Let's play it all in spotcha! All-you-can-have for sports and games ♪

Round One Stadium Diversity Tokyo Plaza Store

Playground in Odaiba 【Round One Stadium Diversity Tokyo Plaza Store
student can enjoy at 1,000 yen (female), 1,500 yen (male) ♪

Bubble football with soccer court ♪
You can also sumo wrestling with the bubble football!

There are plenty of other places to play badminton, tennis, batting and darts etc.
We have karaoke and manga space so we can do a break ~!

Let's play with the ball at the kids' corner, forgetting busy everyday!

Why do not you spend your time playing at the spotcia in Odaiba ♪
Let's go to all you can eat meat after playing!

Round One (Diversity Tokyo Plaza Shop)
Location: Aoyama, Koto Ward, Tokyo 1-10 Diversity Tokyo Plaza 6th Floor
Access: Approximately 5 minutes on by walk from Tokyo Teleport station [B mouth]

【home page】http://www.round1.co.jp/shop/tenpo/tokyo-divercity.html
From 2300 yen you can eat beef and pork full stomach ♪

Tsukiji Miura Odaiba shop Yo Geni

There is Odaiba Dex Tokyo Beach shop,
A shop where you can eat a lot of beef and pork 【Tsukiji Miura Odaiba shop Yo Geni

All-you-can-eat meat and vegetables at the cheapest 2300 yen shabu-shab course ♪
Let's eat a lot of meat after playing plenty!

Who has ponzu and sesame seeds,
Both have fresh meat and ♪ It is very tasty ♪

Tsukiji Shimaba Daiba store
Place: 1-6-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo DEX Tokyo Beach Seaside Mall 5F
アクセス:ゆりかもめお台場海浜公園駅 徒歩2分 お台場海浜公園駅から301m
営業時間:11:00〜23:00(L.O.22:00) ランチ営業、日曜営業

All-you-can-eat ♪ all in the interior barbecue ♪

the Canteen

If you do a barbecue in Odaiba this shop is recommended 【the Canteen

Terrace as well as barbecue in the interior can be enjoyed even in winter ♪

There are 4,500 yen courses and 5,000 yen courses in the 120 minute system.
Of course, it is all-you-can-drink ♪

Lucky people ♪ Rakuchin ♪ so the shop people prepare and clean up again
I also enjoyed the cold winter,
Please enjoy the barbecue in winter!

The Canteen is from the red button belowReservationI can do it.
The Canteen
Place: 2-7-4 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo theSOHO 1F
アクセス:ゆりかもめ線 「船の科学館」駅、または「テレコムセンター」駅 から徒歩5分。豊洲駅方面からは 都営バス「船の科学館」バス停下車、徒歩1分。 テレコムセンター駅から357m
営業時間:1〜3月まで下記営業時間となります。 [月〜金] 10:00〜20:00(L.O19:30) 【土,日,祝】 完全貸切予約のみの営業 ランチ営業