Aquapark What is Shinagawa like?

Shinagawa station to by walk 2 minutes awayShinagawa Prince HotelInAquapark Shinagawa
The concept is said to be "an intuitive theme park where sounds, lights, images and creatures collaborated with unprecedented entertainment gathered"!
It is being done for a exclusive time nowSnow aquarium by naked (SNOW AQUARIUM by NAKED)It is a most talked as an event that wants to go on a date this winter!

Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa is from the red button belowReservationI can do it.
Maxell Aquapark Shinagawa
Location: 4-10-30 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo (within Shinagawa Prince Hotel)
アクセス:電車:品川駅[出口]から徒歩約5分 バス:都バス 品川駅高輪口から徒歩4分
Opening hours: 10: 00-22: 00 (last entry is 1 hour before closing) * It varies by season

It is the tunnel of light that will welcome you

館内に足を一歩踏み入れたところに出迎えてくれる全長12mのLEDThe tunnel of light using the masterpiece is masterpiece!
I will go through here and go into the aquarium ...!

The color of the tunnel has changed with the passage of time and it is very beautiful!
Because it changes to any color, I do not get tired of just watching the wall!

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If you are going to date in Shinagawa ...!

A spot where a state-of-the-art aquarium is felt! What?

Going through the middle, into a zone with strange aquariums!
Is this a monitor screen?

Touching the reflected fish ...

How a fish has been enlarged!
You can also rotate the fish by 360 ° and you can know more about fish information!

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Would you like to date on the illumination ?

A fantasy world made by fish and art flower ♪

This is one of popular spots in the snow aquariumAtrium area color
When you cross the zone, the road surrounded by flowers and light creates a very fantastic space!
Here is the plan detailing this area ⇨ ⇨

ここが水族館なのかと疑ってしまうような 非日常的空間の装飾です♪

wonderful ^ ^ ♪

It is very beautiful!

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How about meat?