Karaoke date with an American atmosphere ♪

Karaoke Rainbow

On the 8th floor of Shibuya MODI that opened on November 19, 2015 【Karaoke Rainbow
It is new and very beautiful ♪ I can enjoy enough even at the first date!

Weekday open ~ 2 hours room charge free until 19 o'clock!
Free time is¥ 930 (with drink bar)Very profitable!

It is designed to overturn the common sense of karaoke ♪
Dating also goes up in the corridor like a luxury hotel!

Because the inside of the room is also very stylish , atmosphere satisfactory even in the place of the first date ♪
Let's invite him to dating, who is concerned about the karaoke rainbow just opened.

She is a princess feeling Karaoke date ♪

Pasela Resorts Shibuya branch

It is located in the street of Mac and Shibuya Shibuya and Tawareko 【Pasela Resorts Shibuya store (Pasera Resort)
Karaoke of the popular girls' parcel is also recommended for date!

The interior like a castle can make her feel like a princess ♪
Open time ~ daytime until 18 o'clock 232 yen (one drink service)!

single room has a sense of cleanliness and can relax slowly!
Let's sing my favorite songs while two people are messing around!

Drinks where girls are pleased, drinks with collagen, tapioca drinks etc. are also included in the 1 drink system menu! Why do not you enjoy your first date with Karaoke in Pasera?

Cheap and fun karaoke first date ♪

Shidax Shibuya Shidax Village Club

For the first date at studentcouple [Shidax Shibuya Shidax Village Club】 Happy time service recommended !

When coming to the store on the way back from school [Monday to Friday weekdays from 14: 30 to 18: 00]One drinkWith one hood2 hoursso580 yenIt's a very special menu!

The interior that imaged the inside of the sea is very stylish and romantic ♪

The mermaid floor on the 4th floor is a romantic room where the blue light shines brilliantly ♪

Doki Doki near him at the first date

Karaoke for the first date is just a couple in a single room , a great date plan to sing your favorite songs and make friends ♪ Let's make the first date successful in Karaoke in Shibuya!