There are lots of stylish cafes in Osaka!

One of the best in Japan sightseeing in Osaka is the place Instagrammable from those that, until things calm spacious, there is a variety of cafes.

But,I do not know where to go because there are too many shops ...What, is not it?

This time the playlife editorial department,recommended cafe in OsakaWe introduce! If you are looking for a cafe in Osaka, please reference to it ♪

1. recommended both lunch and dinner!

GARB weeks

It is in the area where many shops lined up along the river called Kitahama in OsakaGARB weeks

It is a popular Italian café in Osaka, with over 3.5 logs! It is recommended not only as a cafe, but also for lunch and dinner ♪

Because the inside of the wide shop is glassed,An open space into which the sun insertsIt is becoming!

There are not only table seats, but also bar seats and terrace seats where you can enjoy the scenery along the river, so you can use it according to the scene.

recommended this cafe,pizza
How,Second place in the Napoli pizza craftsman Asian ChampionshipThe craftsman who has become a bake! A pizza oven is also set up inside the restaurant, so you can taste authentic Naples pizza ♪

For dinner, we recommended ordering course meals.All-you-can-drink 5,000 yenThere are special courses available. Of course, you can also enjoy this restaurant's specialty pizza! Detailed course contents and other coursesBottom red buttonYou can check from.

popular Because it is a shop ofEarly bookingWe recommended you.

GARB weeks from the red button belowReservationI can do it.
GARB weeks
Location: 1-1-29 Nakanoshima Kita-ku, Osaka-fu, Nakanoshima Park
アクセス:京阪電車 中之島線 なにわ橋駅 すぐ京阪電車 本線 北浜駅 徒歩2分地下鉄堺筋線 徒歩3分地下鉄 御堂筋線 淀屋橋駅 徒歩8分 なにわ橋駅から79m
営業時間:【月〜金】 11:30〜23:30 ランチ11:30〜15:00(L.O) ディナー17:30〜22:30(L.O) カフェ11:30〜23:00(L.O) 【土日祝】 11 : 00〜23 : 30 ランチ11:00〜15:00(L.O) ディナー17:30〜22:30(L.O) カフェ11:00〜23:00(L.O) ランチ営業、夜10時以降入店可、日曜営業
Hot Pepper Gourmet

2. A cafe that is too suspicious like a hospital

An anime

Located in the village of America, a popular sightseeing spot in Osaka,An anime
It is a hideout cafe that is based on a hospital, which is a most talked now, mainly for young women!
From the entrance you can feel a truly amazing atmosphere, such as a human figure drawing or a picture of an organ.

Hospitals inside the store sometimes are concepts, white on the wall side and green on the floorOld hospitalIt is reminiscent of the interior.
And, it should be noted that it is decorated in the storeAccessories
A dubious bottle and doll, a human body figure figure, and even a skeleton, are decorated with a strong impact.

Tomotsuku,Direction that drink is in beaker
When asking for ice caffe latte (600 yen), coffee latte will be carried in beaker and gum syrup will be delivered in Erlenmeyer flask.
Because it is a cafe with a fairly interesting concept in Osaka, please come and visit us ♪

An anime
Location: Osaka Prefecture Osaka-shi Chuo-ku West Nishi Shimbashi 1-8-16 Nakanishi Building 501
アクセス:大阪市営地下鉄 御堂筋線 心斎橋駅 徒歩5分大阪市営地下鉄 四つ橋線 四ツ橋駅 徒歩3分 四ツ橋駅から166m
営業時間:12:00〜21:00(20:00L.O) (無休)年末年始も営業しています ランチ営業、日曜営業

3. Enjoy authentic coffee along the river!

Moto Coffee

Cafe in Kitahama of Osaka city,Moto Coffee
Just your introduce wasGARB weeksIt is on the opposite side across the river from!
There are seats in the basement and the second floor, both of which can relax in a calm atmosphere of bright lighting.

And why is this cafe popularTerrace seatingIt is in.
You can enjoy the scenery along the river while taking a warm sunshine at the open terrace seat!
For a cold dayBlankets and stovesThere is also put, so you can relax with confidence ♪

Moto coffee grinds beans after receiving orders,Hand dripIt will make you with.
Coffee bean types such as shallow roasting, medium roasting, deep roasting,You can choose your favorite one
Please enjoy spending your leisure while tasting your favorite coffee ♪

Moto Coffee
Location: 2-1-1 Kitahama, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi Osaka Prefecture Kitahama Lion Building
アクセス:京阪 北浜駅 または 地下鉄堺筋本町 北浜駅 26番出口を地上にでて横断歩道を北に向かいわたりライオン橋のたもと京阪、地下鉄 御堂筋線 淀屋橋駅からでも充分歩いていける距離です。 北浜駅から63m
Opening hours: 12: 00-19: 00 (LO 18: 30)