This season is conscious of the end of the year.
Who are you going to go to for the first time and the New Year?

If that is the case, take the plunge and have various feelings in your chestKansai power spotWould you like to visit us?

Kansaipopular shrineYaTempleCarefully selected for eachProfitAlso summarized.

introduce Hatsumode spots by area, Kyoto, Nara, Shiga, Osaka, Hyogo, Wakayama, and Mie.

By all means reference please try to.

First visit to Kyoto

1. Kifune Shrine


Located in KyotoKibune shrineIs a shrine that enshrines the god responsible for water supply.

The total headquarters of Kibune Shrine, which has about 450 companies nationwide.

KifuneIs also written,spiritHas been worshiped as power spot.

From the legend that the Heian era singer Izumi Shikibu attended and fulfilled a prayer for reunion with her husband,marriageAlso known as the God of

When you put it in the water, the letters will appearWater fortune-telling(200円)が「本当によく当たる」と多くの観光客に人気です。

A little awayOkumiyaWalk to worship.

Emperor Jimmu ’s mother, Hime TamayoriYellow shipIt is said that the origin of Kifune Shrine is that it landed on this land on the ground and wore a water god in the shore.

The legend of such a yellow shipShip shape stoneIs next to the shrine.

marriageIf you benefit, go to Kifune Shrine!

Kibune shrine
Place: Kurami-ku Kyoto-shi Sakyo Ward Kurama-ga-Okubo-machi 180
Access: Approximately 25 minutes on by walk from Kibitsuguchi station [exit]

2. Nomiya Shrine


Located in the Arashiyama area of KyotoNomiya ShrineIsGood relationshipChild treasureLearningIt is a shrine that enshrines the Nogami god, Nomiya Daijin (Emperor Amaterasu).

Famous in ArashiyamaBamboo RoadBeyond is Nomiya Shrine.

Please try it through the bamboo forest.

京都ならではの風情You can feel the

Of Nomiya ShrineKuroki ToriiIs made from kunugi to leave the skin, and is said to be the oldest architectural style in Japan.

It is on the premisesTurtleIt is said that if you pray while praying, it will come true within a year, and it is a popular shrine that many people visit for that purpose.

The Tale of GenjiWise tree rollIt is a venerable old shrine full of romance that became a model of the scene.

In the precinctGood marriageGoing on to schoolNomiya Daikokuten,ChildbirthProsperous businessShirafuku Inari Daimyojin andFortunePerforming artsShiramine Benzaiten, which has the benefit of

Good marriageGoing on to schoolChildbirthProsperous businessFortunePerforming artsTo Nomiya Shrine if it is profitable!

各種のご祈祷はBy appointment onlyなので、前日17時までにメールで予約しましょう。

Nomiya Shrine
Place: Sagano-cho Miyomiya cho Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto
Access: Approximately 6 minutes on by walk from Trocco Arashiyama station [exit]

3. Yasaka Shrine


Settled at the eastern starting point of Shijo-dori, the main street in the city of KyotoYasaka Shrine

As common name“Mr. Gion”It is called and is popular in Kyoto.

One of the three biggest festivals in Japan,Gion festivalIs also famous on the stage.

The main shrine with a splendid thatched roofImportant cultural propertyIt is specified.

Saying the life of SusanoHome safetymarriageSuccessful wishIllness healingCommercial businessBreath of luckDisaster prevention safety(Relocation, moving in, traveling, transportation, groundbreaking) is said to be beneficial.

Furthermore, the Umishima Shrine in the precincts enshrines the goddessBeautiful woman prayingIt's a shrine.

A shrine where Gion Maiko attendsis!

To clean waterBeauty waterIt is written ♡

Please try it on your skin.
May you be beautiful in your body and mind ...

