Tide ground park

It is a place that you can drive from Fukuoka Airport.

Tide-cho park is the extraordinary point of Shikanoshima. You can enjoy a view of 360 degrees which seems to be a descendent descendent of the open sea bay from the middle of the sea.

Please try tasting the superb view by all means!


The Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine Omotesando has a famous Starbucks coffee shop among the whole country.

It is a Starbucks designed by architect Kengo Kuma on the concept of "fusion of tradition with natural materials and modernity". It is a Starbucks which is only in Dazaifu City, Fukuoka store with tree structure and artistic style. After a visit, how about having a cup of coffee in the space of this tree?

スターバックスコーヒー 太宰府天満宮表参道店
アクセス:西鉄太宰府線 太宰府駅 徒歩4分太宰府駅から250m


It is a shop in Kitakyushu city, Fukuoka prefecture. It is in Room 207 of Wisteria Building and it is in the back room of the street where the snacks are lined up. Huh? What? Is it in such a place? The impression.

From the moment I entered, a nice stick love explodes! A replica of a good stick is decorated. Cheese taste and the taste of the royal road called Mentaiko taste are replicas. The entrance is narrower than I thought.

When entering into the store, a good bar sticking to the eyes is spread over the wall. Approximately 20,000 good sticks! There were plenty of sticks on the wall premium and good taste not eaten up to now. There is no menu, the system that you take your favorite sticks from the wall. All-you-can-eat bar with a charge of 500 yen ...! Cheap of surprise!

Despite being able to do this store, it seems that many media visitors and celebrities come to the store despite several months!
Many signatures such as Takeuchi and Akimasa Haraguchi etc.
It is also featured in Kyushu's famous TV program, Night Shuffle. It is a famous store in a deep place.

場所:福岡県北九州市小倉北区紺屋町3-3 ウィステリアビル 207


"Battleship Island"

Nagasaki's popular sightseeing attraction "warship island" has become the location of the giant's advancing giant.
Once used to prosper as a marine coal mine, but now it is a deserted island.

Several companies are planning a tour to cross the warship island. This time we used a naval ships landing cruise 3100 yen + 300 yen (visit fee). Cool design of the ship. We have morning and afternoon, but we choose morning. I will leave from Nagasaki Port at 9:40. However, there are times when you can not cancel, such as when it is time to convert.

The area where we can see the tour is in some areas red, once factory marks. The time is about 1 hour. It can not enter the residential area on the upper right. ※ Scan pamphlet

A warship island surrounded by walls around the island. Originally it was an island of rocks only. It is an island that reclaims coal with unnecessary butterflies, surrounded by walls. Wind rain are exposed to and waves, also along with aging of the building, says that the changing time from moment to its expression.

If the bullets of Nagasaki are traveling, the tour of the warship island can be a little different sightseeing because it is the location of the movie and the sightseeing spots of the powerful point.

Cruise on the warship island

Nagasaki Ropeway

I will move to Inasa Observatory using a ropeway. 360 degree glassed gondola is due to Mr. Kiyomitsu Okuyama who designed Ferrari and other designs.

There are 10 million dollars night view Japan's three biggest night view spread. Besides Hong Kong and Monaco, it is a view from Inasan selected as the world's three biggest night view.

【Nagasaki Ropeway】
【Opening Hours】 9: 00 ~ 22: 00


Beppu's hell

Hot spring town where you can enjoy watching 【Hell of Beppu】 Hell refers to hot water, fumaroles and sludge blowing out from the ground of 200 to 300 m. Hell with 8 features. The picture is 【Ocean Hell】

It seems that the temperature is 98 degrees as well! Please watch out for enthusiasm and watch it.
It is a very beautiful sea hell of cobalt blue.



Hell steamed biscuit pudding (300 yen) Pudding baked with hot water of sea hell. It is a gourmet recommended hell tour. It is handmade and very dense.

Explore Beppu Hell



A superb view spot that is said to want to see once by the time of death (You can not go on a New Year's holiday here)

From Okinawa and Kagoshima airplanes and ferries go to Koran Island every day.
Transportation from the mainland to Yoron will be mainly via Kagoshima or Okinawa.

Sandbar is a "sandbar" where sandbars appear temporarily on the surface due to tide flow and fullness.
However, this Yurihama beach is also a place not to appear unless conditions such as temperature, tide, low tide time are available.

You can enjoy a beautiful ocean view. It is nailed to the beauty of the clear ocean everywhere.

There is also a resting place and you can rest in the shade while watching the sea.

The sunset is also very beautiful and entranced! It is a decision on a short vacation trip with a beautiful ocean viewing journey.



Jomon cedar of Yakushima which was registered as a world heritage for the first time in Japan. Estimated age is 7200 years old, the oldest plant in the world.

This is a secret spot. It was taken from inside the stump of Yakusugi. Please try looking at the scenery of this heart.

Yakushima is a wild herbivorous animal living in Yakushima. I am lucky to meet you.