Everyone loves "Tsuru Easy Tan"

It is developing mainly in Tokyo and Osaka 【Tsuru Easy Tan
We will introduce the recommended menu of the delicious noodle shop Tsuru Eati characterized by a large bowl!

The delicious secret of Tsuru Eastern is "Tan" "Tan" "Vine"

Pure diet udon

break evenStrike to extend,EasyCut it to a certain thickness,
Nodogoshislippery! Delicious noodles are made in these 3 strokes ♪

Udon no Odori Udon noodles!

Udon noodle with large size fry

Fancy tasteUdon noodle with large size fry(730 yen)!
Simple taste with big fried in thin noodles is the extraordinary delicious dish after drinking!

recommended this refreshing udon noodles!
【Pretty recommended noodle shop on Platinum Street ♡ Although it is light but impact great! ! 】

Melting spicy mentaikkusu stands out for udon noodles!

Udon noodle with Hakata direct sending Mentaiko

I used Mentaiko of Hakata direct deliveryUdon noodles of Mentaiko(1280 yen)!
There is no juice, ♪ I will get marinated with mentaiko ♪
Melt spicy mentaiko is delicious either warm noodles or cold udon either!

Delicious noodle shops throughout Japan are also checked
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