illumination Kansai Ichi, Luminarie

Speaking of the most famous illumination Kansai,Luminarieit might be?
illumination fantasy takes pride in what you see ♪
This is seen in a stylish city,Kobe

near station spider beautiful illumination have been.
Luminarie to the venue, Motomachi near station does not go only from the private entrance of the rather.
If you are using JR, let's get off at JR Motomachi station .

This is the No.1 illumination Kansai, Luminarie!
Decorate streets and plazas with illumination composed of distinctive geometric patterns, and extraordinary space is spreading ^ ^

Detailed design like baroque architecture makes it looks beautiful light object.
A sight as if he came to a dreamland!

illumination of the Kansai number one is not Date!
The period is short so it will finish soon, but now it's only now!
For those who want to know more about this plan ⇨

【Lighting period】
December 4 - December 13
【Lighting time】
Monday - Thursday around 18:00 - 21: 30
Friday around 18:00 to 22:00
土曜日 17:00頃 ~ 22:00
日曜日 17:00頃 ~ 21:30
15 minutes on by walk from JR Sannomiya station

A mysterious zoo that can only be seen here, Apeno, Tennoji Il Mineage

Osakaillumination is also recommended for couple ,Apeno, Tennoji Il Mineage
To be held at Tennoji Zoo and celebrate its centenary this year, the illumination is also upgraded!
As soon as you enter the road of light shining orange.
Looking closely at this illumination , it is all lantern pattern!

Various kinds of animals such as zebra, giraffe, flamingo light up ♪
Zoo × illuminationHow hard it is! !
It is a spot that will never fail!

It is very beautiful because illumination is done all over the tree as well as animals ♪

As it is a zoo, it is basically an animal's illumination ,
There is also the illumination "Sanada Yukimura and Sanada Tsuyoshi" who raised their names at Osaka's team!
illumination is like no other, it is a masterpiece ...!

Here is the illumination of the battle ship of Sanada Yukimura.
Chileyama with Tennoji Park where this illumination is held
The Edo shogunate is an important stage of the Osaka team who destroyed the Toyotomi and it is a popular of warlords who is famous for Yukimura Sanada!
A person who likes history also is a must see illumination ♪
For more information on Apeno · Tennoji Il Mineage click here ⇨

Tennoji Zoo
Location: 1-108 Charentaceyama Tennoji Tennoji Ward, Osaka-shi Osaka
アクセス:恵美須町駅[2]から徒歩約8分 【大阪シティバス】 動物園(新世界ゲート) 「地下鉄動物園前」停留所より約10分 「天王寺公園前」停留所より約5分   〔動物園(てんしばゲート)〕 「あべの橋」停留所より約5分
Opening hours: 9:30 am - 5 pm (Admission is until 4 pm) ※ For Saturdays, Sundays and holidays in September and September it is until 6 pm (Admission is until 5 pm)

illumination where the world's largest Christmas tree can be seen, Umeda Sky Building

Osaka · Umeda8 minutes on by walk from the stationUmeda Sky Building
illumination Coco is very beautiful!
It is No. 2 in Osaka's popular Ilmi spot ranking.
It seems that it ranked 15th in the ranking of the whole country ♪

illumination with an angel as a motif.
Something is mysterious and romantic atmosphere!
Below that is like a stall, various items such as miscellaneous goods, drinks, foods etc. are sold ♪

I bought warm drinks and food,
It might be nice to see the ilmi while eating while walking . ◎
When it is cold, let's warm it up with this warm food hood ^ ^

There is a merry-go-round here ♪
It's wooden and has a history of 115 years ...!
standard attraction, but there is atmosphere and something is nice.
Illumi looking while getting on a merry-go-round is also good!

Over 27 meters illumination by 100,000 ballsThe world's largest Christmas tree
The design concept of the tree of this year is "Classical Night"
It is the birthplace of the tree, decorated with a German tree as a motif, directing the German Christmas scene throughout the venue ♪

Umeda Sky Building
Place: Osaka prefecture Osaka city Kita-ku Ozodanaka 1-1-88
Access: About 7 minutes on by walk from the Nakatsu (Osaka-fu Hankyu Line) station [Exit 1]

You can see collaboration between aquarium and illumination , Osaka Aquarium

It is the top class aquarium in Japan, celebrating its 25th anniversary this yearOsakaThen.
Approximately 1.3 million spheres of electric bulletin, the largest in the past, are used ^ ^ ♪
LocationOsakaIt is in.
This is the illumination spreading all over the entrance! Anyhow big and beautiful!
It is beautiful to see with a distant view, but it is fun to find various sea creatures nearby!

This is the entrance arch!
There are various fish here too cute ♪
The color changes every hour and you can taste a lot of atmosphere!

illumination spreading from time to time! Lots of penguins / seals etc!
Just watching makes you feel happy ^ ^
It's as if you are in the ocean!

illumination that imaged the sea can taste extraordinary space!
"Shining jinbei shark" in the center of the oceanfront of the light in front of the Osaka prefectural hall is a masterpiece ♪

Ferris wheel which can be seen from the exit at the end.
It's romantic till the end ♪ I can also see nearby so you can taste more atmosphere!

Place: Osaka, Osaka, Minato-ku, Kaigan-dori 1-1-10
アクセス:大阪港駅[1]から徒歩約7分 大阪シティバス「天保山ハーバービレッジ」下車すぐ 南海バス「海遊館(天保山)」下車すぐ 関西国際空港発 リムジンバス「天保山(海遊館)」下車すぐ
Opening hours: 10: 00-20: 00 (Admission is closed until 1 hour before closing) * Changed according to the season