[Skate] Hand is connected to supernatural ♡ Night divide is 1200 yen and cost performance ◎

Difficulty ☆ ☆ ★

Takadanobaba skating rink (permanent)
Sky tree (period exclusive)

Speaking of winter date is skating alongside skiing ♡
What I introduce this time is a recommended ice skating rink which you can also enjoy exclusive time illumination Akasaka Sacas.
Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Akasaka connected to the station So access is also convenient!

There are lockers that can put in shoes and luggage, so you can enjoy skating easily. Gloves are essential, so let's bring it! !

When you skate a skate, the balance will definitely go wrong! Lol
In such a case, let's casually reach out and hold hands __

It will be a while away ...

Please also reference to the dating feature surrounding the Imperial Palace.

illumination are also nearby!

* The picture is for fiscal year 205.
plan →http://play-life.jp/plans/5901
Information for 2016!
"Akasaka Sacas sound × Terrace" which is the third time this year is a variety of fantastic space created by LED vertical tubes capable of expressing about 16.7 million colors of light, with the theme of "possibility of expression of light" I am in!
Every 30 minutes from 17: 00 ~ there will be a production adapted to the music ♡
(1 time about 15 minutes, last 21: 00 ~)
【Date and time】
November 5, 2015 (Thursday) - February 25, 2016 (Thursday (scheduled)
Akasaka Biz Tower 1F Naka Dori

White Sacas
Saturday, November 28, 2015 - February 14, 2016 (Sun)
☆ General ticket
Adult 1200 yen
Children (small student or less) 600 yen
Shoes 500 yen Gloves 300 yen
☆ Knight club (Admission after 19:00 on weekdays)
Adult 1200 yen
Child 600 yen
Shoes for free! ! ! ! Gloves 300 yen
【business hours】
Weekdays ... 12: 00 ~ 21: 00
Holiday: 11: 00 ~ 21: 00
(Please be sure to check it because it depends on the period!)

After deepening relationship with 【Amusement Park】, at the end Ferris wheel ,,, ♡

Difficulty ☆ ☆ ★

"Tokyo Dome City" in front of Korakuen station is in the downtown area and is an amusement park where you can enjoy screaming machines! Access is also good, no entry fee is required!

If there are scary machines, there are also 3D viewing type attractions and viewers so it is safe for people who are not good at screaming systems.
Gatsuri amusement park, not shopping center called LaQua is also in the park so you can enjoy dates while shopping and dining ♡

further! !
Light up starts when it gets dark.
In the very romantic atmosphere, the last is finally to the Ferris wheel.
It is a point holding hands! ! ! ! ! !
When getting on and off the ferris wheel, let's quickly get out of hand and let her assist you ♡
There is no doubt that hands will naturally connect with boosting romantic atmosphere and memorable memories of the day ♡

Tokyo Dome City
【business hours】
10: 00-21: 00 (depending on the day)
Korakuen station to by walk About 2 minutes
One Day Passport 3,900 yen

【Cinema】 Super close contact with couple sheets! What? Watching romantically while watching love story ♡

Difficulty ☆ ★ ★

Shinjuku Picadilly is familiar, do you know that there is a place called "Platinum Room"! What?
The price is higher than usual, but there are rooms where you can appreciate champagne, wine, cocktails etc in a single room on special sofa seats ♡
There is also a private lounge which can be used only by those using "Platinum Room", and the price is 5,000 yen per person, but there is no doubt that you can be satisfied very much!
I guess I get crushed when I get through such a wonderful VIP room on my first date ♡
A more wonderful love story is sure to connect hands from anywhere.

There is also a sense of cleanliness inside the hall that was based on white and is especially recommended for dating.
In addition, we have plenty of food and drink menu so when we want to eat gutsuri, when we want something to eat, when we want to eat sweet things ,,, do not worry whenever you want! Lol

General 1,800 yen
Large student 1,500 yen
High school student 1,000 yen
Medium student and small student 1,000 yen
· 5 minutes on by walk from JR "Shinjuku station " east exit
· Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line · Fukutoshin Line · Metropolitan Shinjuku Line "Shinjuku Sanchome station " B7 · 8 on by walk from Exit 1 Minute
HP: [http://www.smt-cinema.com/site/shinjuku/] (http://www.smt-cinema.com/site/shinjuku/)