shop that I would like to visit with my precious person on White Day ♪

About 2 minutes on by walk from Omotesando station B 3 exit
【business hours】
[Dinner] except Tuesday
( plan start reception time 20:00)
【Number of seats】
60 seats

"Chocolatier inamura shozo" you can eat rich chocolate

To the attentive chocolate specialty store. There is a cafe, so you can have a cake and tea. Since 10 kinds of chocolate are lined up, it may be good to use it for Valentine's Day or White Day.

There is a cafe, so you can have a cake and tea.

Since 10 kinds of chocolate are lined up, it may be good to use it for Valentine's Day or White Day.

I ordered the dome chocolate 560 yen. A dish containing chocolate mousse with cherry scented with hazelnut cream and vanilla.

2 minutes by walk from Nippori station exit North entrance west exit
【business hours】
[Tue - Sunday]
【Number of seats】
18 seats (table 2 seats x 9 tables)