[Takadanobaba] It's not cold as it's interior !

Bowling can also be enjoyed together, 1000 yen after 17 o'clock!

I want to join hands with this cute girlfriend with skating rink.
If skating is her first time, her hands will connect to teach nature!
Let's appeal with a cool sliding figure.
This skating rink is interior , so it is recommended for those who are not particularly good at cold!

The price is uniformly 1340 yen and reasonable ♡
It is a nice affordable price for a cash-on- couple and a student couple .
Since it becomes 1,000 yen after 17 o'clock, it is recommended for work end etc.
Furthermore, because "Citizen Plaza" here is a skating rink on the first floor, the second floor is a bowling alley, you can enjoy skating and bowling easily in a day. It is a recommended spot for stress divergence and elimination of exercise!

Citizen Plaza
【business hours】
(Monday - Saturday) 12: 00 ~ 19: 45
(Sun · Holiday) 2: 00 ~ 18: 30
1340 yen
1000 yen (after 17 o'clock ~)

[Push-pushing] I can skate while looking up the sky tree!

Light-up full of powerful ♡

It is only here that you can skate while looking up the sky tree!
Because you can enjoy light up at night you will definitely be in a romantic atmosphere ♡

In addition, there are also sales of food & drink that warms you can enjoy while wearing skate shoes so even those who are not good at cold are safe.
Further school discounts and ladies' day were also available in FY 2015, so please check the latest information of this year too! !
Please also look at the Sky Tree's recommended Christmas date plan ♡
plan → 【【http://play-life.jp/plans/5588

Ice skating rink in Tokyo Sky Tree Town
Monday, January 4, 2016 - March 6, 2016 (Sunday)
【business hours】
Weekdays ... 11: 00 ~ 20: 00
Holiday: 11: 00 ~ 21: 00 ※ Last entry is until 20:30
(Including runway + lending shoes)
High school student and more ... 1500 yen
Medium student following ... 800 yen
☆ Information for 2015
※ Gloves must be worn
☆ Up to 1000 parking spaces

[Akasaka] illumination can also be enjoyed together, the night break is 1200 yen!

recommended Christmas date ♡

The location is Akasaka Sacas, Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Akasaka connected to the station so access is also convenient! !
There are lockers that can put in shoes and luggage, so you can enjoy skating easily. Also, gloves are essential, so let's bring it! !

* The picture is for fiscal year 205.
plan → 【【http://play-life.jp/plans/5901
Information for 2016!
"Akasaka Sacrifice sound x Terrace" that will be the third time this year.
With the theme of "the possibility of expression of light ( illumination )", we adopted LED vertical tube which can express about 16.7 million colors of light, directing a variety of fantastic space. You can enjoy the beautiful space with "Art Flag" like flowers arranged on the ground and " illumination sky" shining like an aurora when looking up at the sky.
Every 30 minutes from 17: 00 ~ there is a production that is tailored to music ♡
(1 time about 15 minutes, last 21: 00 ~)
【Date and time】
November 5, 2015 (Thursday) - February 25, 2016 (Thursday (scheduled)
Akasaka Biz Tower 1F Naka Dori

White Sacas
Saturday, November 28, 2015 - February 14, 2016 (Sun)
☆ General ticket
Adult 1200 yen
Children (small student or less) 600 yen
Shoes 500 yen Gloves 300 yen
☆ Knight club (Admission after 19:00 on weekdays)
Adult 1200 yen
Child 600 yen
Shoes for free! ! ! ! Gloves 300 yen
【business hours】
Weekdays ... 12: 00 ~ 21: 00
Holiday: 11: 00 ~ 21: 00
(Please be sure to check it because it depends on the period!)