What is the best lunch at Hakone and Odawara?

There are many famous shops in Hakone and Odawara.
But there are too many shops and I don't know where to go ... what's wrong?

This time the play life editorial department, Hakone and Odawara recommended Have lunch standard From hot spot Until introduce To do!
Please do a reference by all means ♪

Speaking of lunch in Hakone is here!

Large in Hakone popular & standard if lunch please ♪ to these shops
Large popular just of well-established store ◎

① 【Bakery & Table Hakone】

【Bakery & table】 Bakery · cafe · restaurant, together with the ocean view at Lake Ashinoko in Hakone. You can have exquisite bread that will be sold out as soon as you do the footbath. The autumn season is very beautiful in autumn leaves.

For lunch, bread and salad are included in all menu.

Dishes are also very stylish ◎ I feel the attention of the shop to the details.
The freshly baked bread incorporating the manufacturing method of [Akakura sightseeing Hotel] is very tasty and you can takeout wellThere are also many people who take them home!It is also possible to purchase only bread without dining.

The main [beef tongue stew] is cooked with hooforo and meat, the demiglace sauce is also cooked thoroughly, it is very tasty. While entering the foot bath and warming, you can enjoy rice, grab the girls heart!It is a shop that is featured in magazines and on TV as well.

Bakery & Table Hakone (Bakery & Table)
Place: 9-1, former Hakone-machi, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa
Access: Lake Ashinoko / Hakone pirate ship former Hakone Port Immediately Tomei Atsugi IC ~ 55 minutes (Odawara Atsugi Road - Hakone New Exit - via the prefectural road No. 75) Tomei Gotemba IC - 45 minutes (via National Route 138 through Prefectural Route 75) Please use the sightseeing parking lot in the surrounding .
Opening Hours: <Parlor> 10: 00 ~ 15: 00 <Bakery> 10: 00 ~ 17: 00 <2F Cafe> 8: 30 ~ 17: 00 (LO 16: 30) <3F Restaurant> 11: 00 ~ 18: 00 (LO17: 00) ★ morning meal ... Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only 9: 00~11: 00 (LO10: 00) morning food business, lunch business, operating Sunday

② 【Fujiya Hotel】

From Hakone Yumoto station by bus it takes about 15 minutes to reach Fujiya Hotel.
Why do not you enjoy the luxurious lunch of the hotel?
Lunch here can be used for non-guestsHas become.Evaluation in the eating log 3.7 or more!
The table service was outstanding, and although it was orders of only curry and drinks, we were able to respond carefully well. I was impressed with the service I was impressed with

Curry is mild and deep taste.
The price is reasonable, but if you consider the atmosphere and service, the price is reasonable.

Fujiya Hotel
Place: 359 Miyanoshita Hakone-machi Hakone-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture Fujiya Hotel
アクセス:箱根登山線宮ノ下駅より徒歩5分 箱根登山線箱根湯本駅よりバス15分 小田急線小田原駅東口より車25分 宮ノ下駅から431m
Business hours: 11:00-(LO 14:30)

③ 【Taste of Urikoiso】

Despite being located somewhat Odawara and a place away from Hakone
Still, a popular shop where many people visit. About 1 1/2 hours from Tokyo.
It is in [Mankuru].

What I ought to ask absolutely here is a freshly sashimi "sashimi" that is "still this!
"What the hell!"Freshness is also outstanding with the volume of surprising.There is no mistake impression ♪

It's fresh as it is still working as it has just been made aliveis. Freshly · Shrimp Ise Shrimp · Abalone · Tataki · Aza Tataki · Sashima · Red sashimi with sashimi, for the set meal, grilled fish · fried shrimp · soup baked in tatami noodles with rice. I am satisfied with the big things enjoying various things. Every fish is really delicious.
Your daytime by all means when you want a little luxury from ◎

Yui Qing
Place: Manazuru-cho Manazuru 1162, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture
アクセス:東京から東名→厚木→小田原厚木有料道路→西湘バイパス石橋ICから国道135号を真鶴方面へ真鶴ブルーラインの料金所を入らず、左側の国道135号を直進、道なりに進む事、JR真鶴駅を右手にみて、T字路を左折して道なりに進む、真鶴マリーナを過ぎ、防波堤の脇を進むと右側にうに清がある。(道中、駅を曲がったあたりから電信柱にうに清の看板が多数ある。)<バス>JR真鶴駅より【箱根登山バス】ケープ真鶴行き7分、「里地」バス停すぐ。 真鶴駅から2,132m
営業時間:11:00〜19:00 ランチ営業、日曜営業

④ 【Tan Mura Ginza Tei】

Tamura Ginjitei which comes to you when you walk a little from Gora station .
deliciousTofu and boiledIt is a famous shop in Hakone where you can eat.

A matrix was formed enough to see from far away ...!

At the entrance there are signs of various celebrities and talents.
You can see that it is a popular and historic shop.
It was in a calm atmosphere. The ceiling is also expensive and spacious.

This is famous [tofu and boiled].
Not meatHealthy insanely because it makes tofu in and withis!

There is a pretty volume, so just one article will be full of stomach!
Tofu loved by many people and it was awesome after all.