Beautiful woman prayingWhenHome safetymarriageSuccessful wishIllness healingCommercial businessBreath of luckDisaster prevention safetyTo Yasaka Shrine

We also recommend stalls with eaves in the precincts ♪

Yasaka Shrine
Place: Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto-shi Higashiyama Ward Gion Town North 625
アクセス:祇園四条駅から徒歩約5分 京都駅からバスで祇園下車すぐ

4. Fushimi-Inari Taisha


Inari-san ’s main shrine is said to have 30,000 companies nationwide.Fushimi-Inari Taisha

It is said that the most worshipers visit the shrines and temples in the Kinki region.


Vermilion torii gates continueSenbon ToriiIs outstanding on Instagrammable.

It is a popular holy place that represents photogenic Kyoto from every angle.

Prosperous businessRich harvestInari, the god ofEasy deliveryHealing HealingAcademic achievementThere are also benefits such as.


Fushimi-Inari Taisha
Place: 68 Kyoto Fukusami-ku, Kyoto-shi, Fukusaku-kuniuchiuchi cho
Access: About 3 minutes on by walk from Inari station

5. Shimogamo Shrine (Kamo Goso Shrine)


The sacred god of the Emperor is enshrined,marriageIt is said that there are benefits.

The main hall, west hall, and east hallNational treasure, Many congratulatory shopsImportant cultural propertyIt is specified.

The precincts where there are many profitsHistorical siteIt is specified.

Shimogamo Shrine is a precious forest and heritage that remains in the city,Rest areaHas become.

It is in the precinct of Shimogamo ShrineKawai ShrineIs known as a shrine with many benefits for women.

I'm worshiping the female guardian Tamayi Hime (Tame Yorihime).
Tamayori life is a womanI want to be beautifulWishes,Easy deliveryChildcaremarriageIt is known as a god who fulfills the wishes that women strongly desire.
HereBeautiful prayerI can do it.

While taking a leisurely walkBeautiful prayerYamarriageTo Shimogamo Shrine (Kamo Goso Shrine)!

Shimogamo Shrine (Kamo Oga Shrine)
Place: Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto-shi Sakyo-ku Shimogamizumigawa cho 59
Access: Approximately 12 minutes on by walk from Demachiyanagi station [6]

Kiyomizu Temple

A temple said to have the most worshipers in Kyoto

I imagine a shrine to be the first shrine, but of course temples are also popular.

Kiyomizu TempleOne Kanji character that reflects the social situation of the yearThis temple is also famous for writing on large Japanese paper by the priest of Kiyomizu-dera on December 12th, the day of Kanji.
What characters will be chosen this year ...

In a 1200 year old templeNational treasureWhenImportant cultural propertyThere are more than 30 monuments and monuments including


Kiyomizu TempleThe approach to the approachOne of the fun of worship.

In the shops that link the eaves, gourmets such as dumplings, Yatsuhashi, soba, and souvenir shops line up.

ExactlyKyotoEnjoy that atmosphere, scenery and gourmet food.

Place: 216 Mayo Hachiman-cho, Kita Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
Access: About 10 minutes on by walk from Gion Shijo station by bus

7. Heian Shrine


In 1895 (Meiji 28), this shrine was built with Emperor Kanmu as the god of ceremonies in honor of Emperor Kanmu's 1100th anniversary of the transition to Heian.

The interestmarriageGood luck charmProsperous businessMiserableAcademic achievementIt is famous as a god.

Please stop by all means.

It is open from the night December 31, so you can worship at the same time as the New Year.Opening time and closing time are different depending on the day

Please confirm details in advance on the homepage.

There is a parking lot, but we recommended using public transportation because New Year's Day is very crowded.
Click here for Heian Shrine website

Heian Jingu
Location: Okazaki Nishiteno-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Access: Approximately 10 minutes on by walk from Higashiyama (Kyoto) station [1]

8. Kitano Tenmangu


LearningThe headquarters of Tenmangu Shrine and TenjinshaKitano Tenmangu

It is the birthplace of the Tenjin faith and is also known as “Kitano Tenjin-san” and “Kitano-san”.

