First of all, is it a manufacturing date?

Do you like arts and crafts?
Even if you are not good at it or are good at it, it may be time to discover the new side of yourself and your lover, as you make adult dating.

Limited couple Date that can leave the form of time as things,Manufacturing date​ ​

In the whole countryExperienceYaClassroomNamedCan make thingsスポットがたくさんあります。今回はカップルで楽しめるおすすめスポットを、体験の定番から本格的なものまで厳選しました。








1. Tempura-style Porcelain

Both pizza making and pottery experience can be enjoyed!

About 2 hours from TokyoPorcelain PorcelainThen, popular You can have a pizza grill and pottery experience!


Even the shape of the doughIndividualityを垣間見れ、ピザを焼く前からみんなで楽しい気分が味わえます♪

Seasoned with ketchup and miso, topped with eggplant, peppers, sausages, onions and cheese.

The time required for the experience is with making pizza, grilling and eating1 hourIt is degree.

Freshly baked pizza isHomemade misoThe taste is so delicious and so delicious.

The taste of the pizza made by ourselves while having fun with everyone is exceptional!


nextCeramic art experience​ ​

I will gradually change the round clay to my favorite shape.


While makingcrackが入ったりして大変ですが、意外と簡単に作ることができますよ。

As each individuality comes out like pizza, it is interesting when we compare with thing which others made.

Pizza grill and pottery experienceThe set fee for3,800 yen ...​ ​

The food and goods production experience is full of heart wonderful I will definitely be a memory ♪

Besides, you can refresh and relaxHand-picked herbal tea &power spot ExperienceYou can enjoy various experiences, so you can enjoy it not only once but also many times recommended It is a spot.

Porcelain Porcelain
Place: 152-1 Uenoda, Yoshioka-cho, Kitagunma-gun, Gunma Prefecture
Access: Yagihara station From [Exit]by walk About 25 minutes

2. Cup Noodle Museum

You can make an original kite!

Minatomirai station, Sakuragicho station, Carriageway station Than by walk It takes about 10 minutes and you have excellent access from within the city introduce To do.

In front of the Yokohama World PortersCup noodle museum​ ​

entrance fee Is 500 yensoBelow high school students freeAnd it is profitable!

In this museum from the past to the presentNisshinofHistory of instant noodlesYou can see.



In the museumFamiliar packageが所せましと並んでいて圧巻です。


And anywayCup noodle museumSo only one in the worldMy cup noodleI can make

Write your favorite designs in the cup ....


Today's original topping was Heart Naruto.
There is also Chick-chan Naruto!

It is finished with a lid at the end.

In a whileYou can!

The exhibition can be enjoyed in about an hour, and cup noodle making can be done in about an hour.

Cup noodle makingThere is one meal400 yen​ ​

The finished ramen couple When we eat together, the fun of this day comes back again

Cup of ramenexpiration dateIs1 monthSo please be careful!

Cup noodle museum
Location: 2-3-4 Shinko, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture Cup noodle museum
アクセス:桜木町から徒歩15分みなとみらいから10分くらい 馬車道駅から629m
営業時間:10:00〜18:00 日曜営業

3. Glass Studio GLASS FISH


自然豊かな、千葉県の南房総・千倉町にあるGlass workshop GLASS FISH​ ​

hereBlown glass experienceI can.


In the studio I arrived at, it is prettyBillboard catWe will meet you.



Shape, color and bubbles you want to make at the beginning, etc.designを決めます。 出来上がったコップを何に使おうか想像するだけでもわくわくします。

What form it will beimageWhile making the glass carefully.




Everyone just because there was a lecture and supportOriginal glassIs finished.


Once each glass is complete, slowly cool it for a day.

Delivery service at a later dateLet's wait for it to arrive so we can send it in ♪

Blown glass experienceIs3,600 yen​ ​

You can also make baby and pet foot molds with glass.
If you want to make something to commemorate, please try it by all means.

Glass workshop GLASS FISH
Place: Chikuracho Kita, Minamiboso City, Chiba Prefecture morning 夷 1889
Access: Chikura station Than by walk 10 minutes
Opening hours: 10:30 to 17:00