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Let's date in Yokohama!

Anniversa Cafe Cafe Minato Mirai Yokohama

Yokohama has many standard Chinese food , shopping malls and night view spots,daytime or nightIt is attractive to enjoy.
In addition to that, we also introduce parks and zoos in hot spot .

Please reference to the next date!

What is the recommended transportation method?

① Train

If it is a train or a car ... then train is overwhelmingly recommended .
Since Yokohama station is the prefecture's most terminal station Kanagawa Prefecture, various routes go through.

If you go to Minato Mirai district, take the Minato Mirai line to Minato Mirai station or Keihin Tohoku and Negishi line to Sakuragicho station .

From Tokyu RailwayMinato Mirai ticket, From JR East JapanYokohama Minato Mirai PassYou can purchase deals such as tickets.

② Car

I would like to enjoy driving along the beach, etc. couple is a car recommended.
Since parking is popular and expensive everywhere, it is necessary to have a preliminary examination.

If either is your birthday, you will be free at the Minato Mirai Yokohama World Porters parking lot so please check it!
Detailed informationHereFrom.

If you do eating while walking, check out this feature!

[Notification] Beer factory & US military base cruise &Chinese food All-you-can-eat

Boarding from Yokohama Great Pier. Tour the Kirin Brewery with guides. This is a cruise where you can see the US military base at the round trip of the factory. Dinner is Yokohama Chinese food Full-scale full order system in town Chinese food All you can eat 120 dishes!
[Kirin Brewery] Tour of beer production process (raw materials, preparation, fermentation / storage, filtration, packaging). There are 3 tastings per person! With snacks. (There is also a free drink.)

[US Army Cruise Experience] A round trip to the factory will guide you with a cruise. Not only “Red Brick Warehouse” and “Yokohama Landmark Tower”, but also the routes that can go because it is a small ship! You can see the US military base from the water. You may see rare warships. (Only this ship can be seen up close!)
【Yokohama Chinese food City] Enjoy in Hong Kong style. (All you can eat 120 items)

First place yokohama cosmo world

Enjoy it even if you ride ◎

Yokohama Cosmo World

One of Minato Mirai's symbols, Ferris wheel is here.

The entrance feefree
It is an amusement park where you can enjoy various attractions.

コスモクロック21 シースルーゴンドラ

The name of the viewer is "Cosmo clock 21

About 15 minutes, you can see the night view of Minato Mirai around so it is a standard spot on the date!

Yokohama Cosmo World
Place: 2-8-1 Shinko, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
アクセス:桜木町駅から徒歩14分 バス:横浜市交通局の市営バスでは、「みなとぶらりチケット」や「市内定期遊覧バス」「バス1日乗車券」「バス地下鉄共通1日乗車券」などお得な乗車券がご利用できます。 「国際橋・カップヌードルミュージアム前」下車(徒歩約3分)
Business hours: 11: 00 - 21: 00

# 2 Landmark Tower

Unknown Yokohama symbol.

横浜ランドマークタワー (The Landmark Tower)

It is a skyscraper in Yokohama Minato Mirai, the second highest building in Japan.

It is a commercial facility with restaurants such as shopping malls and cafe / restaurant so you can stay for a long time.

横浜ランドマークタワー69F展望フロア スカイガーデン

Observatory on the 69th floor"Sky Garden"From scenery of Minato Mirai can be seen from.

Why do not you look at the night view view like jewelry?

Yokohama Landmark Tower
Location: 2-1-1 Minatomirai Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Access: 3 minutes on by walk from Minatomirai station [5]
Opening hours: 【Landmark Plaza】 Shopping / 11: 00 ~ 20: 00, Cafe & Restaurant / 11: 00 ~ 22: 00 ※ Depending on the store 【Observation Floor "Sky Garden"】 10: 00 ~ 21: 00, Saturday / ~ 22: 00 ※ Admission until 30 minutes before closing