National treasureThe main shrine and worship hall is a shrine that represents Momoyama culture.

There is a remnant of the Odoi in the precincts,Historical siteIt is specified.

The interestAcademic achievementSo many students are visiting for the visit.

In TenmanguCow is the angel's angelCattle are enshrined around the precincts.
It is said that stroking a cow's head and stroking one's head will improve his / her head, and those with poor physical condition will be better if he / she alternates between the bad part of his / her body and the same part of the cow.

After worshiping, boil the head of the cowBull beef faithPlease try it.

Kitano Tenman-gu (Tenjin)
Place: Kitano Bakucho-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
Access: About 10 minutes on by walk from Kitano Shiramomecho station [exit]

Nara Prefecture's first spot

9. Horyuji Temple


Speaking of NaraHoryuji temple

National treasureNo Horyuji Temple conveys the appearance of the Asuka period to the presentThe world's oldest wooden buildingIt is said that many architects from around the world have visited.

Emperor Kimime vowed to build a temple and a statue of Buddha by praying for the healing of his illness, but it has been told that it was destroyed without realizing its realization.

The interestIllness healingSuch.

Registered for the first time in the world cultural heritage list in JapanIt is a popular sightseeing spot as a treasure trove of worldwide Buddhist culture.

Horyuji temple
Place: 1-1, Nagori-cho, Ikubatocho Horyuji-san, Nara Prefecture
アクセス:法隆寺駅[北口]から徒歩約21分 法隆寺駅からバスで法隆寺門前下車後、南大門まで徒歩約1分

10. spring Nihon University, Inc.


There are about 1000 companies in the country spring is crowded with many people There is only the Headquarters of the date Shrinespring Nihon University, Inc.

The interestGood luck charmMarried couplemarriage​ ​

AlsoWishing people happiness建てられたというルーツの素晴らしい神社です。

Because it is the only country in the country that speaks to the couple's great country,Married couplemarriageThe people who visit as the god of forever will not stop.

Don't forget the popular charm!

spring Nihon University, Inc.
Location: Nara, Nara Prefecture spring Hino 160
アクセス:近鉄奈良駅[1]から徒歩約20分 JR大和路線・近鉄奈良線「奈良駅」から奈良交通バス(春日大社本殿行)約11~15分、 「春日大社本殿」下車すぐ または 奈良交通バス(市内循環外回り)約9~13分「春日大社表参道」下車、徒歩約10分

Shiga Prefecture's first spot

11. Hogonji Temple


Settled on Chikubushima, an island in the northern part of Lake Biwa in Shiga PrefectureHogonji Temple

There is one port on the south side of the island where regular ships depart and arrive.

Lake Biwa National Park Special Preservation AreaAndNational scenic spotandHistorical siteIt is specified,Lake BiwaIt is also famous.

Surrounded by trees, a very mysterious space spreads out.

We are in the main hall of HogonjiGreat dialectOf Enoshima in KanagawaEsashima Shrine・ HiroshimaItsukushima shrineLine up withJapan's three BenzaitenIt is famous as Benten who is full of power.

Benzaiten was originally HinduSaraswatiThe god that was incorporated into Buddhism and is praised as a music god, Fukutoku god, academy god, and victory god.
The interestProsperous businessPrayer fulfillmentFulfillment of loveGood luckTraffic safetySuch.

In the place of worship there is a dragon god worship place in the place facing Lake Biwa.

Continuing to the main hallImportant cultural propertyThe boat corridor, Kannon-do, in the backNational treasureThe Karamon Gate and its highlights continue.


Here, write a wish on the pottery and throw it to the Miyazaki Torii sticking out to the surface of the lake.Earthenware throwIt is famous.

It is a power spot that is said to fulfill the wishes written on the pottery when the thrown pottery passes through the torii gate.

Place: Takeojima, Hayazakicho, Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture