1. A must-see for ruined mania! now standard, The powerful "Gun Kanjima"

Uninhabited island "Toshima" known as a warship island shapeBattleship Island​ ​
We will head to the warship island using a tour.

There is an open deck so let's go up there.

After departing a few minutes you will see Mitsubishi's shipyard on your right. There are countless cranes! This is also a superb view !

The warship island came into sight. It is said that it came to be called from battleship "Tosa" because of the similarity of Shimonaka.

It seems that 5,267 people lived in 1960 (Showa 35 years).

The 30th building called the oldest rebar apartment in Japan has engraved the time of 1916 (Taisho 5) architecture, about 100 years.
At that time the population density of the warship island is how much the world's best. It was over 9 times the population density of Tokyo.

I think that when I think of the feelings of those people at the time, not just a powerful ruin, I can also see a different perspective. Details of warship island are here →http://play-life.jp/plans/5639

Cruise on the warship island
Place: Motomichi 17 Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki prefecture
Access: Approximately 4 minutes on by walk from Dejima station [exit]

2. Overlooking the sea superb view"Shiomi Park"

I will head to Shikanoshima through the way of Fukuoka prefecture's middle sea.
Since it is a narrow road, right and left are already sea right here as well and this is also a superb view .

I will climb such a mountain road by car.
By the way, you can not reach without a car!

Here is where we climbed up, here,Tide ground park
Let's climb as there is an observatory there.

From here you can see a superb view of 360 °.

And this is a superb view from the Tideki Park.
You can see a narrow street passing before.
When the weather is sunny, the air will clear up so it looks more beautiful ♪

Tide ground park
Location: Shigajima Shiokajima Higashi-ku Fukuoka City Fukuoka Prefecture

3. "Senjeongsan" overlooking the large and small islands

Chigusei is a mountain of 162 meters in Amakusa, Kumamoto Prefecture.
It has become a scenic spot designated by the country, and the view from the summit is a superb view .
Exciting while climbing!

It was told that at the summit of Amakusa when Amakusa Shiro performed a feast at this summit and was drinking and drinking with a ladder and was called "handskind mountain" till the age of 1975.

Under the eyes we can see the Amakusa Gokyo Bridge, various small and small islands, Unzen, Shimabara, Tomioka, Kamonotsu, Yatsushiro Sea etc, it seems like looking at the garden court!

Although Amakusa Gyo Bridge which can be seen from Chiguse-san is not about passing normally by passing by car, looking at the bridge from a distance is a must-see as it is only a beautiful bridge.

4. People who are afraid of heights! Japan's tallest suspension bridge "Kuze Yume Large Suspension Bridge"

Located in Kokonoe-cho, Oita prefectureKokonoe Yumeji Suspension BridgeIt is the highest suspended bridge in Japan.
The height is 173 m! !

Not only the height but also the length, there are 390 m.
It takes quite a while to cross the other side.

Incidentally, the middle of the sidewalk is a wire mesh and the bottom is full.
Please be careful not to look down at the person of the heroic phobia!

People who are good at high place look into this with a feeling like this!
superb view is expanding!

recommended to see from the observation deck on the left side of the entrance of the bridge!
Such a wonderful scenery is spreading!

Kokonoe "dream" large suspension bridge
Place: Oita prefecture Kusu-gun Kuju-cho Ohchi Tano 1208
Opening hours: November - June / 8: 30 - 16: 30, July - October / 8: 30 - 17: 30