It gathers at the south exit of Shimokita station 12:00!

Inokashira Line and Shimokitazawa running the Odakyu Line. Let's start with people in the South Exit first.
Shopping streets continue, and shops that you see often line up.
Is it such as Shimokitazawa's frontal side? A few people are overpowder for days off.

Lunch first ◎

Okagaku eatery

Subcal girls do not like shops that are too shabby. (Because it does not calm down.) The shops here are in a calm atmosphere, and the music of indie musicians is flowing in the shop. The top of this cafe is a live house and artists' CDs are on sale.

Subcall girls love excavating indies bands.
If you come here, you may also know the hobby of her music! What?
so. Subcal girls talk about machine guns when it comes to things you like.
Once you talk it out, it is this one. ←
There is nothing to be troubled about the story of this with this.
(Although it is said that this shop is not a goragori band, it is recommended for those who like stylish style Japanese rock and guitar playing systems.

Lunch is about 1,000 yen.
I ordered GaPaoraizu. Basil's flavor is terrible and tasty ♡

Mona record magazine dining hall
Location: 2-13-5 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Ina Building 2F
Access: 116m from Shimokitazawa station
Business hours: 12: 00-24: 00

"What kind of invitation to drink at night ..."

At such times, serving also alcohol menu stylish is to go to lunch to The shop? ♡

Anyway I like old clothes!

Let's visit the clothing store where the stomach is full ◎
Subcal girls like clothes, no, old clothes anyway.
(It 's too fun to search for music or baskets for clothes ...!)
I just got a 20% increase in tension just by coming to a vintage cloth store.
introduce clothing store handling men's things and turn around looking at!


EcoWearMarket "500 yen ~ Items are complete and very cost performance . Though it has all the cute things. The shop here is an image that contains things that are not too messy. The shop is also easy to see in a calm atmosphere.

Let's move to the north exit while visiting the clothing store ♪
In the north exit direction, there are many hiding place cafés and clothing store.
We will introduce one store recommended clothing store in the north exit direction.

EcoWearMarket (Eco Wear Market)
Place: 2-14F, Isuzu Building, 2-14-5 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo


Shimokitazawa Ichibancho is located a little away from the South Exit.
Such station this shop in the little calm place than before.
It may be a store familiar to old clothes lovers.
That's why when you dating Shimokita with subcart girls, you might feel hazy if you do not know this shop .... Also, I will tell to Shimokita's first landing · Subcall girls that "You know this cute shop ~" may be the stock of you.

Because it is a shop refurbished public bath
【Bathing place】 → 【Well Well】 → 【New York Joe】 → 【NEW YORK JOE】
It seems to have become. (... ... ... it is not punishment ...!)
Tile flooring. Colorful and cute ◎

Location: 3 - chome Kitazawa Setagaya - ku, Tokyo 26-4
Access: Approximately 4 minutes on by walk from Shimokitazawa station [North Exit]

Other plan to go around recommended shopping stores in Shimokita!

Touching art in the gallery ♪

Subcare girls also love art.
I prefer to stay in such a calm and quiet place rather than going to the hill or the karaoke.

Gallery HANA Shimokitazawa

Gallery HANA Shimokitazawa gallery located in Shimokitazawa Ichibancho with the previous NEW YORK JOE. entrance fee is free .

It's not a very large gallery (it's pretty narrow as I say it) but it's a nice and beautiful space with white walls. Artists being exhibited are also many young people, so it may be fun to talk about it because they are coming to the gallery.
(But, when most of the subcarr people are in such a situation, the communicative power is not high enough to talk about ←)

introduce coffee shops in Shimokitazawa which can be touched by art!
I want to be healed by the scent and taste ♡ Let's visit the coffee shop! Shimokitazawa