A united gathering like that time was born, a farewell reception party at an elementary school pub

Suddenly issued, unannounced test! If you take full marks you will receive a reward.
A blackboard in a textbook, nostalgic. There is also a blackboard so I can do graffiti in the event thing.

Shibuya, Kanda et al, Osaka, Fukuoka, Kyoto also have stores, single room pizza 6 years 4 pairs. Fried bread and soft noodle meat sauce etc, there are lots of men that seems to be exciting just by asking. All-you-can-drink with a price of 3500 yen is also affordable. How about deepening your bonds while feeling nostalgia at a school pub in most talked that is featured in the media?

If you are seeking stimulation, a welcome gathering at a prison hospital restaurant

It is scary, it is scary !!
End, Doki Doki Halahara Alcatraz, There are only rumors in the street

This excitement is awesome at the first drink

Prison hospital restaurant in the Dogenzaka of Shibuya · Alcatraz ER. Here is also a most talked spot in each media. There are many docky elements as clerk erotic or suddenly invaders, so it is suitable for a meeting with a certain degree of conscience.

If you go get anything delicious! most talked Brazilian BBQ all you can eat

Of meat just and thinks and vegetables buffet is also extraordinary has been enhanced to!
Appetizers & salads are buffet style! The variety is quite plentiful !!! If you skip by the buffet , be careful as meat will not enter after this!
They are carried to the seats one by one and the chef cuts in front of you.
I eat a lot of meat and vegetables and it is 4500 yen in all. The drink is another order, but honest meat is too tasty to forget to drink!

You can enjoy Brazilian-style barbecue dishes and a variety of salad bars at the Barbaccoa Grill in Aoyama, Marunouchi, and Osaka's Shinsaibashi. From a group of small a large number of people in a space where you can enjoy in the multi-purpose to party, you want Talking calmly but beat the smack to the delicious cuisine.