1. "POMMEKE" in front of the fork to eat with a fork

Gaienmae stationLocated in the immediate area,Belgium · French fries specialty store POMMEKE (Pomeku)​ ​
Belgian-style french fries and Belgian beers can be enjoyed!

stylish shop ♪
French fries and a good aroma of side menus will drift!

This is Belgian · French fries.
This size M! It is 590 yen.
It is much more than M size of Japanese fast food! !

It is Belgian style to eat dip sauce with fried potato and fork etc.
But of course it is OK to eat it on a dip like this!
This is the most popularSamuraiDip sauce called.
Potato goes with spicy spicy ♪

【Closed】 POMMEKE Gaienmae shop
Location: 2-12-27 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1F in Halekulani Kitayama
Access: 232 m from Gaienmae station
Opening Hours: 11: 00 ~ 22: 00 Lunch Sales, Open Sundays

2. Excellent compatibility with Belgian beer! Akasaka's Delirium Cafe

First floor of Biz Tower in AkasakaIt is in,"Delirium Cafe Rezerv"What. Here is a Belgian-style French fries andUp to 24 Belgian beersYou can enjoy barrel studs.

Belgian beer has its own glasses and coasters.It is the charm of Belgian beer that you can enjoy designing.

It is a beer called "St. Bernard Dus Perière".
It is said that the monastery beer is the prerequisite.

Eating with Belgian beer is of course French fries!
"Fritz from Belgium (French fries) Three colors special sauce (780 yen)". Actually, fried potatoes ( French fries) are not France, it is the birthplace of Belgium!
The compatibility of beer does not stop beer!

Also recommended for beer lovers!
Shinjuku near station the top season spot was born country! "Craft beer tap" ♪ enjoy rare ~ craft beer ♪

Belgian beer Delirium Cafe Reserve from the red button belowReservationI can do it.
Belgian Beer Derrilium Cafe Rezerv
Location: 5-3-1 Akasaka Minato-ku, Tokyo Akasaka Biz Tower 1F
アクセス:東京メトロ千代田線 赤坂駅 徒歩1分東京メトロ銀座線、丸ノ内線 赤坂見附駅 徒歩6分 赤坂駅から104m
営業時間:◎平日 【ランチ】11:30〜14:00 【ティー】14:00〜17:00 【ディナー】17:00〜24:00(23:30L.O) ※月火は11:30〜23:00(22:30L.O) ◎土日祝日 【ランチ】11:30〜14:00 【ディナー】14:30〜24:00(23:30L.O) ※日祝日は11::30〜23:00(22:30L.O) ランチ営業、夜10時以降入店可、日曜営業
Hot Pepper Gourmet

3. Harmonious cheese exquisite harmony ♪ Shimokitazawa "Robson Fries"

"Robson Fries" located 1 minute on by walk from Shimokitazawa station North Exit​ ​
A sign called "potato" is a landmark!

What a honest message, "I will keep you waiting!"
It seems that it takes a little time because it sticks to fried fish!

The interior of the store is also stylish , and it seems that not only potatoes but also side menus have become available as popular comes out ♪

The signboard menu"Putin" is a food originated in Canada
It is Canadian style to eat with cheese and gravy sauce from the top of fried fried potatoes and forkIt is said to be!
PhotoPlain (regular 420 yen)

The most popular sausage here (regular 570 yen)
It seems to be popular with young and old fun!

Shimokitazawa date this plan is recommended!
【 recommended literary couple 】 Enjoy theater / reading in Shimokitazawa relaxing date plan !

Robson Fries
Place: 2-31-5 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Access: 137m from Shimokitazawa station
営業時間:12:00〜21:00 日曜営業

4. Find your favorite french fries! Hiroo's "AND THE FRIET"

Hiroo's shopping districtFrench fries specialty store in"AND THE FRIET"​ ​

You can choose from six types of cuts, such as potatoes in Belgium and six varieties of potatoes selected carefully during the season from all over Japan, according to the characteristics of the potato and other 12 types of your favorite dip You can choose it.

It is also a feature that you can choose what you like by not only the type of potato but also the cutting method ♪

If there is only this kind, you will find your favorite one!
Please do try it variously and try ♪

And The Frit - Hiroo
Location: 5-16-1 Hiroo Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Kitamura 60-room 1F
Access: 251 m from Hiroo station
営業時間:11:00 - 21:00 (2016年4月28日迄 土日祝10:00-20:00) ランチ営業、日曜営業