Boldering date for sweating together by two people ♪

Rocky Bouldering Club Shinagawa

I want to move my body together for men who are athletic associations!
I recommended you at that timeBouldering
Rocky Bouldering Club in Shinagawa is recommended ^ ^

most talked Bouldering is a spot that can be enjoyed easily!
beginners are safe!
Since colors and marks are attached by difficulty level, try trying something difficult from time to time, step by step ♪

It will gradually climb using not only the force but also the head!
recommended spots that you can enjoy with two people ♪
His figure sweating surely is pretty cool by 30%! Lol
Here is the plan detailing the date in Shinagawa ⇨

Rocky Bouldering Club Shinagawa
【business hours】
10: 00 - 23: 00
5 minutes by bus from Shinagawa station + 0 minutes on by walk (Buses operate at 5 minute intervals)
A 12-minute by walk from Tennozu Isle station

If you like outdoor climbs with two people!

Takao Mountain

That's why I recommended it with boys and girlsTakao Mountain
The mountaineering dating is a standard outdoor, but mountains are also quite harsh mountains ...
Among them, Mt. Takao is a mountain that can be enjoyed with ease and recommended for climbing beginners !

There are seven climbing routes of Mt. Takao!
I tend to hesitate, "Which mountaineering route should I ...". Generally it is No. 1 road, but the recommended is "No. 6 Road"! A route along a climbing mountain road not paved, a way is made along Suzawa! ^ ^

I also recommended it to beginners , but mountain climbing is tough!
However, it is sure that the distance between two people shrinks when two people overcome it ♪
Boys who firmly lead are cool too!

Beautiful scenery spreads to the top of the mountain!
Also, beer garden is being held during the summer ! While looking at the superb view view, toast a tiring beach and a toast! extraordinary !
Let's go downstairs after resting slowly ^ ^

The distance of two people should be close at a ghost house ♪

Daiba Mysterious School

Located in Odaiba's Dex Tokyo BeachDaiba Mysterious School
I'm already afraid of the atmosphere and I hear a lot of screams and sounds from inside LOL
A popular haunted house where many entertainers and experienced people are experiencing!
A very popular dating spot!

It is a small haunted house really good. . .
I was scared of this doll and I was surprised!

Before entering, what kind of setting is explained will be passed on.
The aim is to offer the bill called human grass to the dust.
I have to overcome many ghosts and tricks with one light passed so far ^ ^;

It is scary that I really want to run and run away!
While inside it can turn around in about 5 minutes, I think that it is a "hospitable house" of "good in cost performance " that I can enjoy very much ^ ^
A haunted house dating where the distance between them surely shrinks, I recommended it!
Just in the athletic meet, please be careful as some people are not good at ghost residences! !

Daiba Mysterious School
【business hours】
11: 00 ~ 21: 00 (last entry is 20: 45)
5 minutes on by walk from Rinkai Line "Tokyo Teleport" station
800 yen

An interior swimming pool that you can enjoy even in winter if you want to see cool bodies of men!

Ryu Miyagi Hotel Crescent Moon

Hot spring, spa is substantialHotel Mitsuki Ryugu Miyagi
There is also pool area and it is very wide ^ ^
There is flowing pool and bubble bath, too and it is very luxurious interior facilities!

There is a big slider in the interior and you can enjoy it altogether ♪
What a pool date I thought could only be done in summer can be done in winter What a wonderful !

Lasers & illumination shows are also taking place! illumination laser and light are so beautiful according to cheerful music ^ ^ ♪
It is an illumination show about 5 to 10 minutes, but you can enjoy it enough!

If you enjoy the pool and go out, illumination !
It is very romantic ^ ^ ♪
Collaboration of water, light and sea is too beautiful!
In addition, it is attractive that the price of 1300 yen including all in the hot springs for illumination on the pool!
Here is the plan detailing the date for this hotel crescent moon ⇨

Ryugu castle hotel crescent moon