An unforgettable day at the surprise ♡

What kind of surprise is good for directing the birthday of an important lover?

It is hard to think hard! In the playlife editorial department, she carefully selects the best method I want to be done and introduce it ♡

1. Limousine surprise!

Go go around the streets of Tokyo with luxury cars with champagne!

There are various surprises on the date,
Her surprise will lend you a limousine luxurious ~ ♪
What momentum surprise you would like us to come over ♡

I'd like to run in Tokyo with a big limousine just for two people at a birthday or a couple's events!

Let's decorate the car according to the anniversary such as Happy Birthday!

Losing to the outside night view , the car shines brilliantly in the caring! ! !
Like a bubble like a limousine surprise ♪

You can fill the limousine with a heart balloon ♪ ♪
Girls are the most surprising surprises the most happy ♡
This girls' association limousine plan will also be reference ♪

~ Taking a limousine celebrity feeling around Tokyo "Girls' Association, birthday, anniversary sightseeing in Tokyo" experience from 3750 yen per person ~

Advance reservation is important for limousines ...!

We will also introduce the best dinner shops ♡

2. Cruising Surprise

Cruise Surprise of dinner watching the night view on the sea!

Why not make memories of the two on the ocean?
Let's have a surprise to enjoy dinner and night view cruise ♪

Symphony Cruise (Symphony Cruise) advancing Tokyo Bay to heart shape ♪ recommended ♪

Dinner on a special day is cruising and dinner is recommended !

Besides dinner cruise (19: 00 ~ 21: 30) at Symphony Cruise (Symphony Cruise), you can also enjoy lunch, afternoon and sunset cruises ♪

On an anniversary such as birthday, surprise with a secret dessert to her after dinner!
It's wonderful to celebrate over the ocean!

After dinner to the deck on board ♪
There are lounges and bars in addition, and it is fun to explore in the ship ♪
This plan also recommended !
~ 【Enjoying in Kobe Bayersuu】 night view view of Harborland and Meriken Park seen from a ship that can be used on a date! ~

Other reservations for cruising in Tokyo are here

Luxury hotel you want to stay someday ...!

3. Get a night view from the helicopter!

A surprise that gives a night view of Tokyo!

Surprise ♪ fascinates night view from the sky ♪
Shinkiba station to by walk arrive in about 5 minutes 【Japan Flight Safety

After having enjoyed the dinner, if you can bring it, any girls are stingy ♡

From the helicopter ♪ all night view of Tokyo ♪

It is too romantic to look at the brilliant city of Tokyo!

It is hard to see the Tokyo Tower from above!
I will be pleased 120% if such a wonderful surprise is done ♡

Proposal success rate 100%! Romantic night flight

What is her first birthday surprise choice ...?