Two spots where stress can be dissipated using calories

[Shinjuku] Scream for dissatisfaction with her! "Human colors" to sing and diverge

"Oh, you do not mind da Takan ..."
Speaking of stress dissipation is one person karaoke.
Let 's escape to a human collar without having to encounter a couple' s date and sing it as much as I want.

Now, let's have a microphone with a memorial to myself who was looking forward to today's frustration and today's date.
Sing from the bottom of the stomach and chill out the stress! !

One-cold Shinjuku Great Guard store
[Opening Hours] Open 24 hours
【Access】 5 minutes on by walk from Shinjuku West Exit
[Price] weekdays (Monday to Friday daytime to 18:00) 450 yen / 30 minutes
Weekend (Friday night , Saturday, Sunday and holidays) 500 yen / 30 minutes
+ Headphone rental fee (from 300 yen)

【Harajuku】 Bo, the ball looks to her face! ! Stress dissipation with full swing of anger! "Jingu Batting Dome"

It is here to take advantage of what is left alone.
When she is there, there is a lot of pressure accompanied by "you must show me a cool look ...".
"Ah, I was rather canceled today!"
You do not have to worry about it even if you swing with full power, so you can hit it quite well! !

Let's hit it until you feel good about your professional player.
Sometimes it gets better and you use it here on the next date? Perhaps thinking as practicing while thinking about it.
After all, the date was canceled, I'm going to hear ...

Shinto shrine batting dome
[Opening Hours] 9: 00 ~ 22: 00 (Pitting corner until 21: 20)
【Access】 8 minutes on by walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line "Gaienmae station "
[Fare] <Batting> 1 play (20 balls) 410 yen <pitching> 1 play (15 balls) 300 yen

My hungry has been emptied when I move ... In those cases I recommended 3 shops

【Shinjuku】 Eating log evaluation is 3.72! ! "Fu-nai child" fish pork pig bone system tsukemen

Tsukemen ¥ 750
It is a daily routine that the queue is made. It is such an extremely popular shop.
When she is there, the seafood pork bones are dense, a bit inevitable ...
"Oh, yes she does not have a girlfriend today !!"
Let's eat while thinking about it.
There are ingredients such as barbecued mushrooms and menma that are cooked in Trotoro, and it is also quite delicious.
The noodles are medium thick and have a good biting fault, and they get tangled well with the soup!

Feng Child
【Opening Hours】 11: 00 ~ 15: 00/17: 00 ~ 21: 00 (sold out as soon as possible)
【eating log】

[Shibuya] Manly eat meat! "My hamburger Yamamoto"

If it is a date and you do not care about each other to some extent you can not enjoy hamburger steamed in bulk, but you can not mind today when you became alone.

If she is with a pink egg, it will be a story of "cute ~ ♡", but today it is not such a thing.
Let's hang on to heavy hamburg!

My hamburger Yamamoto
【Opening Hours】 [Monday - Saturday] 11: 00 ~ 3: 00 [Sun] 11: 00 ~ 23: 00
[Access] 4 minutes on by walk from Shin - goti station Shinminkuchiguchi
【Budget】 ~ ¥ 1500
【eating log】

[Shinjuku] recommended for you calm and serious. "Caffice"

By the way, the report ... but my stomach was empty ... ... I'd recommended "Caffice" for you who think calmly efficiently.

In addition to having cooking less than 1,000 yen, free wifi, full service with chargeable smaho. Can be used up to printer!

There are about 350 books selected by the book director in the back!
It looks good for a change.
"Oh, yes, I did not have time to tell her today, thank you for being canceled rather than ~"
Let 's make assignments mildly while being overwhelmed.

[Opening Hours] 11: 00-23: 00
【Access】 1 minute by walk from Shinjuku Sanchome station 2 minutes by walk from Shinjuku station
【Budget】 ~ ¥ 1500
【eating log】

At the end shopping is stress relief!

【Shibuya】 Let's go to the new spot MODI before her!

The whole building was renewed Marui City, "Shibuya MODI" opened on November 19, 2015!
Let 's go to the new spot afoot ahead of her!
When I came on her date in the future, "Well, I have never been here, will not you guide me?"
Let's be able to guide you with such a big feeling.

書籍と音楽を融合したHMV初の複合店舗「HMV&BOOKS TOKYO」。
This spot has plenty of unique exhibitions such as 'A Day in the Life' where the display changes every day.
Let's enjoy the time around the store slowly today when she is not here!

This is a shop selling French fries such as LUKAS.
SHIBUYA C Office Lady A things are on sale!
It seems that it is a cola which is only sold here, and when you drink it with lemon, there is sour in sweetness and it is very tasty!
When I am with her I say "smoothing ~ ☆", but really is a good cola, is not it?
Today this Shibuya exclusive while drinking cola, let's explore the MODI!

Shibuya MODI (Modi)
[Opening Hours] Fashion / Lifestyle (B1F to 4F) 11: 00 ~ 21: 00
KARAOKE (8F) 11: 00 ~ 6: 00
Restaurant (9F) 11: 00 ~ 23: 30
【Access】 4 minutes by walk Shibuya station Tokyo Metro Ginza line
Tokyo metro Hanzomon line Shibuya station 4 minutes on by walk
Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line Shibuya station 4 minutes on by walk

【Harajuku】 I will think about her even if she is a doctor Can you prepare for the next date with "muymucho"!

Today was a long wait date ... I wonder if the next time will come, why do not you think it's okay next time Let's go for a present and search for her in this case.

It takes a lot of courage to get into a cute shop by yourself, but for her sake, it is nothing.
I accept whoever is a Spanish style stylish store.

When delivering this gift, please do not do not do it !?
Well, next time, I hope you will have a wonderful date!

[Opening Hours] 11 o'clock - 20 o'clock
【Access】 1 minute by walk from Harajuku station Takeshita mouth