Fluffy eggs are dying! "Delicious dumpling tea room" in Daikanyama

Delicious dumplings sake brewery about 4 minutes on by walk from Daikanyama stationIt is a shop called.
It's along the main street, but it is somewhat confusing, so be careful!

The inside of the store drifts with a sense of fashion and luxury in a calm atmosphere. Probably I feel high at night . But lunch is very profitable!

A set of lunch is roughly 1,000 yen​ ​
Dimmer, sweet sake and meat are also included!

The main dish"Egg soup shrimp fried rice"is!
The feeling that melts in fluffyness does not accumulate.
This is the strongest cost performance I think is 1000 yen.

If you go to Daikanyama it is also recommended here!
When TKG egg-hung rice is said to be delicious, Daikanyama's "Cafe · Classe" ♪

With Dragon fried rice! What? Akasaka's "珉珉"

It is located between Akasaka station and Aoyama Ichome station"珉珉"is. Immediately after entering, it is quite Chinese food ! It is full of atmosphere of the shop.
But I do not feel anythirsty, the inside of the shop is also relatively clean.

It is an unusual type shop that eats dumplings with pepper and sesame oil ♪

Recommended"Dragon fried rice"​ ​
It is 810 yen and the price is not high, and it is cost performance extraordinary in Boryumi.
Punch works well with plenty of eggs, eggs and cha! Moreover, it is paradox!

It is slightly taste, but it is very delicious when you eat it with soup and sausage that is on!

"Daikanyama's Chinese name Noritake" where you can eat the extraordinary paraphern fried rice

Daikanyama station to by walk About 4 minutes "Chinese name Nori bow"I came to.
It is a hideaway entrance.

The restaurant is an elegant hideout Chinese food restaurant full of luxury.
It is calm and quiet feeling.

A set lunch is advantageous at this shop!
You can enjoy such a dumpling or sweet sake around 1000 yen!

The main course is fried rice.
Equipment is also fashionable. The taste is exquisite. Parapara 's fried rice is also very tasty with a cabbage.
As the set comes with dessert it is quite profitable ♪

Surprising combination! "Minmin" in Kichijoji where you can eat clams of fried chicken

Harmonica alley of KichijojiSpeaking of which is famous for various gourmet.
A popular store that always makes a queue with such a Hamonica alley"Minmin"​ ​

While there are ramen and others like general Chinese food food, it is worrisome"Asatari fried rice"…。

This is"Asatari fried rice (720 yen)"​ ​
The pictures are in full swing.
It is finished in flavor and you can feel the umami umami firmly! !
It is a surprising combination, but it is delicious.

By the way, this shop is also famous for dumplings.
That's it"Dumplings (430 yen)"​ ​
It does not quite tell me in the picture, but it is messed up (lol)
When going to "Minmin" it is also a must for me!