Time zone when the Tomei Expressway is not jammed is here!

The consecutive holidays become a heavy traffic jam Tomei expressway. The crowded time is before 7:00 in the morning .
The season when it is cold and hard to come out from the futon. There may be some people who think "It's not a short time ...?", But this is the best time. There is a danger of getting caught in traffic jams if it is after this time. Let 's get up early and leave as we can go out for as long as we went there earlier.

morning is Gaman to get to the Ebina service area

Large popular Ebina service area that has become a spot. I'd like to stop by for a while and eat something delicious, but ...! Here we go gaming and go past the destination. If you take it easy here, you get involved in traffic jams, and the Ebina Service area itself is crowded with many customers and you have to sort out for a long time to buy one food ....

Three sightseeing spots in Atami you absolutely want to go!

We will introduce interior sightseeing spots that you can enjoy even in the coming season. standard to a slightly different spot .... Please visit the spot you are interested in ♪ If you go in the morning you are divided and vacant.

The dawn castle

It is a facility that you can enjoy the historical building and the Japanese garden in the Taisho / Showa era designated as tangible cultural property of Atami city.

The space of 'Washi' where tatami is spread like this is spreading.
The smell of tatami is very pleasant!
In the very first Japanese room the guide will explain the history of the tomkakukaku.
There are lots of historical information about Atami city!
I was able to taste like a school trip.
relaxing air is flowing ◎

Not only the space of "Washi" but also the space of "Yoh" is the feature of the Inukonkaku!
There is a Japanese architecture "Kirin building" and a Western architecture "Tamaki · Yusui".
In addition, there is a Roman bath next to the Western-style building "King Geon" built in 1972, which is also one of the highlights ♪

And the best recommended is this Japanese garden!
The time of this picture is winter, it feels like this.
There was enough taste, it was very beautiful and pleasant.
summer is filled with greenery and it is beautiful ...! I want to see both ♡

【Opening Hours】 9: 00 ~ 17: 00 (Admission is until 16:30)
【Address】 4-2 Showa-machi, Atami-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture 413-0022
[Parking lot] Yes (free and ordinary passenger cars can park about 37)
【Closed】 Every Wednesday
[Admission fee] adult 510 yen, medium student and high school students 300 yen, small student following free
【HP】 http://www.city.atami.shizuoka.jp/page.php?p_id=893 #

Atami Trick Art Labyrinth

Trick Art Labyrinth Hall. You can enter this place until 16:30.

The heat enters how much you can take pictures full of realism! (Lol)
Why do not you take a picture with him (her)? Since we also sell enthusiast tickets to Atami castle next to the trick art labyrinth hall, why not have some time enjoying it?
[Opening Hours] 9: 00-17: 00
【 entrance fee 】 Adult ¥ 900
【Address】 1993 Soga-yama, Atami-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture 413-0033
【Parking lot】 Yes (500 yen)
【HP】 http://atami-trickart.com/access/index.html

Atami Hihokan

"Atami ropeway" is located at a distance of 5 minutes on by walk from Atami Port. As you climb up the ropeway, there is an observatory that can see the Atami skyline beside right next to you! scenery as well as the wind from the sea are pleasant. But, this aim is not this scenery .... On the other side of the observatory"Atami Hihokan"​ ​

Among the numerous date spots in Atami, there is a strange presence in it,You can not enter under 18 years oldAdult theme park .... I am looking forward to seeing the inside of the hall because it is not allowed to photograph, but I feel that it is almost out of the way. Lol
A couple who is excited to enter here, or a couple to taste like a demon ....
Which one are you? ! Lol
That try to visit us if you are interested recommended you ... lol

【Opening Hours】 9: 00 ~ 17: 30
【Address】 8-15 Wadahama Minami-cho Shizuoka prefecture
【Parking lot】 9 mountaintops, 10 mountain ropeway station 10 units
[ entrance fee gold] 1700 yen (adult)
Even with round trip ticket of the ropeway it is 1800 yen so we recommended this ticket!
【HP】 http://www.atami-hihoukan.jp/contact.html

Enjoy hot spring and lunch slowly ♪

Main of the drive date is here! It is a hot spring.

Hotel Micuras

Hotel Mikurasu is in front of Sun Beach. It is a hotel with a very clean feeling. As I felt that many hot springs of the inn system were around, a hot spring like Mikurasu may be unusual.

Mikusu at the cafe on the first floor. Micras is a set of lunch and a day-trip hot spring of 3500 yen.
(Including loans of bath towels and face towels.)
Even on a day trip only 2500 yen.Since it seems that there are times when it is NG when crowded, let's check it just in case.

Mikurasu hot spring known as the beautiful skin water! It's extraordinary to be beautiful while enjoying the ocean view. I want to go on a sunny day. extraordinary view ... ♡
【Source】 Atami Onsen Hotel Mikurasu "Official" http://www.micuras.jp/index.html

【Address】 3-19 Higashi Kishi-machi, Atami-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture
[Bathing time] 14: 00 ~ 21: 00
【Price】 Adults 2500 yen (Reservation is unnecessary for day trips)
【HP】 http://www.micuras.jp