After all I admire "Disney Countdown"


If you want to have a wonderful New Year, after all I long for longDisney Countdownis not it! New Year's Eve can see the countdown exclusive show. Also,All-you-can-eat at night until the New Yearis!
You can enter from 20 o'clock on December 31st. Mickey's pen light can be gotten for entrants exclusive ♪ (It was yellow in 2013)

Immediately before the countdown, people gather at Cinderella Castle. Everyone illuminates a yellow pen light and it is very beautiful.

Countdown is done, and over the years fireworks will be launched with countdown exclusive music!

Disney Sea

In Disneyland the stage was Cinderella Castle, but in Disney Sea the Prometheus Volcano is the stage. The countdown character is reflected on the mountain.

Finally Mickey 's mark and fireworks .... I'm impressed

As we celebrate the New Year, we got soba soba noodle ♡ chopsticks are gifts! Mickey boiled eggs are too cute!

How can we get on the attraction till morning ! Fastpass also has a lot of this day exclusive 3 era! From 0 o'clock you can come and go with both parks.
First sunrise we see on Disney is pretty rare, so please try it once ♪

Countdown at "Yokohama" where you can enjoy gourmet & illumination

Yokohama in winter is illumination anywhere and I highly recommend it.
This is American Mountain Park. Congestion is little as it is a hot spot being ♪

If you hang around Yokohama before countdown
night view from the landmark tower is also recommended!

Let's make a belly in Chinese food while waiting for the countdown.
Everywhere is exciting and it is very fun ♪

Fireworks will rise at the countdown around the Ferris wheel ♪
People are overflowing ♪
It's convenient because you can buy drinks etc when it's in front of Queens Square ♪

"Enoshima" where the sunrise is seen on the sandy beach

Speaking of Enoshima, there is illumination that can be counted as one of the three major illumination of Kanto.

It is good to hang around here until the countdown ♪

NearNew Enoshima AquariumIt is open on New Year's Eve!
Now that night aquarium etc. are also held so it is perfect for going out at night ♪

The first sunrise is very crowded! There is no place to park your car with a great traffic jam before you go, so you'd better stop the car.

Just because it is very beautiful it is recommended.
There are not many open hot spot , but there are few people bridging across Enoshima ♪