Konosu surprised Hina Matsuri ☆ To the river width in Japan, the largest in Japan!

I came to Konosu City, Saitama Prefecture, a town of hina dolls and flowers. For Saitama prefecture people, familiar because there is a license center. To the Konosu surprised Dolls Festival held here, it is being held until March 7.

About 15 minutes on foot from the station I arrived at Konosu City Hall.
As I entered, it was an ordinary city hall. Everyone, I am doing business as usual. But next to that ....

Dad, towering dress. Here boasts the height of Japan's highest. It is located in the lobby of the city hall, the height of the ceiling. Looking at the whole from another angle, there are 31 stages, 7 m high. The upper one is vertically overlapped by three steps. It was occupied by hina dolls until the stairs of the government office.

Boso Peninsula Katsuura Kyoura Big Doll Festival appreciated!

I went to the big dolls festival. In total, 25,000 Hina dolls are decorated everywhere in the town. About 600 Hina dolls are sliding in the special stage in front of the Yamen gate in Yendemi.

About 800 dolls are decorated here. From 17 o'clock, the stairs are lighted up.

Here, about 1,200 hina dolls are decorated on how 60 steps of stone steps. An oversized hina doll is displayed on the top row.


Maison Matcha watching the garden where Nishikigoi swim from hundredstage festival festival ▼ Japanese dessert girls party ♪

Meguro station to by walk 5 minutes. At Meguro Gajyoen, a venerable wedding hall, we hold hundred staged festival events from the end of January to the beginning of March every year. Every year, various regional dolls are displayed with history.
entrance fee, student is ¥ 800, general ¥ 1,500 (advance sales ¥ 1,200), opening time is 10: 00-18: 00.

Besides the exhibition area of ​​Hina dolls, there are also decorations for the festival.
There is an area where there is a pond indoors when walking towards the inner part of the Gajoen, and a small doll doll is on a floating boat.

After watching the dolls, tea time at the Japanese cafe in the Gajoen ♪ "Cafe Lounge Pandora" allows you to enjoy Japanese tea time while looking at the garden elegantly. The recommendation here is a set of white bean spruce & place! Let's enjoy the taste of Japanese fish with green tea set ♡

Enjoying the cherry-blossom viewing at the Yasukuni Shrine and visiting the Yukari-kan periodically

Take the exit 1 at Kudanshita station and aim for the Yasukuni Shrine. The Yasukuni Shrine worships Japanese soldiers and civilians as the main gods.

The Chiyoda Sakura Festival is from March 28th to April 6th. During the cherry blossom season, many people enjoy cherry-blossom viewing. There are 600 cherry trees in the precincts, many of which are Yoshino cherry tree. There is considerable appearance. Here is a standard tree which is the standard for the flowering of cherry blossoms in Tokyo. There is a crowd of people.

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