If you want to eat oysters as much as you want, go here! "Kaki hut" in Koenji

If you eat oysters in Koenji, here,Kaki hut
It is as the name is ^ ^
This is a restaurant with all you can eat oysters!

The price isdaytime 100 minutes 3380 yen, night 120 minutes 3580 yenAnd oyster all you can eat at a very reasonable price!
Steam the oysters carefully in this ^ ^

Because you can eat not only oysters but also shrimp and other seafood, great fulfilling content ♪
Because it is a baked oyster, there is nothing to war! Lol

My body is irresistible! !
Another attraction here isSeasoning bringing in freedomWhat is it!
Examine the seasoning suitable for oysters, lemon juice, grated ponzu, mayonnaise etc ...
Since salt and soy sauce and sauce are placed in the shop, it is good to research seasonings that match oysters in advance ^ ^ ♪
If you would like to know more about this shop, click here ⇨http://play-life.jp/plans/8315

Kaki Hut Koenji
Place: 4-28-6 Koenji Minami, Suginami Ward, Tokyo
アクセス:JR中央線 高円寺駅 徒歩1分 地下鉄丸ノ内線 新高円寺駅 徒歩5分 地下鉄丸ノ内線 東高円寺駅 徒歩8分 高円寺駅から121m
営業時間:[平日]16:00〜23:30 [土・休日]12:00〜23:00 12/31〜1/2お休み頂きます 夜10時以降入店可、日曜営業

Japanese food oyster bar ___ ___ ___ 0

Eat Log Rating 3.5 Japanese Oyster BarWhen oyster entersis!
Access is also good 5 min by walk from Naka-Meguro station ^ ^
Eating log Even while evaluating highly, there are times when you can stay without reservation!

Japanese menu other than oyster is also substantial.
There are also sake and wines that match oysters, so you can taste oysters while drinking. ♪

You can taste other oyster dishes ^ ^ ♪
The shop can be calm in the atmosphere like a restaurant!

Both raw, grilled and steamed are delicious!
recommended for dating at night Stores are still ^ ^

品川牡蠣入レ時は下の赤いボタンからReservationI can do it.
Shinagawa oyster entry time
場所:東京都港区港南2-2-2 新富士ビル9F
アクセス:品川駅の港南口より徒歩2分 品川駅から332m
営業時間:17:00〜23:30(23:00L.O.) 夜10時以降入店可、日曜営業

stylish Dating relaxing in the oyster bar! Roppongi's "Ostrea"

Oyster bar located 1 minute on by walk from Roppongi Subway stationOstreais!
There was a Christmas tree decorated in front of the shop ^ ^
It seems like a shop that has been introduce on television, it is a very nice shop ♪

Atmosphere that settled when entering the shop. Pictures drawn on the wall are lovely!
The clerk was very nice ^ ^
Because one seat is wide, you can relax and eat!

There is a carefully selected rose wine suitable for oysters.
It is easy to drink with lightly fluffy wine with your mouth ^ ^ ♪

A lot of oyster's sticking dishes!
This isOyster Rockefeller. It is a dish which baked oysters to gratinize!
There is no way it can not be delicious!

Oyster ahyejo is extraordinarily stubborn when the dishes came, and it is delicious again when you put it on the bucket!
I'd like to ask you if you come here!

The carbonara with oysters in the main!
Pasta is entangled with rich sauce, oysters and crispy bacon are very tasty ^ ^ ♪
If you would like to know more about this shop, click here ⇨http://play-life.jp/plans/11318

Ostrea Roppongi store
Location: 1F, Uni Roppongi Building, 7-15-17 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
アクセス:地下鉄日比谷線六本木駅 2番出口 徒歩1分 都営大江戸線六本木駅 4b番出口 徒歩1分 六本木駅から152m
営業時間:【ランチ】月〜金 11:30〜14:30(L.O.14:00) 【ディナータイム】 月〜金17:00〜23:30(L.O.22:30) 土16:00〜23:30(L.O.22:30) 日・祝16:00〜23:00(L.O.22:00) 24時間WEB予約はこちらから↓ https://www.tablecheck.jp/shops/ostrea-roppongi/reserve ランチ営業、夜10時以降入店可、日曜営業

I want to go for lunch! buffet style oyster bar! Shibuya's "Jackpot"

Oyster bar on the 8th floor of ParcoJackpot
We have lunch buffet ♡ Oyster fried and oyster gratin are all you can eat!
Oyster flies are exclusive on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays!

We deal with many oysters! There are so many types of oysters!
Oysters offered by shops seem to be different oysters by season ☆

It is stylishly decorated! All-you-can-eat oyster dish at lunch buffet oyster fried!
Very attractive ♪

Oyster fried, oyster gratinEverything is delicious ^ ^
Because it is a popular shop at lunch, I want to go when I have plenty of time to go!

【business hours】
Lunch from 11: 00 to 15: 00 (LO 14: 00)
Dinner from 17: 30 to 23: 00
[Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays]
Lunch from 11: 00 to 15: 00 (LO 14: 00)
Dinner from 15: 00 ~ 23: 00
7 minutes on by walk from Shibuya station
【Average budget】
[ night ] ¥ 5,000 to ¥ 5,999 [ daytime ] ¥ 1,000 to ¥ 1,999
【eating log】