Santa's beard is cute! First of all, the standard "Crispy Cream Donut"

Large in the center of the young woman popular of is "Krispy Kreme"!
This donut specialty shop now standard , but Christmas exclusive items are very cute ♡

takeout recommended to eat slowly you out dating aHowever, if you want to eat immediately please try to eat in the shop!

A lot of donuts are lined up at the counter.
Of course, the standard donuts are delicious, but this time it's a big dealChristmas exclusive itemsLet's order ♪

This is my opinion"Holiday Magic Dazzen (12 pieces entered 2000 yen)"​ ​
2000 yen! What? Although it may be thought that this is roughly 200 yen each around here, so it is a little profitable for bulk purchase ♪
There are also 6 pieces in the direction where there are many in fluffy so please be relieved!

It's just a cute donut with Christmas motif!
Especially recommended is Santa's donut in the middle"Santa cheese cake (single item 320 yen)"​ ​
Beards are very cute, do not they? ... ♡
Incidentally, the part of the hatStrawberry sauceInsideCream cheese sauceIt contains.
First of all if you get lost I recommend this place!

Speaking of takeout pizza! That is also recommended here!
【Shibuya × gourmet】 Spontini 2nd store! Shibuya MODI eat delicious pizza

New feeling donut sandwiching cream brulee ♪ "un deux donut" in Shinjuku

Located in Shinjuku"Un deux donut"Is a shop where you can eat a new sensation donut that is most talked about now. What is the new feeling ... I'm sandring Cream Brulee ♪

This picture is not Shinjuku Alta store, it is Meguro Atre store which was open for a exclusive time. Although there were only six types here, at Shinjuku Alta storeMore than 16 cream brulee donutsI will be waiting for you ♡

ChocolatYaRare cheeseIncluding,Rum raisinFranboiseThere are also a little taste like adult ♡ **

Fluffy fried donut is cut in half and fluffy cream brulee is sandwiched between ♡
Furthermore, since it is crispy finished with Karame Riese around, you can enjoy a new texture not ever!

Donut specialty shop which can taste American feeling ♪ "GOOD TOWN DOUGHNUTS" of Omotesando

There are a lot of stylish shops"GOOD TOWN DOUGHNUTS" in Omotesando​ ​
It is very easy to go because it is right next to Cat Street ♪

It is like being in a foreign country!
There are wide table seats in the back!

Anxious donuts are here! Everything is stylish ....
Brooklyn donuts dealt here are characterized by fluffy ♡

In the case of eat-in, I will come on a dish like a stump of this tree ♡

There may be donuts of such a cute smile!
Depending on the seasons, we handle about 10 to 12 kinds of things!
MojitoYaBanhoten chocolatehibiscusIt is a necessity check because there are unusual taste such as ♪

Animal donut too cute is popular ♡ Koenji's "Floresta"

"Floresta" in Koenji is a very cute animals donutIt is a shop that sells ♡
I really want you to buy it absolutely because it is recommended here ♡

Of course there are ordinary donuts.
Because the donut here is very particular about the material I recommend none ♪

But after all popular donut is this "animal donut" ♡
There are various animals and I get lost ....

It is good to eat at Christmas, but I will be pleased even if you buy it to a friend and ♪

Animal with such acorns is too cute ... ♡
If you post pictures on SNS you absolutely will be excited so please try to buy ♪
Well, how was it?
Every donut seems delicious, is not it?
Come because only what is pleasing to the absolute If you went to buy reference ♪ Please try to