10:30 Sakaiminato station

Arrived at the Sakaiminato station !

I arrived at the Sakaiminato station .
There is only a port city station building is the atmosphere, such as a lighthouse.

I will head for Mizuki Shigeru Road immediately.

Let's get tired of traveling with footbath.

Let's heal the tiredness of the plane with foot bath before and.

Sakaiminato station since before has the specter our footbath will head to refresh here to Shigeru Mizuki Road direction.




10: 00 Yonago Kitaro Airport

Let's go to Sakaiminato by plane.

In the gates of the youkaiairplaneIt is recommended to go by.
The name of the airport is Yonago Kitaro Airport (located in Yonago City next to Sakaiminato City).


Haneda Airport - Yonago Airport approximately 1 hour 15 minutes

The airport is Kitaro one color

There is only Kitaro airport and inside airportKitaro color​ ​
From here, youkai journey of Sakaiminato starts.

Yonago Kitaro Airport (Yonago Airport)
Place: Saeki Shincho Sakaiminato City Tottori Prefecture
Access: Yonago Airport (Railway)station From [Exit]by walk About 7 minutes

Let's Sakaiminato by Yokai Train!

Let's go to Sakaiminato city from Yonago airport station on the JR line.
How a trainYoukai wrappingIt is being done.

This time it is a cat daughter train GO!

Even within the train is a youkai.

Inside the train like this one cat daughter.
There are various yokai patterns as well as Kitaro's pattern.


Yonago Airport - Sakaiminato about 15 minutes (JR boundary line)

10: 45 Mizuki Shigeru Road

I am very satisfied with the statues of youkai!

The surrounding of Sakaiminato station has Mizuki Shigeru Road shopping districtBronze statues of youkaiThere are a lot of waters around.
As soon as I left station, Mizuki World has spread.

Enjoy statues of youkai from famous place to unknown place.

There are 153 bronze statues in all.

How old are you?
Specter we will have to wait in all day, seven days a week all-night (part of the bronze statue is to avoid the theft night in have been net the bottom).

Let's walk around old old city streets.

While enjoying the statues of youkai's statues, we will explore Mizuki Shigeru Road where souvenir shops lined up.
Something calmOld-fashioned townscapeLet's heal it.

Let's take a commemorative photo with that character.

Inside the road you are familiar with youkai characterscostumeHe is fluffing in the load until evening . Let's call out when you find it.

If you are lucky you can meet Kitaro too.

Mizuki Shigeru Road
Place: Tottori Prefecture Sakaiminato City Matsuke Shun-cho, Taisho-cho, Honmachi
Access: Approximately 5 minutes on by walk from Sakaiminato station [exit]

12:30 Mizukiya

Let's eat seafood rice bowl because it is a port city.

If you are coming to Sakaiminato at ease, let 's enjoy the happiness of the sea which is a specialty with youkai. Sakaiminato City has some of the most famous ports in the country where the landing height has shone in Japan, so you can enjoy fresh fish.

So fresh fish grewBowl of rice topped with sashimiWe recommended you.

In Mizukiya you can enjoy seafood bowl with soup stock.
Fresh seafood is delicious.

Place: 9-3 Matsugaedacho, Sakaiminato City, Tottori Prefecture
アクセス:JR境港駅から 徒歩5分 境港駅から562m
営業時間:[昼] 11:00〜15:00 [夜] 18:00〜22:00 ランチ営業、日曜営業