Let's go sightseeing in Nara Prefecture!

Nara prefecture, a popular sightseeing spot with historically precious temples and shrines.
But,I do not know where to go because there are too many spots ...What, is not it?

This time the playlife editorial department,popular recommended sightseeing spots in Nara PrefectureWe will introduce you in ranking format!
By all means, please do a reference when you sightseeing ♪







No. 1 Todaiji Temple

If you say Nara Prefecture here!

In Nara Prefecture Nara Prefecture Nara Prefecture,Todaiji
It is a temple representative of Nara, which is also registered as a World Heritage Site!
In addition, there is also the world's largest wooden buildings, many also from foreign sightseeing visited by tourists.

The origin of Todaiji is the beginning in 743, when the Emperor Shomu issued the decree of the Roh Bu-nah Buddha establishment.
The Great Bodhisattva was completed in 751, after that the cathedral was also improved!
It has been burned down by fire twice, but it still keeps what was rebuilt in the Edo era.

This is TodaijiRoh Hadahana Buddha
The massive Buddha, which was set in the center in the middle, does not move even if it comes, I feel overwhelming force!
There is a hole in the pillar of the Buddha statue where the Buddha is sitting.
With a hole of the same size as the nose of the Great Buddha, it is said that the benefit of disease-free and disaster can be obtained by going through it ♪

Place: 406-1 Zoshicho, Nara City, Nara Prefecture
アクセス:奈良駅から徒歩約14分 奈良駅から循環バスで大仏殿春日大社前下車後徒歩約5分
Opening hours: Reading hours: April-September 7:30-17:30 Reading hours: October-October 7:30-17: 00 Reading hours: November-February 8: 00-16:30 : March-March 8:00-17:00

Second largest spring Nihon University, Inc.

It is famous also for married power spot !

Nara, Nara Prefecture spring is in the Hino-cho,spring Nihon University, Inc.
A nationwide spring in the head temple of Nihon University, Inc., has also been registered as a World Heritage Site!
It is said that the beginning of the Nara period is the origin of what was built to wish for the patronage of Heijyo Kyo.

Such spring Nihon University, Inc.,Couple daigoku companyThere is a virtue called.
This place is said to be a married couple's spiritual power spot !
Heart's ema is also sold, so couple and couples ♪ certainly ♪

spring Nihon University, Inc.
Location: Nara, Nara Prefecture spring Hino 160
アクセス:近鉄奈良駅[1]から徒歩約20分 JR大和路線・近鉄奈良線「奈良駅」から奈良交通バス(春日大社本殿行)約11~15分、 「春日大社本殿」下車すぐ または 奈良交通バス(市内循環外回り)約9~13分「春日大社表参道」下車、徒歩約10分

No. 3 Kofukuji

Temple of Fujiwara Kamisoku Yukari Temple

Nara Prefecture Located in Naraji-cho, Nara City,Kofukuji
It is a temple that also possesses buildings that continue from the Kamakura period, and it is also registered as a World Heritage Site!
Its origin is said to have been built by wife praying for recovery when familiar Fujiwara Kamisoku suffered from serious diseases due to the renewal of Taiwan.

In Kofukuji, there is a five-story pagoda that is also designated as a national treasure, and Kita-doll, which is considered to be the most beautiful in Hakkado.
There are other buildings, but recommendedTriple tower
It is the oldest building in Kofuku-ji, which has never been rebuilt since the Kamakura period, its current construction is a must see ♪

Place: Tohoojicho, Nara City, Nara Prefecture 48
Access: about 6 minutes on by walk from Kintetsu Nara station [2]