Chocolate cake using chocolate of the Spanish royal family of Omotesando ♪

It is located a short walk from Omotesando stationCACAO SAMPAKA CAFE
It is a cafe with an impressive look surrounded by ivy!
This shop is actually the place of birth of chocolate cultureSpanish royal warrantIt is a shop dealing with chocolate ♪

The temperature is kept at 20 degrees and in the showcasechocolateThere is a room where is exhibited.
Various kinds of chocolate are decorated and masterpieces!
It is a dream space like chocolate lovers ^ ^

It is calm and quiet inside the shop. You can enjoy talking slowly!
It is the second shop in Japan, but this store only has eat-in space!

This isChocolate cake
This luxurious feeling is a waste level to eat ... (○ _ ◯)
Cakes with world-class chocolate are exquisite!

【business hours】
Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Chiyoda Line Hanzomon Line
About 2 minutes on by walk from Omotesando station B 3 exit
【Average budget】
[ night ] ~ ¥ 999 [ daytime ] ~ ¥ 999
【eating log】

It is not only pretty in Omotesando! Excellent girls' Ukes · Colorful cupcakes from NY ♪

popular shop of cupcakes that landed in Japan from New York in JuneMagnolia bakery
by walk from Meiji Jingumae 2 minutes, located in the basement 1st floor of the building next to KIDDY LAND!
Because the eat-in space inside the store is very narrow, I think that it is good to visit with the intention of taking home!

This shop iscupcakefamous for!
All cupcakes are pretty ♪
By the way ... You can choose the color of the cream on top of the cupcake. Even in "Chocolate Cupcake", the color of the cream on top is varied.

It is famous for cupcakes, but there are items other than cupcakes such as cookies and cakes!
The price is reasonable around 500 yen ^ ^

The taste is pretty sweet and it is delicious!
It is highly recommended for people who like sweets ^ ^ ♪
The expiration date was that day, so eat it as soon as possible after you buy!

[Closed] Magnolia Bakery Omotesando
Place: 5-10-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo GYRE B1F
Access: 321 meters from Meiji Jingumae station
Opening hours: 【Mon-Fri】 11: 00-20: 00 【Sat ・ Sun】 10: 00-20: 00 Open on Sunday

I can not tell the cake without this store in Ginza! Famous cake shop ___ ___ 0

A long-established store of fruit tarts about as if there is no one who does not know about cake loversKilphebon. This is Ginza store!
It's a cafe and you can wait for two hours!

Kilfebon is very famous for tarts!
Souvenirs, birthdays, there is no doubt that you will be pleased if you bring it to the celebration!

Kilfevon'sSeasonal fruit tartsIt's awesome! !
It is really delicious ♪ ♪
Although it will cost around 7000 yen in the hall, one cut can be eaten at around 700 yen!

Kilfe Bon Grand Maison Ginza
場所:東京都中央区銀座2-5-4 ファサード銀座 1F・B1F
アクセス:地下鉄有楽町線 銀座1丁目駅 6番出口からすぐ(ガス灯通り) 銀座一丁目駅から33m
営業時間:[月〜日] 【1階・テイクアウト】 11:00〜21:00 【地下・カフェスペース】 11:00〜20:00 日曜営業

Mont Blanc ♪ is said to overturn the common sense of Mont Blanc in Ginza ♪

It is in GinzaDarrowoyoIt is a shop where you can enjoy dessert , bread, lunch and dinner in Paris, which has not only bread and cake, but also prepared dish and baked confectionery!

Various kinds of cakes are lining up!
It looks delicious, so I can not choose it ^ ^

Despite what Dallowoyo recommendedMont Blanc
Mont Blanc of Dalloyoyo is like a Mont Blanc favorite !!!
I have not eaten such delicious Mont Blanc until now, this is a great item to convince with Mont Blanc !!!
A smooth and firm cream overturns Mont Blanc's common sense ♪

[Closed] Darowaiyo Ginza Main Store
Place: 6-9-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
アクセス:東京メトロ銀座駅 A2出口より直進して右側 徒歩3分三越、和光のある四丁目交差点近く旧松坂屋百貨店の真向い 銀座駅から175m
営業時間:1F[月〜木・日] 10:00〜21:00[金・土・祝前日] 10:00〜22:002F[月〜木・日] 11:00〜21:00(L.O. 20:00)[金・土・祝前日] 11:00〜22:00(L.O. 21:00)ケーキビュッフェ[月〜金(祝日を除く)] 114:00 215:30 317:00 418:30ランチ営業、日曜営業