Let's sightseeing of the charming town of Ueno!

Yamanote line, Joban line and so on go throughJR Ueno stationDepart from!
I will survey sightseeing spots in the city of Ueno.

You can meet animals that inhabited the earth!

National Science Museum

If you like animals, you really want to goNational Science Museum

At the entrance there is a model of the largest creature blue whale on Earth. It is impressive!

There are models that imagined the actual size of the dinosaurs!

On the third floor, stuffed animals are displayed.
It seems that we are making the dead animals while cooperating with the zoo and others.
~ Ueno night view Dating spot walking plan 【From the cafe in Ueno Park to the shrine to the museum】 ♪ ~

National Science Museum
Location: Ueno Park 7-20, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Access: Approximately 5 minutes on by walk from Ueno station [JR Park entrance]
Opening hours: usually from 9:00 to 17:00, Friday and Saturday from 9:00 to 20:00

Ueno's landmark! I can meet over 400 kinds of animals!

Ueno Zoo

Large in Tokyo popular of the zooUeno Zoo​ ​

Pictures of animals are shown on each ticket.
I am looking forward to which animal will be the picture! entrance fee is 600 yen.

Let's meet the popular Ueno Zoo at Panda too!
It looks like she is eating bamboo cute!
~ 【The famous panda plate in Ueno】 Lunch at the Seiyuken Cafe Lan Lan Dore! Tokyo National Museum Course ~

Tokyo Town Imperial Ueno Zoo
Place: Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo 9-83
アクセス:JR上野駅(公園口)から徒歩5分 京成電鉄上野駅(正面口)から徒歩10分 東京メトロ銀座線・日比谷線上野駅(7番出口)から徒歩12分 都営地下鉄大江戸線上野御徒町駅(A5出口)から徒歩15分 バス:都営バス「上野公園」下車(徒歩約5分)
Business hours: 9: 30 ~ 17: 00 (Admission and admission ticket sale is until 16:00) However, depending on the animals, you may enter the bed lodges around 16:30 and may not be seen.

Japanese old-fashioned shopping street!

Ameya Yokotech

This name was attached because I was selling candy and selling American goodsAmeya Yokotech

Sweets and ingredients are on sale.
New Year 's crowded with many people.

Ameya Alley wholesale street (Ameyoko)
Location: Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Access: Approximately 0 minutes on by walk from Okachimachi station [North Exit]