This is southern country! Oahu is a popular resort area from Hawaii all over the world!

Waikiki Beach

Talking about Hawaii here!Waikiki Beachis!
The sea and the sky are clear and very beautiful ♪

Palm tree seems to be Hawaii! It is very pleasant to walk along the beach!


Kailua Beach

This is also a popular beach lined with Waikiki Beach,Kailua Beach
カイルアビーチは全米No.1に選出された 絶景ビーチなんです!

It is also the unique charm of this beach that you can see the sea turtle!

If you can swim, you can also enjoy boating!







An island that makes you feel full of nature! Hawaii Island!

Oahu is also attractiveIsland of HawaiiIt is also very attractive!
For example, this slope near the Kaimuki Middle School.

Kilauea Volcano

Famous sightseeing HawaiiKilauea Volcano
Volcano is still actively active now!

There are also areas where entry is restricted, but you can quite get close to the huge new crater called Haremaumau!
Cha is also felt!

Rainbow Falls

power spot Hawaii islandRainbow Falls
It is a rainbow waterfall! It is said that this name was attached because the sun is shooting and the possibility of seeing a rainbow is high.
It is a power spot that is a combination of "rainbow" which is spiritually meaningful in Hawaii and "waterfall" which is a symbol of purification, it is lucky if you can see it! What?

How can you go to the top of the waterfall on by walk ! You can see the powerful sight that you are about to fall far below your foot ♪


I want to eat delicious food if I come to Hawaii! Hawaii gourmet feature!

Eggs'n Things

Now is a popular pancake shop in JapanEggs'n Things
As you know, it is a shop from Hawaii!

ハワイのEggs'n Thingsはハワイ限定ショップも入っています!

Pancakes with plenty of whipped cream of this store name are exquisite!


Koner beer

Fame famous beer, Konabiru!
The brewery of the Konavuer is located in the immediate vicinity of the city of Kailua-Kona.
Kona Brewing Company Pub & BreweryThat is the place.


Not only beer but also delicious food! Pizza baked in a kiln is very fragrant and exquisite!
Hawaiian specialty Ahippoki (pickled tuna) is also very fresh and recommended ♪ The sauce which used a little wasabi also exceptional compatibility!

Shave ice

Speaking of Hawaiian dessert , Shave Ice!
The shop is a retreat of WaikikiLemona Hawaii (Lemona Hawaii)is!
This shop sticks to the material, ♪ I use fruit from Hawaii and organic condensed ♪

Small small store inside. One side is theme color yellow and cute ♪
Seats are about seats. It is at home.

My most popular is Maier Lemon!
Meyer lemon from Hawaii is sweet and delicious.
でもこれだけだとかなり酸っぱいので、 オーガニック練乳をかけることをおすすめします。