Where should I go to Asakusa Dating?

This time in Asakusa date recommended The spot of introduce To do!

morning From night If you check this feature, you will definitely enjoy it!

Is Asakusa dating determined at lunch?

Do you want to check the lunch spots before checking the spots?

sightseeing so popular It is an area of recommended To do!

Check out delicious lunches in advance!


From the beginning of the date from here! 3 recommended date spots surrounding Asakusa ◎

1. Fantastic space is perfect for dating 【Sumida Aquarium】

First I would like to recommended [Sumida Aquarium].

Because it is near the station and sola statue, let's make it a ticket collection or a shop / cafe group somewhere in Solamachi!

couple from family large to popular is the spot.
Although the value of entrance fee is slightly stretched, it is a spot where you can enjoy it very much, with the aquarium concept making a story well, there are experience programs as well ♪

The space is so large that it is attractive to have places where you can sit and relax.

Let's have a relaxing time with two people in a nice space!

You can see the penguins in the big aquarium in the middle of the floor.
I am illuminated by purple light, which is producing a very wonderful mood.

By the way, the Sumida Aquarium is the first Aquarium in the Kanto region to be a complete artificial seawater aquarium.

Sumida Aquarium is from the red button belowReservationI can do it.
Sumida Aquarium
Location: 1-1-2-2, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Tokyo Solamachi 5F
Access: 132 m from Sky Tree station
Opening hours: 9:00 to 21:00 on Sunday

2. retro atmosphere is unbearable! The oldest amusement park 【Hanasiki】

recommended for couple who like retro things, a bit strange things are here!
It is the oldest amusement park in Japan, old asakusa, "Hanasaki".

entrance fee is for adults 900 yen, free pass is 2200 yen.
There are lots of people in the park, so it's been a big success not to be able to fit inside the small garden.

There are times when we wait for attractions as well as Disney.

It is a roller coaster.It is the oldest in Japan and it has been in 1953.
There is not much thrill, but it makes me feel refreshed.

Asakusa Hanayashiki
Place: 28-1 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Access: Approximately three minutes on by walk from Asakusa (TX) station [A1-1]
Opening Hours: 10: 00 ~ 18: 00 (Hours vary depending on the season and the weather)

3. Cruising at the Asakusa water bus stop

I purchase a ticket at the Asakusa water bus stop and got on board the ship!
Tickets are also from the netReservationI can do it.

There are ten kinds of water bus, but recommended is [Hotaruna] the 2nd generation produced by Zenzo Matsumoto.
In the seatbelt [Yasumaru], Kabuki is seen and events are held.

Proceed the Sumidagawa towards Tokyo Bay. I will go through many bridges.
Looking up at the bridge is also quite fun with its power.

Finally going down is Katsuki Bridge.
When crossing there, there is an announcement that "You may go up to the deck".

As for why we recommended [Hotaruna] in the past, this ship has ** deck and can go out.

** Riho Matsumoto The first produced by [Himiko] is cool but the design can not go out.
Please feel the wind with Deck of [Hotarana] by all means. It is about a 60-minute cruise.

<To Hinode pier> [Adult] ¥ 1080
<To Odaiba> [Adult] 1560 yen

If it is Asakusa this is also recommended ◎

Sensoji Temple meet-up Well enough!

meet-up Hao daytime around.

It is apt to do with Asakusa date"Kaminarimon gathering!"Although it said, "Pattern that I do not know whether there are too many people in the doctor".

In order to avoid such a situation,Kaori gate and Asakusa Temple dare to dare to the first spot of the date!I will introduce recommended date spots that will not make it "where you are - cry".

Finally it comes! Speaking of Asakusa here! 【Asakusaji】

4. When speaking of Asakusa it will be reminiscent of the first! Asakusa

Here's what's going on! It is a bad toast on the 1st spot 【Sensoji temple】.

It is a spot that everyone will remember at the first listening to Asakusa ♪ ♪

In addition, 1 reason to not go to the spot first is meet-up not only because hardly is,
Your daytime around the crowded people, and since it crowded also close to the shops very much.
All daytime Let's shift a little time from the time ♪

Continue straight through Kaminarimon and go straight, Sensoji Temple. Even on weekdays sightseeing crowded with tourists.

Asakusa come to anyway if kimono sightseeing Let's!

night is running fast. The atmosphere is also nice being lighted up ◎
However, please note that Asakusa Temple and nearby shops close at 17:00 to 18:00 because the closing time is about to be early!

Sensoji temple
Location: 3-1 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Access: Approximately 4 minutes on by walk from Asakusa station [6]

This is the Asakusa sightseeing spot ...!