Tanumura Ginza Tei
Location: Gora-cho, Kanagawa Prefecture Ashigarashimo-gun, Gora 1300-739
アクセス:箱根登山鉄道強羅駅 徒歩2分 強羅駅から94m
営業時間:[月・木〜日] 11:00〜14:30 17:30〜19:30(L.O) [火] 11:00〜14:30 ランチ営業、日曜営業

If you go here, you too Hakone Two! What? hot spot lunch for a concert!

⑤ [Silver and workshop]

[Tan Mura Ginza Tei] 's Tofu Cut is also excellent, but morerecommended those who want reasonable and reasonable priceNano is here [silver and workshop] san. This shop,Store operated by 【Tanumura Ginza Tei】It is next to the shop of silver and tea at ...! Did you know that there is such a spot?

The interior of the wooden material is creating a warm atmosphere.
Light snacks such as hamburgers and sandwiches are on sale.

I can not take it until I eat well.
Even when you say that you want to eat "Tan Mura Ginza Tei".
Croquette is also on sale.

Croquette is usually two kinds of thing with croquettes and things using potatoes.
Both are delicious. Incidentally, it is like a yakin which is very sticky.
Please eat and compare how taste and texture differ ◎

Silver and workshop
Place: 1300-694 Gora, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture
アクセス:強羅(箱根登山鉄道)徒歩1分田村銀かつ亭駐車場 強羅駅から85m
営業時間:10:00〜17:30 ※なくなり次第終了 ランチ営業、日曜営業

⑥ 【Naokichi Yuba】

Speaking of Yuba, there is an image called Kyoto,It is also a specialty of HakoneDid you know that? thereShops where you can eat delicious yuba reasonablyintroduce . That is it [Mr. Naoto Yuba bowl].

Click here for 【Yuba Bowl Lunch】 (980 yen).
parents and children feels like Oyakodon. Yuba is soaked with taste and it was very tasty.
Please be careful not to burn yourself so hot!

Naokichi Yubaro
Place: 696 Yumoto Hakone machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa ken
アクセス:小田急ロマンスカー「箱根湯本駅」、箱根登山鉄道「箱根湯本駅」前の道路から一本入って少し歩いたところにあるお店(徒歩3分程度)。 箱根湯本駅から175m
営業時間:11:00〜19:00(L.O.18:00) ランチ営業、日曜営業

In Odawara popular Speaking of lunch is here!

Next we will introduce recommended popular · standard lunch surrounding Odawara.
Speaking of Odawara, after all fish! One time to eat gourmet is here ♪

⑦ 【Naive】

About 10 minutes from Odawara station .
Seafood bowl specialty store produced by "master of fresh fish" directly operated by a wholesaler wholesaler 【Navy.

It is a shop near Hayakawa fishing port, where you can have freshly caught fish ◎

There is a shop in the building called Odawara Hayakawa fishing village.
In addition to [the ship], there are shops selling such as skewers of seafood.

Here is the recommended seafood bowl (1700 yen). Fried shirasu is very delicious, and I am satisfied with plenty of volume! There was also a big fish in the fish 's juice, and he was also listening to dashi.
Let's get the fish of a little bit earlier and caught ♪

Seafood Bonusai Kai Hayakawa fishing village store
Place: 1-9-6 Hayakawa, Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture Odawara Hayakawa Fishing Village 2F
Access: Hayakawa station To 412 m
Opening hours: [Mon-Fri] 11:00 to 16:00 [Sat, Sun, Holiday] 10:00 to 17:00 morning Food sales, lunch sales, Sunday sales

⑧ [Green flood gate]

It is immediately from Hayakawa fishing port with [Kaisha] that I introduce earlier.
This is also a recommended shop where you can have delicious fish.

Although it is close to the fishing port,I am ordering fish from TsukijiIt was a bit strange shop.
It is a charming shop with attractive taste and gentle price.

Green sluice gate
Location: 1-3-12 Hayakawa Odawara, Kanagawa Prefecture
アクセス:東海道線 早川から徒歩3分 早川駅から372m
営業時間:[月・火・木・金] 11:30〜15:00 17:00〜20:00(L.O.19:00) *夜は予約のみ [土・日・祝] 11:00〜15:00 17:00〜20:00(L.O.19:00) *夜は予約のみ ランチ営業、日曜営業

⑨ 【Eel friends】

Speaking of eel in Odawara is here [friendship].
The eel with the eel-eel is excellent with its softness of ho-ho.
From the opening at 11 o'clock, the parking lot is full and the customers do not stop.
It is a popular shop that seems to stop receiving until the eel is gone if you do not go early.

How 2014 eating log Kanagawa ranking number one!
The weight is 4,000 yen, which is slightly higher but once you want to eat it is a dish.

Eel friends friend
Place: Odawara City Wind Festival 122, Kanagawa Prefecture
Access: Wind Festival station From by walk 7 minutes (0.5 km). Ikuita station From by walk It is 10 minutes (0.6km). Wind festival station To 444 m
Opening hours: 11:00 am to 5:00 pm (LO)summer During the period-until the end of September) Lunch business, Sunday business